Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Tell All?

The past two weeks I've been experiencing the "Thursday crash." I seem to have endless energy Monday-Wednesday and then Thursday morning I come crashing down and I'm just exhausted!

I had to go to the dentist this afternoon which is probably one of my least favorite things to do ever. However, it was actually bordering on pleasant. I swear it just depends on the mood of everyone at the office is in that day because I will do the SAME thing, as far as brushing and flossing, for 6 months and sometimes they are like, do you floss EVERY day, are you sure it's EVERY day? And then the next time, the dentist says and I quote "if everyone had such perfect teeth, I'd be out of business." AND, I was talking about possibly coming back for a cleaning before my wedding and she was like "you probably don't need to, you take SUCH good care of your teeth at home." say that today, but will you wake up on the right side of the bed in 4 months, who knows?

Anyway, dinner tonight was a colorful and healthy vegetarian meal...

I roasted parsnips, zucchini and red pepper in the oven (this might be my new favorite veggie prep style!). Then I mixed them in a rice bowl with some kidney beans. Truthfully, I'm just not a big food presentation girl- I love to just mix all my food together in my favorite bowls! I love how the olive oil from my roasted veggies mixed with the rice and the beans without me adding any additional oil.

Well, enough about food. What I have been wanting to talk about all week was the House episode this past Monday. Did anyone else watch? For those that don't, it was about a blogger who gets sick and Dr. House has to help her. When I first saw it was about a blogger I was so excited, but in the end it kind of made us look like crazy people :) (which we may be!)

When the girl first got sick she happened to be having a fight with her husband and she was going to go blog about it and he was pissed at her that she was going to share their private fight with "a bunch of strangers." Later, when the girl was very sick, her husband got mad at her for asking "people you don't know" for their opinion on what she should do...etc. Since something similar happened in the movie Julie and Julia, it got me to thinking- how much do people share on their blogs? do they ever fight with people in their "real life" about sharing too much on a blog? etc.

I would say I'm very honest on my blog, I share a lot. But, I do not share everything. My best friend Katie always jokes that she feels behind on my life when she reads things in my blog that she didn't know about. I think for the most part she isn't behind on my life, she's just hearing more of the big, important, and sometimes a bit complainy stuff (sorry haha) and not the "blog worthy" stuff.

There are a few reasons I don't share everything. First of all, I consider my blog a healthy living blog. I do talk about my life a lot, but I try to keep the focus on healthy living when possible. I don't have any specific rules but I try to talk about food, work outs, healthy & fun things to do. I don't tend to call my friends and tell them what I ate for dinner...I should though :)

I also don't share everything out of respect for the privacy of my family, friends and people I work with/my students. I don't really fight with Eric often, but I don't think I'd really mention it on my blog unless it was resolved and more of a story rather than a vent session about why he is annoying me that day :) With work, I have to be careful for obvious reasons so I limit myself to the funny stories and little pet peeves and don't mention anything big.

I personally have never had a fight with anyone about my blogging. I think most people in my life are more amused by it than anything else. Eric is actually quite supportive of this habit, which is probably smart of him because it's a major stress reliever for me.

Still though, this House episode made me think. Has anyone ever had a fight with someone about their blogging?
Do you "tell all" on your blog, or is their certain stuff you just don't share?


  1. I only share about 25% of my life on my blog! I haven't yet fought with anyone about my blog, and while I certainly love blogging, if it ruined a relationship in my life, I would definitely think twice about it!
    For me, sharing everything would not be in line with my professional or personal styles.

  2. I don't but want to start blogging more - but I can not wait to read more responses

  3. Since none of my friends or family know about my blog I haven't had a fight about it!

  4. There's definitely stuff that I don't share on my blog - anything having to do with work really, when I get into arguments with my friends or family, basically anything that concerns other people that they might not want aired all over the internet, if that makes sense.

  5. re yoga and being a class of 12-15 people, people are lucky if they get 2 adjusts from me in the 75 mins, there is simply not enough i wouldn't be all over you on every pose, but i totally got your comment, ive been in small classes where the istructor is all over me. and im like buzz off!

    telling all on a blog? NO WAY!!!!
    first, it's a permanent electronic record. do you really want it cached on server for the next 100 yrs that you and your hubby fought? no.

    or that you hate your neighbor. or that you have pms. no. definitely not a tell all thing.

    Not to mention, I hate going to food/health blogs where people drone on and on and on about their life. some is lovely and it's what keeps me going back but too much...well, it gets a bit much.
    great question!

  6. I hardly ever mention my kids or husband out of respect for their privacy. and there are some things that I simply don't want ot put out there for the entire internet.

  7. Ok I kinda hate you.. I brush 3 times a day and always floss and use fluoride and totally still have issues with my teet!

    I don't share everything, but I share what I think is interesting or helpful

  8. yes, that blogger on house did make bloggers look nutty! yes, i pick and choose what i share on my blog. and for the most part, the things i blog about are things i want to spare the people in my life from hearing about :) like you said, i don't call my friends and tell them what i had for dinner. if someone reads my blog, they choose to read about all that stuff, so it's not like i'm trapping someone at the water cooler at work making them listen to my struggle with sticking to my weight loss plan! and boy do i appreciate my readers, and the people whose blogs i ready!! i do not know what i would do without the blogging community!

