Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March = OVER!

Guess what?! We made it to the end of March. WHOA HOOOO! As predicted, that was one of the longest months EVER, but I made it through and now it's over.

How did I do on my goals?

1. Attend one spinning class per week- done (well except I don't think I am going to any this week, but some weeks I did 2, does that count?)

2. Attend 2 classes at Healthworks per week- fail. I barely made it to 1 per week. I guess this is why I don't belong to Healthworks as my real gym, it's just not close enough to be convenient. But I did attend 2 Healthworks classes this week...does that help? Not to change the topic completely but I had the unfortunate experience of showering at my normal gym today and it became IMMEDIATELY clear why Healthworks was voted the best all female gym in Fitness Magazine this month. No offense Y...but you will not be winning any awards any time soon.

3. Plan something exciting every weekend. Hmm, kinda forgot about this goal. I think most weekends I did at least 1 fun thing?

Overall I think my goals, and my attempts to reach them were pretty weak this month. Truthfully though, I don't care- I am just happy to make it to April!

I'm hoping to set some better goals for April- I'll post those either tomorrow night or Friday morning.

Tonight Eric and I went to his parent's house for a birthday dinner for his brother's girlfriend. Eric's mom decided to make her cooking debut when 10 people were coming over...good idea, huh?

It ended up being a bit of a family effort...

Nah, just was a one woman show:

She made chicken piccata...yum

Blogger Confession Time:
#1- I took a bite out of my roll before taking picture of my plate. I was hungry!
#2- I really ate like twice this much. Oops.

Obviously the Captain Zoom Birthday Song came back...

Ah birthdays. Good times.

On another happy note, tomorrow is an exciting day because
#1- it's kind of like Friday, since I took Friday off to go to the Cape with my family for Easter. I'm sick of being the only one in my family who doesn't have a long weekend so this year I took matters into my own hands :)
#2- it's 100 days til Eric and my wedding! WOOOO!

Hopefully I'll have a chance to post tomorrow before I leave for the Cape but if not I'll catch you guys on Friday morning.

Are you happy March is over? How did you do with any goals you had for March?


  1. I love the Captain Zoom birthday song - I know all the words!

    Enjoy your weekend on the Cape - the forecasted weather looks amazing!

  2. Hmmm chicken piccata!!! I love how you throw out "The cape" in this post. I have never been there and it sounds so glamorous to me lol Have a great time!

    I'm happy March is over....I guess. I ran my first 5K which was big for me but hoping for a great second qrtr! I need to write down my goals and keep in check with them this month and this qrtr.

  3. I am very glad March is over. My March goal was to run a half marathon, which I did.

    I'm supposed to send out my wedding invites tomorrow!

  4. I'm SO freaking happy that March is over because that means a) my move is over b) Eric is here and c) EUROPE is in April!!!!

    Hope you have a good Thursday, love! XO

  5. 100 days?! Crazy crazy crazy!

  6. Yeah for April! Have a great weekend on the Cape. It's supposed to be beautiful out. We might head down too.

  7. 100 days!? AH! Goal for April: write maid of honor speech

  8. Yay! 100 days to go... almost down to double digits now.

    Enjoy the long weekend! (Don't you guys all get Friday off? [Good Friday])

  9. I am also happy March is over. It's been a stressful month. I am looking forward to putting the events of March behind me and moving forward.

    Eric's family looks like they are so much fun! I love chicken piccata! Should try to make it sometime!

    I belong to a Y and can I just say how much I don't like it? But it's really convenient so I keep going. But it's also ridiculously overpriced so I am really on the brink of cancelling my membership...

  10. I'm so excited for April! I can't wait for the sunshine! Have a great weekend with your family :)

  11. I am with you on March. However, I realllly can't talk. I live in AZ that has been nice, sunny, and basically pleasant. I feel so bad for you guys with all the rain you've gotten! Yuck!

    Goals for March were pretty successful for me, but I'm ready for a new month!

    You are so lucky to have such a great relationship with your future in-laws! It makes life easier to be accepted/liked by them! :)

  12. I am glad it is April because my birthday AND anniversary are in April! YAY!

  13. i hope april has better weather than march thats for sureeee!!!!

  14. 100 days?!?! WOw! It's getting close. So exciting. You've got a semi-excuse for not doing so well on your goals, planning a wedding is A LOT of work! Especially with a full time job on top of that. I actually was sad to see March go because April is going to be my BUSY month. I have about 5 seminars to give, a health fair, and a 5k race to organize. YIKES!

    HAve a happy Easter Kelly!

  15. oh my gosh, how it is April already?? It feels like it was just the holidays! I need to up my goals and training this month and next for the century, but I think I'm doing fairly well sort of :) Yay for your wedding!!!!! Have a fun loong weekend!

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