Monday, March 1, 2010

March Optimism

Well hello March.
First of all, where did January and February go and second of all, why March?

Truth be told, March is my least favorite month of the year. I have no days off, and no holidays to really look forward to. Wow, that makes me sound like a terrible Irish person named Kelly- St. Patrick's Day is fun and all, but not fun ENOUGH to get me to change my mind about the month of March. Though I do love any opportunity to wear green. I love green.

Now, I do love the fact that spring begins in March, because spring is a wonderful season. But living in Boston, there is no REAL spring until April and frankly, we have to deal with a lot of THIS...

DIRTY SNOW. Yuck. Plus, a lot of stuff goes on during the winter and when the snow melts, you start to see some of the ugliness...

some rotten pumpkin...

some uncovered trash...

some broken concrete...

Thank you plow trucks for leaving us that nice present to help us kill our snow blower.

So yeah, March- not the prettiest.

But no point in getting all negative about it (okay, maybe I did already) time to set some goals for March that will make me tolerate love March!

#1- Enjoy my new spinning shoes! (and practice for my attempt to use clipless pedals, yikes) Attend spinning class at least once per week :)

#2- Use my Groupon pass to Healthworks, attend 2 classes per week that I can't attend at my own gym.

#3- Plan something exciting for every single weekend so I have something to get me through the weeks! This weekend I have more than one awesome thing planned, so I'm off to a good start.

That's all. I don't want to get too ambitious, it is still March after all :)

I got a great question on Ask Anything the other day so I have to answer it. Feel free to ask more!

What is your favorite kind of ice cream and when can we get some?

Hahaha. Well, my favorite brand of ice cream is Edy's. I buy their Slow Churned Ice Cream that has 1/2 the fat. You should all try it, trust me you won't miss the fat at all! Anyway, I alternate between my favorites within this brand. My current obsession is the Samoa's- yes, that's those amazing chocolate caramel Girl Scout Cookies in an ice cream. I'm in love. Other favorites include Fudge Tracks (fudge and pb cups) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peppermint. Of course, I think we all know I also have a current obsession with frozen yogurt. Clearly, I just love ice cream!
As for when we are going to get some, I have no idea since you asked the question anonymously :) If you fess up to who you are I'm sure we can get some ice cream, provided you are not some creepy person and if so, do you know my fiance is a big scary football player?

Alright, time to go mentally prepare to do parent conferences tomorrow morning starting at 7:05, yikes!

What are your March goals?
More importantly, What is your favorite kind of ice cream?


  1. I love ice cream, but have given it up for 40 days and surprisingly, I'm not craving it whatsoever. The Samoa kind cannot be caught in my house, it would be gone instantly. My fav is the Edy's Slow Churned too - I'm a Vanilla girl, then add all sorts of goodies to it!

  2. you should totally love march because THERE IS MARCH MADNESS and oh... my birthday. ;)

  3. Just think...march will be over soon and it will be APRIL! wooo

  4. I'm not a huge fan of March either. I like that it's starting to warm up but it's so ugly out w/ the 'snirt' and brown grass.

  5. march = blech. i dont get any vacations either. i think spring semesters are the worst because during fall semesters at least we get thanskgiving and christmas break. totally boring.

    we didnt get any snow this season so not much was covered up. bummer about your drive way.

  6. I kind of hate March too and this March is going to be especially terrible for me as it's my last month of school, I'm moving and I'm trying to plan mine and Eric's trip. Ugh! Hopefully March goes by FAST and all my to-do's go off without a hitch!

  7. Your pictures are too funny. Especially the pumpkin. I agree March is a looong month for teachers but at my school we live the European way and we have a two week break starting March 27th which is when we are heading to Ireland, so that is definitely something to look forward to.

    Usually I eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, but being in Germany has reintroduced me to real ice cream and it is awesome. My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough, but I don't know if I have had that here. Some places have a surprise flavor that they won't tell you what it is and I saw some rando combos like tomato basil ice cream. Bleh! I also love moose tracks. I used to work at an ice cream shop in college so I definitely had my fair share!

  8. When I worked in schools, I always felt like March was the longest. You get a break in Feb and a break and April, but March drag! Hang in there. You have a good plan for getting through.

    I love ice cream, although I don't really crave it until its warm. Although now that you've mentioned it....

    I like chocolate ice creams. Edy's Chocolate Brownie is my favorite! But now that I am gluten free, I just get regular chocolate (not brownie or cookie pieces). The only things I don't like in my ice cream are nuts or chocolate chips. I like it to be creamy and chewy, not crunchy.

  9. Birthday cake ice cream is the BEST! I also like yogurt flavored gelato.

    January and February are my least favorite months. I do like Valentine's Day, but besides that, it seems like there is no end in sight for winter during these months.

  10. I love ice cream too. I came home from school and there was none in the frezzer and I complained enough that by Sun. morning my dad had brought some hme. :-)

  11. That's similar to how the streets in NYC look right now. I'm with you on getting through March. I also try to make sure we have fun plans on the weekends. Its essential for me for getting through the last bit of winter.

  12. mmmm, ice creammm! I love it all. My favorite is mint chocolate ship, or peanut butter chip. I do love the slow churned varieties, but I tend to make my own and Nick and I have come to prefer it homemade!

    Winters, and end of winters, look pretty similar here in Columbus. Nasty black snow and ugliness all around. We won't have spring until April either, it stinks. Oh well, it's so close! i love your goal of planning something exciting every weekend. I like to try to do that too, it helps me get through the week.

    I hope you enjoyed your new spin shoes!!

  13. thanks for the positive words on a cloudy morning :)

  14. I enjoy ben and jerry's cherry garcia :)

  15. I think my March goal is to get outside as often as I can (I need the fresh air!) and to make some blog changes - namely, more interesting posts! :)

    I think my favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's light half baked - brownies AND cookie dough?!

  16. Wait, you guys don't have March Break??

    I agree that March is generally a pretty 'blah' and ugly month, but at least it means Spring is on the way.

    I love so many kinds of ice cream... cookie dough and basically any chocolate are faves.

  17. I feel the same way about March. But I'm clingy to the fact that we're one month closer to April and some real warmer weather and longer days!

  18. Love your March goals! I'm just going to focus on staying in the moment and enjoying the small things that I take for granted everyday. Probably easier said than done! But I also want to improve my fitness endurance and keep strength training. I'd love to be able to do a full set of push ups without wanting to die! Haha
    My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. Yummmmm
    Have a great day!

  19. February is usually the month I hate the most. It's the shortest month but always seems to dragggg! So I'm not a fan. And I don't have to deal with snow in Florida so it's usually warming up by March and I get to enjoy the beach and the pool and the sunshine again! :)

  20. I'm glad you're going for "March Optimism" and not "March Madness." Your pictures of dirty March are so true. So many Boston streets look disgusting right now.

    JP Licks is my absolute favorite ice cream spot!

  21. PS Tell me about Ask Anything...what exactly is it?

  22. I'm so glad we don't get icky snow!! are your summers nice at least? Ice cream in any flavor please! I enjoy the slow-churned, but my favorite is either frozen yogurt or frozen custard because it's much creamier :) fav flavors are mint chip and anything peanut butter!
    Yay for spin shoes!!! Clipless is the way to go, and it gets like second nature soon enough. I of course did biff it once because I forgot to clip out, but everyone does! good luck with your goals! I have a few cycling ones myself :)

  23. omg. the pumpkin! haha. major goal for march - get back to running! i've recently developed a love of ben & jerry's imagined whirled peace...yuuuuummm!!