Friday, March 26, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Delicious Fro Yo

Happy Friday kids!

The winner of my peeled snacks giveaway was Fit Chick in the City! Please e-mail me your address at so you can get your yummy and healthy dried fruit!

I am taking a week off from Flashback Friday because I have something pretty funny in store for you next week to help me discuss my sophomore year of college- I just have to do a little editing. The only clue I will give is that once upon a time 7 years ago, I actually had another blog. Well, I use the word "blog" lightly, it was more like a personal dialog between myself my friends which were my only readers, but hey! There no blog rules right?

Anyway, I have to tell you guys about my delicious frozen yogurt experience last night. Basically it all started when I was in Arizona in February and became obsessed with self serve frozen yogurt. I was so mad that I could not have this amazing dessert in the Boston area until Meg (blog reader, sister of Anna) assured me that in fact there was ONE frozen yogurt place in Boston that is self serve: Berry Freeze in Brookline!

After hearing about this I knew I had to get to Brookline to try it. I was slightly discouraged by my lackluster experience at Berryline in Cambridge, because I knew that Berry Freeze was also tart frozen yogurt and I just wasn't sure if that was my thing.

Even so, I managed to convince Melissa and Lauren to meet me at Berry Freeze last night so I could see for myself. Lauren mentioned that she really liked the chocolate flavor, so I decided to do a little taste testing of the chocolate and coconut flavors. Turns out that tart frozen yogurt (at least at Berry Freeze) is really not that tart anymore with chocolate OR coconut thrown into the mix. Instead it's just greatness. I ended up making my bowl a mix of chocolate, coconut and a little plain on the top so I could try it. The plain truly was not as tart as at Berry line, but it's still not my favorite. The chocolate and coconut WILL bring me back to this place.

Oh, and how could I possibly forget the toppings?

I added a few pieces of mango, with some m&ms and reeses pieces :)

I know you can't tell that well in this picture but I got a bright pink spoon, only adding to my overall love for this place.

Also it was really fun to meet Lauren and Melissa- and funny to be like, wait, I think I already know this story- did you talk about this on your blog? haha. They also convinced me that I have to try some of the other Healthworks locations before my Groupon membership runs out, so you'll be seeing that.

Okay time to go drink my delicious "Orange Monster" (butternut squash, banana, and mango) and do some cleaning before Eric gets home and we grab some dinner.

Does anyone else have the hardest time waiting at home to go to dinner? I am always hungry/bored (and I'm a bored eater if there ever was one) so I eat half the house while waiting. Today I am cleaning the house instead of eating the house :) I have a nice book on cd in my ears and I'm ready to start vacuuming. I hope everyone has a great Friday night, catch you guys tomorrow!


  1. Yes, I have a really hard time waiting to eat. Especially at the office when people want to eat at like 12 or 12:30 I am hungry at like 11.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. you had me at coconut froyo. nom nom nom.

  3. Fun fact about me: I've never eaten frozen yogurt. I'm sure they have plenty of places around here but I've never felt the urge. You have given me the urge to try some frozen yogurt. Yum, yum!

  4. I miss self-serve ice cream -- I got really into it in college and used to have it almost every night. Eek!

    I have such a hard time waiting to eat. I want to eat when I'm hungry, not on someone else's schedule. ;)

  5. If I am not busy at home, I am eating. Seriously, it's BAD.

    Good news on the frozen yogurt self-serve. Let me know if you hear about one in Toronto. ahahaha

  6. I have a horrible time waiting for dinner. I always want something to eat like the second I walk in the house.

  7. I WISH we had fro-yo places up here like the ones I see on all these food blogs. I'm so jealous of them! Yeesh!

    I used to have an MSN blog in high school hahahaha. It was pretty ridiculous and exactly like you said - dialogue between me and my friends and ridiculously corny LOVE posts about Eric and HATE posts about Eric when we were fighting! Hahah

  8. congrats to fit chick, i won a magazine subscription in a give away from hers and she's a doll.

    and the mango looks great!

  9. We finally got a new frozen yogurt place here in Columbus. I always read everyone's blogs and drool over the frozen yogurt, now I get to try my own..yeah!

    Yes, I get bored and hungry before going out to dinner. The reason is that we usually don't eat until 7 or 7:30 when we go to dinner (sometimes later) but when we eat at home we eat at 6 or 6:30. So yeah, I get hungry! I always eat a snack before going to dinner. If I go to dinner hungry/starving, it's not good. I eat a banana or some granola, always.

  10. Thanks for the review. I rarely get to Brookline, but I think I will need to make a point of it! The self serve fro yo needs to catch on. We need more of them here!

  11. Yayyyyy froyo! It's definitely part of a well balanced diet.

  12. Ok, now I'm totally jealous of the fact that you have self serve fro yo. TOTALLY JEALOUS!!! At least one of us gets to enjoy it ;)

    I've never tried making an orange monster... did you come up with the idea?? It's pretty smart!! :D

  13. Haha I was totally going through this tonight! I had dinner plans at like 7 and was starving at 5 so I kept going to my kitchen and picking on stuff. I can never wait!!!