Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: Sophomore Year

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday! Especially happy for me since I took the day off. Though, as a teacher taking the day off and having the day off are two entirely different things. Really I am not going to rest easy until I get the e-mail from my friend from work that all my kids are home safe and sound. Oh, being a teacher is fun.

Flashback Friday: Sophomore Year of College

In a lot of ways, sophomore year of college was my favorite. Sure, there was drama (living with 8 girls, how could their not be?) and I broke up with my high school/part way into college boyfriend, which is never fun. But overall, I really just had a ton of fun. I was going to post one of my blog posts from sophomore year because I thought it would be funny but after reading them's not that funny. So instead I am going to do...

Top 10 of Sophomore Year

10. Friends DVDs: It was sophomore year of college that I discovered the greatness of watching Friends for hours on end. It started as kind of a hangover cure, but became one of my favorite weekend times. At the end of the year, my friends from home and school all got together and bought me all the seasons I didn't have. So awesome. I still can watch Friends for hours on end.

9. Roommate dinners: My roommates and I used to go to dinner at the dining hall at 5. This must have been when I started eating dinner insanely early :) My favorite part of dinner was the days when I would get frozen yogurt that my roommates called "receses pieces soup." This is because I used to put a tiny amount of frozen yogurt and then tons of receses haha, yum.

8. Catch phrase: My roommate introduced us to the greatness of catch phrase this year. Such a fun game to play on the beach in Aruba!

7. The Roxy: Since we were all still 19 or 20 at the time, we couldn't really go to bars so we started going to a club in Boston that was 18+. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty sketchy.

6. Going "birding": One of my guy friends in college was a "birder." When I first heard I was like, "you wake up early to go look at birds? interesting" (and by interesting I meant terrible). However, I agreed to go with him once and I was completely hooked. I still couldn't tell you one single thing about birds, but I thought it was so fun getting to walk around in a scenic place on a beautiful day.

5. Football Games: This is the year I really started to enjoy football games. Haha.

4. Hockey Games & Post-Game Parties: Although football was more of big thing at my school than hockey, I have always been more of a hockey person so I liked hockey games more. Hockey games were on Friday nights so my roommates and I would go and then host parties in our room after the game. One of the biggest differences for me between freshman and sophomore year was actually having a common room where we could have our friends over. It was greatness.

For some reason I didn't have a whole group shot but that's maybe like half the people that usually came- and also only one of the 7 roommates is there? haha who knows. I wasn't as good of a photographer back then!

3. LA Trip: In January of sophomore year I went to go visit one of my friend's from work the summer before at her college in LA. It was my first visit to California and the first time I took a plane alone. It was really fun to see Cali, and we went down to Mexico for a night which I'm sure you can imagine was an interesting experience. Don't worry, I didn't drink any water haha.

2. St. Patrick's Day: Sophomore year St. Patrick's Day was probably my favorite, but I wrote a post about how much I loved it this St. Patrick's day so I don't really need to go into it. It was relaxing and fun though :)

1. Aruba trip: My roommates parents decided to go to Aruba during spring break. Somehow, a few of us decided to go. Then our guy friends decided to come until 7 of us (plus her parents, her sister and her fiance as well) were going to Aruba for spring break. The weather was insanely gorgeous and we just had an amazing time every second we were there. When we wanted crazy nights we went to Carlos and Charlie's in the downtown area (and some other weird club...anyone remember the name?) and when we wanted to relax we played Catch Phrase on the beach and sipped strawberry daiquiri's. Ah, life was good. Sadly I cannot find the famous strawberry daiquiri sipping picture, but here are some others:

Aruba was the first trip I can ever remember having no desire in the world to actually come home from. It's also the last time I can remember having no sleeping issues what-so-ever...I got locked out of my room one morning and I actually slept on couches in the lobby for like 3 hours. That would never happen now!

So yeah- the year was fun :)
This post has officially taken me way too long to write and now I need to go enjoy the beautiful day outside. I hope everyone is somewhere beautiful and doing something fun! Any good plans for this weekend?


  1. Your Friends marathons reminds me of our Felicity marathons. We would watch DVDs of Felicity for hours in the dorm and all of us girls would pile into one tiny room. So much fun!

  2. What a fun post! Haha The Roxy. . . :)
    I am going to NJ for Easter with my family. Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Oooh I love the way you wrote this Flashback Friday post!! I didn't realize Good Friday wasn't a major holiday in the U.S. (EVERYTHING is closed up here today) so I didn't write a post because no one ever comments on holidays.

    Anyways, have a great weekend at the cape!!

  4. Aruba for Spring Break?! I'm jealous! Your sophomore year sounded like so much fun. It makes me regret not having a normal college experience a little.

    Great post!

  5. Wow - Aruba looks amazing. I can see why you wouldn't want to come back! Ha!

    I think Sophomore year was one of my favorite years, too. Hard to pick just one year, but it was pretty fabulous. That was the year I moved into the sorority so lived with 40+ other girls! It was suprisingly not all that dramatic! And I went on my first international trip - went to London to visit a friend that was studying abroad. So much fun.

  6. Ha, I'm with you - we would try to make it until 5:15 but that extra 15 minutes was always a struggle for me :)

  7. Sophmore year was my favorite too. Also, my boyfriend is big time into birding. He actually left at 5am this morning to "Get on the bird" too funny! I go with him sometimes and it's actually pretty relaxing.

  8. I loved sophomore year too! We were big into Roswell DVDs...

  9. Catchphrase was awesome...we actually used to play it as a drinking game! haha! :)

  10. Aw, fun flashback! Man, sophomore year was 5 years ago for me -- I honestly can't believe it!

  11. oh i love the aruba pics, as you know, im kinda partial to it :)
    and the whole not wanting to come home, yes. That's how i feel every year when i have to come home :(

  12. That was a really great year and full of so many things! I'm totally having flash backs to college. My MIL is obsessed with watching birds and I totally don't get it. I don't think it's good for my ADD tendencies. =)

  13. I had no idea you have been blogging for so long! Wow, that's great. Ironically I also broke up with my high school/part way through college boyfriend my sophomore year! He was at Arizona and we never saw each other, plus I had a sneaking suspicion he was cheating on me.

    LOVE the braids in your hair from Aruba! It looks like you had a great sophomore year. I love your flashback posts.

    Happy Easter!

  14. Aww, what a fun post - it definitely took me back to the college years too! Happy weekend!

  15. :)! yay for college looks like you had lots of fun :)

  16. I want to go "birding" now!! Mostly because I want to traipse around nature with binoculars around my neck pointing at things ;)