Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Big 4 Month Mark

Good morning everyone! Sorry about the lack of post last night. I came home to internet so slow I couldn't actually do anything. Eric called Verizon and fixed it around 9, but by then it was bedtime :) I think he was scared by the fact that with American Idol not on until 9 (that was annoying) and no internet, I decided to clean the kitchen. haha.

My great news of yesterday? Another round of parent conferences are over. That's a whopping 4 years of parent conferences done and done. Doesn't really sound like much when there are teachers at my school who have been there for 30 + years, but that first year teaching it's so hard to picture a day when you won't be about to pee your pants at the thought of a conference with a parent. But it comes...thank goodness :)

Yesterday I hit up Healthworks for a 6 am Core class (15 minutes of ab work, whoa hoo), followed by 45 minutes of Urban Rebounding (aka jumping on the trampoline). Don't worry I did not speak the whole class haha. I have to admit I was a little scared of dealing with the locker room post work out. I was planning to shower and get ready there, and let's just say I came across this article about how Healthworks Cambridge is the nudist capital of Boston. Ah! I am happy to report though, that early on Wednesday mornings this is not the case and I actually thought it was bordering on less-nude than other locker rooms I've been in! Yay!

On Sunday I asked you guys for a good breakfast to eat at work post-morning work out. A lot of people mentioned oatmeal and it got me thinking that I used to eat my oatmeal at work every morning, so why not bring that back?

I went for old fashioned oats, mixed with peanut butter and banana. Normally I am not a big fan of the peanut butter oats. But this time I added the peanut butter and continued to microwave the oats for a little longer so the delicious peanut butter taste spread more.

Speaking of yum, I went to my parents for dinner last night which is always yum. My picture came out a little dark, but we had...

Turkey, stuffed mushrooms and not mashed potato but mashed celery root...who knew? Celery root had a very similar texture to potato, but a completely different taste and smell. It was good though.

While at my parents, I realized that yesterday was 4 months until my wedding. Yikes. Minor freak out. Big goals for the next couple of weeks include cake tasting, buying shoes (must be pink), editing guest list to include what I want on inside vs. outside envelope and possibly my first dress fitting since I think my dress is scheduled to come in any day now :) Lets hope I get some of this done!

Anyway, I have to get to work quick, but I'm planning to post tonight so check back and have an great day- it's almost Friday!


  1. so glad you liked your oats! With so many ways of preparing them, I figure you can't go wrong!

  2. We're coming up on our 4 mo. mark as well, next Wed. I've been trying to get tons of stuff done while I've been here in NH. It's exciting, but it's starting to get scary close!

  3. Ah! I feel so unprepared!

  4. Eek! 4 months is going to FLY BY! I am so excited for you!!

    Good for you for being silent during your class ;)

    I go to the Y, so there are naked OLD women EVERYWHERE you turn in the mornings. not too fun.

  5. 4 months will be gone before you know it. Then you will be married for nearly 7 years and still remember the busy days of wedding me.. Time FLIES!

  6. Congrats on wrapping up your conferences!

    Sounds like a great morning gym workout. I so want to find a trampoline class!

    Have a great day!

  7. Congrats on being done with your conferences!

    I wish I lived closer to a Healthworks - the classes sound amazing.

    Your wedding will be here before you know it - make sure you enjoy the rest of the preparation.

  8. I'm looking for pink shoes too. I found several that I liked on zappos but come to find out they were out of all of them in my size. I'm a size 8 or 8.5, but if you're a different size, let me know and I'll email you think links to them, maybe they'll have them. I picked out like 5 pairs that were pink.

  9. Four months! It's so exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! Shoes and cake were my favorite part!

  10. Oh cake tasting...hands down the BEST part!! :)

  11. Wow, just four months to go! You can do it! I'm excited for you!

  12. Wow... only 4 more months huh?

    Glad to hear parent teacher conferences are done with! :)

  13. When you are doing your conferences, do you show your parents the assessments you do with the kids or do you just tell them what their kid can or can't do? We have conferences coming up. Woohoo. hah.

  14. Wow - 4 months! It's going to come so fast! Don't stress too much, it will all come together!

    I have never been able to get ready in a locker room. Granted, part of the reason for that is that I do not want to have to pack up my flat iron & make up and i feel like our locker room is so muggy... but I also hate the thought of showering in front of others. Which i need to get over real soon since i am going to start swimming laps this weekend...