  9. I'm pretty reserved on my blog, if it's something that has even the *potential* to piss someone off, I password protect the post. I don't like doing that, but seriously sometimes things happen in my life and I'm all, "I need advice from my blog readers" and then I'm like "oh, I can't blog about that, I might hurt so-and-so's feelings." I DEFINITELY have family issues and stuff that I would LOVE to blog about and get some outside perspective on but I just can't for risk of hurting people's feelings.

    Also, you are just so funny, I always imagine you talk just the way you blog. Love your little anecdote about the dentist saying your teeth are so perfect :P Hehe

  10. Yes & no. Mine isn't completely anonymous - if someone knew my last name & did a little googling, they'd find it pretty quickly. Which I don't love. So for that reason, I don't tell all, but as I get more comfortable w/ blogging, I do share more. Like today - it was really hard to write about how i was feeling at work. Putting it out there makes me a little bit more vulnerable. But it was also so therapeutic for me.

    If I was in a relationship, I would probably be more guarded about what I wrote...

    My family & some friends also read my blog & my sisters-in-law both have joked & told me it's how they keep up with what i am doing!

  11. I'm very open on my blog. What people love most about my blog is my honesty and I do delve into subjects most people wouldn't. But I don't divulge family secrets or vent about fights with friends/family. So I've never gotten in trouble that way for what I've written. My family/friends love my blog! :)

  12. I don't share everything--not nearly. Sometimes I wish I could be more honest, but I'm not quite there yet. I feel like I can say things, just not get into the details that I sometimes wish I could!

  13. Oooo very interesting topic and my friends say the same, that sometimes they feel like they don't know what's going on with me til they read the blog. In all actuality I keep it mostly surface level on my blog - i.e. running related only for the most part. It's my running blog, not my life blog and it's my escape from life so I get to be my most happy awesome self there. My partners in crime via real life get to hear about the heart breaks and work drama but running, my happy place, I happily get to share with all of you - the people who appreciate it. My non-running/blogging friends glaze over when I start talking about running but on my blog I have a captive audience that appreciates what I have to say and enjoy my long winded race recaps. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I get to be my running self on my blog but for the most part keep my personal life separate.

  14. I got to a point where I got a bit concerned about saying too much. Since I talk about teaching, I realized that people might put two and two together and know where I work or something like that. I never mention students' or colleagues names but if someone from my school happened to read the blog, they would know what/who I was walking about. I do occasionally post pics of myself but I removed some stuff with my exact name and picture from the main page because I got paranoid. I find that I prefer if people I don't know read my blog rather than people that I do. I always make sure NOT to tell people I work with that I write a blog about teaching because I don't want to say too much or get myself into trouble!

  15. My blog isn't overly personal for the most part. Occasionally, I'll share something personal but for the most part I stick to workout/healthy living aspects of my life or those topics. I have however argued with my husband over blogging. In the beginning he thought it was taking up too much time.

  16. I have had the same experience at the dentist. My teeth are the same, but the lecture or praise I get varies from one appointment to the next!

    I haven't argued with anyone because of my blog. But I stick to pretty safe topics and would never vent my frustrations about a loved one publicly.

  17. I certainly understand that mans concern. I don't think it's necessary to "tell all" on your blog, unless of course, that's the purpose of your blog. I also think it's important to tell your loved ones and friends that you will be discusssing your life, EVERYTHING, on your blog. they should have that information! It's only fair. I don't tell all on my blog, as my life with Nick and my family is private. I do tell the things I want to share, the things that I think others would enjoy!

    Congrats on the good dentist visit ;)

  18. I'm with you. I also try to respect the privacy of family and friends. Besides, you never knows whose reading. And besides, who would want to listen to me complain about my problems all the time?

  19. i am still in awe that you can't talk during your spin class, i'll have to ask around during my classes and see what people think

    depending on the person teaching she will say, if you can say it to him or her you can tell the rest of us...

  20. Woohoo for healthy & clean teeth! I hate going to the dentist, but I love that after-dentist feeling.

    I missed House (too cool that it was about a blogger!)... I definitely don't tell all on the blog. I mainly keep it to running and fitness related topics. There are some things I just don't want the world to know. ;)

  21. Yumm on the roasted veggies. The oven is a favorite way of mine too. Recently I roasted cauliflower and it was awesome!

    I definitly DO NOT tell all. I do feel like my life is an open book, but it's a major turnoff when I read blogs that talk negatively about their husbands or girlfriends or whatever else. It's one thing to talk about frustrations, but it's entirely different to let the world in on your intimate relationships. Maybe people like that have so many problems because they dont RESPECT the relationships. I don't know. What I do know is that I've stopped following bloggers who do that.

  22. I am a tell all girl and sometimes it gets me in touble!

  23. I don't share everything in my blog. I try to focus it on the purpose of my blog - and there are a lot of things in my life that don't relate.

    Sometimes a blog is a great way to express yourself but there is a line that I believe needs to be drawn sometimes.