Tuesday, March 2, 2010

POM + Salmon = Happy

After my serious kitchen failures in the last week I am happy to report that I had a SUCCESS yesterday, whoa hoo!!!

When I returned from my trip to Arizona I had a special surprise: POM juice waiting in my fridge (well, I should say Ryan from POM Wonderful so nicely sent me some POM juice and my mom so nicely put it in my fridge hehe). Since then I have been dreaming up what kind of recipes I could create with POM juice. Last time I had POM juice I made POM oatmeal :) This time I was thinking more of a dinner, and I had my mind set on a salmon dish. I told Eric my thoughts and he came up with the idea of salmon with a mint infused pom reduction. Fancy shmacy, don't ya think? I have to give it to him, it was a brilliant idea, especially from a guy who won't go near salmon or any other cooked fish.

Look how beautiful it is...

It was delicious too. Obviously easy to create if I pulled it off with only minor intervention from Eric :)

To cook the salmon, I just poured a bit of white wine into the bottom of an oven safe dish and baked it in the oven on 400 for about 15-20 minutes. To cook my mashed potatoes, I just boiled the potatoes until they were soft, added chicken broth and then mashed. I love my chicken broth mashed potatoes yum.

But obviously what MAKES this dish is the mint infused pom reduction. This was easy to prepare too though. Basically I just poured about a cup of POM juice into a pan, threw in a few mint leaves and brought it to a boil. Once it was boiling, I turned the heat down a bit and stirred it until it thickened. As soon as it began to thicken I pulled out the mint leaves (and by I, I mean Eric who had totally taken over at this point as I was dealing with the salmon and potatoes that were taking an unusually long time to cook). Once the POM juice was thickened, I poured it on my salmon and that is all.

I love salmon I really do, but this POM reduction really made this one of the best salmon dishes I've ever had. If you like salmon, you should definitely try this dish.

Before I finish my POM juice I'll probably be trying at least one more recipe. But if you are looking for more, I definitely suggest checking out the POM website. They have SO many recipes on there, you'll definitely find a bunch of things you want to try!

In other news, Gina from Simply Life gave me the Happy 101 award.

I've received a couple of awards lately that I keep forgetting to pass on. I blame it on reading about it at work or when I don't have enough time to write a blog post and then forgetting. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate them! If you tagged me lately, please remind me so I can pass it on.

So back to Gina. I got to meet Gina at our Boston Blogger Brunch back in November. She was so fun to meet and I've loved reading her blog since then. Every time I read it I want to eat everything she has made. Do you ever wish you could put your hand through the computer? I do every time I read her blog, seriously!

I think I made the list of things that make me happy before but like Gina said when she did it, you can never do that enough. These are the things that are making me happy right now...

1. My family & friends
2. New biking shoes
3. 2 outside walks in 3 days!
4. Frozen yogurt
5. 1 week and 1 day til conferences are over until November
6. Blogs
7. Finally having a kitchen success (see above)
8. Thinking about Sedona
9. American Idol
10. My cake tasting scheduled for a week from this Saturday (celebrating conferences being done hehe)

What is making you happy today?

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  1. I felt good during a run for the first time in a long time. After feeling miserable and exhausted for so many workouts, I am THRILLED tonight! I also just love Gina's blog, so delicious!

  2. wow, that sauce is ingenious!! I bet the tartness from the POM was magical with the salmon! yay for foodie successes :)

    congrats on the award my dear!

  3. Yum, that looks really good. I am impressed that you tackled that on a week night. I never cook on week nights!! I have been traveling out of town the last couple of weekends so haven't cooked a real meal since my birthday! Yikes. Time to get back on track in March!

    What's making me happy lately? Probably the fact that the sun is shining & spring appears to be on its way! :)

  4. There's so much to be happy about -- even with the rain, I'm happy to have a warm, dry place to sleep on the most basic level. And a big bowl of oats and PB for breakfast made me pretty happy, too. ;)

  5. Kelly, before reading your post, I was stressing about how tough my day was and really struggled to find the silver lining. Thank you for helping me to think about the happiness I have in life, even among all of the daily stressors!

    What's making me happy is thinking about my best friend coming to spend her birthday weekend with me. I miss her so much and it will be great to have her around to celebrate her big day!

  6. Oh man, that salmon looks like perfection! I can't wait to receive my free Pom products in the mail this week so I can try this and pom oatmeal asap! Thanks for the ideas. I was afraid I wouldn't know how to use these goodies up :)

  7. Yum! That looks delicious. I'm not a HUGE fan of POM juice to drink straight but I LOVE using it in recipes and smoothies. I will be trying out this salmon recipe for sure!!

  8. haha I was thinking "Pom and salmon" hmmm that would be an interesting combo! LOL

    frozen yog makes me SO happy too!

  9. awesome sauce kelly!!! isnt it nice to have a sucess in the kitchen? i love it when i make really good stuff.. i feel like a "real cook" lol

  10. i can't believe it's march either :) POM seems a wonderful addition to salmon, maybe i'll have to give it a try with the bottle of POM in my fridge!

  11. hi the salmon and pom looks fantastic, and im a vegan :)
    madeline told me about the great meetup you guys had...how fun! if youre ever back in Phx, holla!

  12. I love your 10 things! Reminds me of my ten things for the day. The salmon does look good despite the fact that I don't eat meat.

  13. That looks awesome. I love salmon but have not even thought to make it in ages..

  14. I love salmon! What a creative idea! Kitchen successes make me feel good too!

  15. wow, a mint infused pom reduction sauce? That sounds really, really tasty!!

  16. My killer workout this morning! :)

  17. Wow, very creative with the Pom! I don't like salmon, but that looks good!

    I'm happy that today is Wednesday, which means half way to the weekend!

    Also happy that I'm feeling some serious burn in my arms from my fitness class last night. :)

  18. Today I'm happy cuz I'm going to the Whole Foods at Legacy Place in Dedham. Shop til I drop! :)

  19. What makes me happy today is the weather! It is 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky and 0% humidity! LOVE IT!

  20. ah yes - cake tasting definitely = happiness! have fun!

  21. It's good to see that spinning shoes make #2 on the list, I'm guessing you like them :)

    What's making me most happy right now are friends and Bones (the show). I just started watching it and I like it quite a bit! And i'm in love with the actor lol!!! :)