Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Another Wedding Related Weekend

Hi everyone. Sorry about my lack of posts since Friday, it's been a wild weekend up here. Including the weather...monsoons anyone?

The weekend started out on Friday night with some delicious Italian food followed by a production of Willy Wonka Junior. One of the third grade kiddos I tutor was an Oompa Loompa so we went to see her big play deput. I can't post pictures because I don't post kids pictures, but trust me it was cute.

Other important weekend highlights included...

Cake tasting!!!

Yum- we tried a LOT of cake: vanilla with raspberry, marble with mocha filling, carrot cake, red velvet, lemon with lemon/orange filling, some kind of canoli cake, a regular chocolate with buttercream frosting and I think there was some sort of liquor cake.

Like everything else with wedding planning, there were multiple books of cake designs. But Eric and I are quick decision makers when left to our own devices. We decided on a beach themed cake with shades of pink sand (obviously the pink was Eric's idea...ha). My favorite cake was the marble cake with mocha filling, so that is our bottom layer and our top three will be red velvet, Eric's favorite. This means we'll cut into my favorite at the wedding and Eric will get to keep his favorite for after the wedding (probably not until our 1 year anniversary though). What can I say? We are fabulous compromisers.

I also attended my friend Sarah's bridal shower. Sarah and I go back to freshman year of high school when we met through soccer and a bunch of classes together. I think our high school selves would giggle at the fact that we are getting married within 2 months of each other, but I think most people who knew us then wouldn't be surprised at all. Despite being two ridiculously good two shoes kids, one of my favorite Sarah and Kelly moments would have to be the first time we tried kahlua...without mixing it. Sarah goes, "hmm it tastes like vanilla" and I start to say, "oh that's not bad" and then she says..."vanilla extract!" haha. EW. Ah, to be a teenager again...

Anyway, Sarah's bridal shower was a lot of fun. Instead of gifts, everyone brought a scrapbook page decorated with a recipe and a picture of themselves with Sarah. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of mine before I gave it away! Sarah's sister made it into a run recipe/scrapbook. As it turns out, a bridal shower without gifts is a lot more entertaining for everyone involved (well at least for me). We got to play games like Sarah & Brian trivia (which I actually was not terrible at, yay) and we even had a toilet paper wedding dress competition!

I actually liked my dress haha. And I won the competition! I shouldn't really be too proud of myself though, I was just the model for my team and the two other girls were basically responsible for making the dress, I think it's clear I have no real talent in the fashion field. It was fun though.

Other than those events this weekend was a major wash out, quite literally. Eric and I had about a million errands we wanted to get done and the rain made doing those errands SO much more difficult. Every place we stopped we'd get more soaked until we finally just gave up and decided we didn't need half the stuff we thought we needed. Also, my grocery store ran out of Oikos yogurt and canned pumpkin which means I have to motivate myself to go back out in this terrible weather at some point...or deal without those two items, which at this point I'm about willing to do. The fact that this weather is supposed to continue into tomorrow does not make me any more pumped about a Monday AND I lost an hour. So overall, I'm already ready for next weekend. Every Monday I ask my kids at work what their favorite part of the weekend is and one of my kids said, "when do we get to say the worst part of our weekend?" I'm thinking tomorrow will be the day haha.

What was the best thing you did this weekend? What was the worst part of the weekend? :)


  1. hahahaha kids are funny.
    best part of weekend was definitely meeting the new roomies, worst part was the food baby that happened as a result of too much fun.
    although this weather may tie with the food baby

  2. WELL, it's really funny you should not only mention drinking kaluha straight and also ask what the worst part of my weekend was, because do I have a story for you. Last night, one of my friends - she's a big girl 6'2ish - drank an ENTIRE BOTTLE of kaluha straight in one hour. She then proceeded to get severe alcohol poisoning and lie on my other friends floor for an hour puking everywhere. Puke all over herself. Up and down her legs, in her hair, EVERYWHERE.

    She wouldn't get up and was just lying there in her puke so we called 911 and an ambulance, police and the fire truck had to come! They had to call the fire truck because she's so big they had to get the firemen to lift her out.

    Then after following the ambulance to the hospital me and three other friends came back and cleaned up puke for an hour.


    Just thought I'd share that story since you asked what the worst thing that happened was and also mentioned drinking kaluha straight.

    On another note, your wedding cake sounds SUPER delicious!!! Can you send me up a piece?! ;)

  3. Looks like a great time! Oooh and great wedding cake decision!

  4. Sounds like another great weekend in wedding land! :) Mmm, cake tasting was one of my favourite parts. Great choices!

  5. As far as I'm concerned your weekend was a total win! Cake tasting?!?!? Sign me up!

    I LOVE that idea for the wedding shower gifts! Must put that on my list of future "wedding ideas" :)

    Best part of my weekend: Pacing a friend in a race! Always so fun!

    Worst part of my weekend: Spending another weekend away from Spike. I was missing him a ton this weekend and battling a case of the lonelies. :(

  6. Best part of my weekend: getting almost-2 pages of my magazine finished and now the task doesn't seem as daunting as it did before. I have a plan now!

    Worst part of my weekend: Just the knowledge that my crazy-hectic life starts back up again tomorrow, after a week-long break. But only 7 weeks to go!

  7. I agree with your taste - I would have gone with the marble cake and mocha frosting. Sounds amazing.

    Matt and I also compromised on our cake - it was alternating yellow and chocolate cake - We didn't save our top layer though and I think I only ate the piece he fed into my mouth! I hope you get to eat more of yours!

  8. oh god you will have the happiest wedding guests ever with that cake.. it sounds like a DREAM!!!!! I love the way you and Eric compromise -- y'all are the cutest thing ever :)

  9. Your cake sounds good. I'm doing my tasting in a month - can't wait!

    Let's see - best thing was setting a PR In a race. Worst thing is that it's already 9:15. I want my hour back!

  10. Mmm...the wedding cake sounds delicious! We never got to do that in planning our wedding -- since our wedding was on the other side of the country from where we live! I like that you have different flavors for different layers!

    Speaking of "losing an hour". We don't do that in AZ. I am completely negligent to the daylight savings time now! And my husband's Droid adjusts to it automatically. He had guard-drill this morning, and his alarm went off at 3:30 AM instead of 4:30 AM. It was sooo confusing.

    I love that we don't do the time change.

  11. Great compromise on the cake! It must have been fun testing them all!

    We spent the weekend househunting...running in and out of open houses, trying not to get drenched or blown away! The sun can come back any time now...

  12. Cake tasting = best idea ever. I don't know how I would decide between all those delicious sounding cakes! Best part of my weekend was cross country skiing, worst part was driving back to Boston from Maine in the Monsoon and feeling like I was going off the road!

  13. I have to be honest...cake testing is something I'm *REALLY* looking forward to when planning my wedding! All the cake looks so tasty!

  14. cake tasting is so fun! and love the pic of you in the dress! have a great week! xoxo

  15. Cake tasting, yum! And I'm glad you and Eric reached a quick decision. Glad to read about wedding plans that didn't stress you out. :)

  16. Oh MAN! Cake tasting sounds right up my alley... The best part of my weekend was lounging in the grass at a spring training weekend. The worst part of the weekend was seeing a rattlesnake on my run on Saturday! Eeeek!

  17. wedding cake testing! is there anything better?!

  18. Wedding cake tasting is a fun wedding planning activity! Your cake sounds very good!!

  19. I need to come up with a reason to go cake tasting!

    I could have really lived without the monsoons this weekend too, but other than that it was a fabulous weekend.

  20. a little late on the response, but nonetheless...