Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 Years of Kelly & Eric

Everyone survive St. Patrick's Day okay? I hope so! I also hope you are getting some of the beautiful weather we are getting up in Boston. Not that we don't deserve it after last weekend, but still. So the big news in Kelly land today? It's Eric and my 5 Year Anniversary! Yipee. It's also probably the last time we will really celebrate this anniversary, since we will have a new one come this July. Well, by celebrate I mean not see him at all today between work and a presentation I have to give to next year's Kindergarten parents tonight. Whoa hoo. But we are going to the Cape this weekend so all is well.

In honor of 5 years, I am going to post some pictures and memories from each year. Yes, I did TOTALLY steal this idea from Amber. Does anyone else feel the need to steal an idea from her once a week or is it just me?

Year 1
The year we fell in love with the Cape

Year 2
The year we went to Europe

Year 3
The year we got our first apartment

Year 4
The year we got engaged, and bought a house!

Year 5
The year we planned a wedding, the year we attended a million weddings, the year we decided to retire to Sedona (when we retire that is...), and lots more!

Good times :) If you are interested in reading more about us for some unknown reason, check out the history of us post and Kelly and Eric take on Glamour Magazine post. Or you can check out the Wedding tab at the top.

Do you celebrate anniversaries? What do you do?


  1. Very cute pictures!

  2. We spent our first wedding anniversary in the US and our second in Germany, so I had the idea to try and spend every anniversary in a different country (ha!) but it seemed like maybe it could work at least during the years we are living in Europe since other countries are so close. We may not even be together on our anniversary this year though because I may go back to Portland before August 18th! Shoot!

  3. Awww...I love all the pictures. I think I'm stealing this idea for when Patrick and I hit 4 years at the end of April. We tend to celebrate anniversaries by doing something together instead of gifts. I'm going to save all those things for a future post. :-) Although this year, he'll be in Boston while I'm stuck in ME so we'll have to postpone the celebration.

  4. Ah congratulations!! I totally remember 5 years ago. Madness.
    I just read your glamour post, love it!! Apparently I wasn't a regular reader than and missed this! Also madness!

  5. in 6 weeks i will celebrate my 10 yr wedding anniv. Wow. WE dont dont anything. We never did really. We take our once or twice a year big trips to aruba and that's our thing and for all holidays, we are very low key. He usually gets me a dozen roses and that's about our speed these days, esp w/ a kid!

  6. Congratulations on your Anniversary!!! It's super cute to see how the two of you have evolved over the years! :o)

    The Fiance and I will have been together for four years this summer. Actually we started dating the first day of the last World Cup! lol So the World Cup will always be special for us. Probably why we've decided we'll try to be at World Cup 2014 in Brazil! :o)

  7. Bahaha you're too funny :P I love you using my ideas, it's fun to read your stuff!

    Now, aren't you and Eric too freaking cute! I especially love the pictures from your first year together because you both look so different!!!

    I guess you won't celebrate this anniversary now hey? Sadness!! I hope me and Eric always celebrate our February 5 anniversary but I doubt that'll happen lol.

    Happy Anniversary, love! XO

  8. happy anniversary!! you definitely have to continue 'celebrating' this one! maybe just in a small way, but c'mon, gotta keep up with the date-anniversary :)

    we don't really "celebrate" it much but we have "month-i-versaries" still, haha. (as in sometimes we buy each other chocolate or something little) my fiance is like - um, when we get married can we just do date-anniversary and not monthly-date-anniversary? haha.

  9. Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute. Love all the photos. We're having some pretty fantastic weather in NYC too. I feel like we still deserve it because of our lack of summer in '09, not to mention the horrible ran from last week.

  10. I love this post!! I have the goosebumps. You two make the cutest couple. I am going to steal this idea on May 25th when Nick and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary. So you guys waited for three years to move in together? Nick and I moved in after a year. We sort of had to though, as I was living with my parents and his lease was it just worked out perfect! We never looked back.

    To celebrate our anniversary we usually do a nice dinner...and a few other romantic things. Gifts and flowers of course :)

    Enjoy your romantic weekend Kelly! And congrats to you and Eric.

  11. Great pictures! I love the year by year play by!

    We do celebrate anniversaries... by going out to dinner or going away for the weekend.