Monday, March 29, 2010

Ravioli Heaven

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I am not even going to bother commenting on the weather today. I've mentioned that my mood is highly affected by the weather so I think I mention it in almost every blog post at some point or another. The problem is...Boston has been gorgeous, rainy, gorgeous, monsoons, gorgeous, rainy, rainy, rainy. No need to discuss it further, at least for now...

Instead, let's discuss my relationship with butternut squash ravioli. It's amazing. Yet, for someone like me who cannot eat butter, it's really a pain to actually get. At restaurants, they always serve butter squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce. I've asked for it with tomato sauce and let's just say this does not impress waitresses or chefs. Look, I get that a tomato sauce will overshadow the amazing taste of butternut squash, I do. But butter hurts my stomach, so let me ruin my food if I want to, thanks.

I've tried buying the butternut squash in the frozen section of the grocery store, but they always add random pepper, or something weird and ruin the taste. I know what you are thinking, "make your own!" However, I'm thinking that would take longer than my 20-30 minute limit on any cooking so, that's out of the question.

Needless to say, when Eric's mom told us that her friend, Susan, made her own butternut squash ravioli and was going to give some to Eric and I, I was pretty excited. Tonight was the night to try it. Ah, butternut squash in the comfort of my own home with no one to judge my topping choices = happiness.

Here is a shot of the beauties before I destroyed the view with tomato sauce...

And one of Eric's portion with his own brown butter sage sauce, "the way it should be done"...

So, the verdict?

These were by far the best butternut squash raviolis I've ever had. I know I said I don't really like them from a store, but I do usually love them at restaurants when I can manage to get them. However, these were SO much better. The pasta was amazing by itself, the filling was amazing by itself and together it was just absolute greatness. I could have easily had 10 more bowls.

All I can hope now is that Susan is going to go into the butternut squash ravioli making business so that we can get these as often as we want. That would be food heaven. Yum.

In other good news (but not quite as good as amazing butternut squash raviolis), we went to test drive Eric's new truck tonight. It's a beauty...

I would love to show you the outside because as you can tell by Eric's jacket- tonight was not a night I wanted to be standing outside taking pictures so you'll have to wait til it officially becomes Eric's. I am also in the market for a new vehicle but I am delaying the actual purchase because I can't decide if I'm going to get a newer version of my same small car or if I'm going to try to get a car with four wheel drive. I'd love to be able to drive in the snow, but I just love little cars, so much easier to squeeze into parking spaces. And so I continue to debate and procrastinate. Typical.

I hope everyone made it through Monday okay. What foods are in your food heaven? Are there any foods you love but have trouble finding "the best" of that food?


  1. The weather has been rough, but we have beautiful spring days ahead! Yummm I am planning on making ravioli soon for some pre marathon carbo loading, and butternut squash sounds awesome.

  2. The weather is brutal! You'd be surprised how easy it is to make, we've made it before! Or you should go to Dave's Fresh pasta in somerville where you can buy it fresh made, its amazing!!

  3. Yummmmmm! I really love all kinds of ravioli but hardly eat it anymore, I should though! Going with your butternut squash theme, one of my favorites is a creamy butternut squash soup. That being said, it's hard to mess up but believe me people do and it's usually by adding too much pepper or seasoning like you said! Exciting on the new truck!

  4. Butternut squash is definitely in my food heaven! Only mine would have the brown butter sauce :) Potato chips would be there as well.

  5. I used to have a little car and then upgraded to an Explorer Sport (smaller than an Explorer) and I could NEVER go back. I'd try a smaller SUV like a Tribute or Explorer. Very easy to handle!

  6. Hmmmmmm that butternut squash ravioli sounds DELISH!!! Love!

    Oh and I LOVE my little car!! I think the next time I get a new vehicle won't be for 7-8 years at which point I may be close to having kids so then I might get a little SUV, but for now my little car rocks!

  7. Mmm, those ravioli sound amazing!! i'm right there with you and this weather... eugh. never tried those classes at healthworks, but now i'm kinda intrigued :) i don't belong, but i got the groupon, so I've got a few more classes to go before it ends.

  8. Butternut squash ravioli (WITH the butter sauce - sorry!) is just about my favourite meal ever. We had it at our wedding. YUMMMM! I wish I knew someone who could make it from scratch!

    Hope your weather improves soon! Marsh is so sketchy.

  9. I think you need another trip to Arizona to soak up some sunshine!

  10. Looks amazing! I love butternut squash :)

  11. Sounds like some interesting weatehr. The food sounds yummy too!

  12. Oh butternut squash is so good!! :) I love butternut squash french fries!!

  13. AHH enough with the rain here!! i hear its supposed to clear up tomorrow FINALLY!!!

    yum that raviolli sounds amazingggg I havent had some in so long!