Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tiny Bowls

Yo. Before I forget I want to remind you that today is the last day to enter my peeled snacks giveaway. I just ate some more of the dried pineapple and that alone is a reason to enter. I'll announce the winner tomorrow and you'll be on your way to enjoying your own peeled snacks :)

So how was everyone's Thursday? Obviously not as good as tomorrow is going to be because tomorrow is Friday :) I squeezed in a quick bike ride after work this afternoon because it was nice out and I didn't have tutoring so I figured get on the bike while I can. It was a bit of a different experience than at the Cape because I was on a bike trial, but I actually had to clip in and out more often because of all the cross streets. I ALMOST wiped out at a real bad intersection but I managed to not totally panic and get one of my feet out of the clip. Yay. I also managed to get my Garmin to say the MPH, thanks Marlene! I was basically going anywhere from 11mph-17mph depending on whether I was going downhill or uphill, unfortunately there is not a ton of completely flat roads around me. I had to brave my MASSIVE hill at the end of the ride. Last year because of my knee I used to walk up this hill but with the clipless shoes, there is really no walking haha so I just had to push it out. Hopefully my knee will not be too unhappy about it later.

On another note, I've been thinking a lot about portion size this week. I've made several unsuccessful attempts to limit my ice cream intake during the week and I decided this week I have to either ban ice cream from my house or try a new method. Clearly banning ice cream from the house two days after I bought 3 gallons of ice cream is not really going to fly so, the solution? tiny bowls from Anthropologie.

It might look big but...don't let it fool you, they are tiny bowls :)

Anyway, this is now what my ice cream goes into. It's working well so far- I haven't gone back once for seconds :)

In some ways I am not surprised this method is working for me because probably my number 1 "get healthy" or "be healthy" tip is to control portion size. Sure you want to eat foods that are big but low in calories, but you can basically eat anything in moderation while still being healthy, you just have to pay really close attention to serving size.

Other ways to control portion size are small plates, small forks, small zip lock bags etc. I almost never use a normal size plate or fork for my dinner, I like to fill up my small plate :)

How do you control your portion sizes? Do you believe in eating almost anything in small portions?

I also got to meet Melissa from Crunches for Cupcakes and Lauren from Eater Not A Runner tonight at Berry Freeze in Brookline. It was delicious and I have pictures but you'll have to wait until tomorrow because I have a few things to do before bed and I have to get into work extra early tomorrow morning- but at least it's Friday :) Any awesome plans for the weekend?


  1. I use the tiny bowl trick, too, for sweets. It's easy to fill up a HUGE bowl of ice cream but when you're using smaller dishes, you eat less but it looks like more. The ways we trick the eye... ;)

  2. I try to take portion size into consideration, but I rarely ever follow the reccomended amount. Especially not when it comes to ice cream!

    I'm more of an eat as much of whatever you want kind of gal!

  3. Those bowls are adorable! I love mini things!

  4. i need some bowls like that! sorry i didn't make it to fro yo, would've made my night MUCH better :) instead i was stuck at work... next time!!

  5. This may seem like a super weird thing to say but you have very nice nails!! I wish my nails would grow out longer and still be nice instead of breaking and being gross.

    And I totally agree with the small bowl thing, great plan!!

  6. What cute little bowls! Anthropologie has the best dishes and aprons.

    I hope I'm able to make the next get together and meet you! Glad you enjoyed the fro yo :)

  7. Such cute bowls! I have a hard time controlling ice cream. I have some tiny bowls, but...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for sharing in my excitement :) You made me laugh :)

  8. I love using smaller bowls, plates and silverware...and then I also don't worry about getting seconds either! :)

  9. I have bowls that are just like those ones. Mine are white and from Crate and Barrel. I agree, they work great!

  10. Ha, I love that Amber commented on your nails. I've only been jealous of them since I was 8 years old.

    Anyways, whenever I read about your uphill biking adventures I cringe because I'm still convinced that is what started the knee issues for me.. are you suuuuure it doesnt hurt your knee to go up that giant hill??

    Love the tiny bowls. Anthropologie rocks!

  11. The tiny bowls are a great idea for portion control - fun to eat from too!

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm a big proponent of portioning things out ahead of time (when it's possible). So with fruit, I cupt it up, measure out 1-2 cups, and put the servings in tupperware. I know no one is over weight because they eat too much fruit, but it just helps to know that I am getting the right/appropriate portion size.

    I am a beleiver in 'anything in moderation'. So have a small bowl of ice cream. Or 3 mini pb cups. Or whatever floats your boat. ;)

    Love the bowls - I got my friend some of those in the same color a couple of birthdays ago!

  13. I totally agree about the small bowl mindset - I try to not eat dinner on our dinner plates but on our salad plates!

    Jealous I missed your frozen yogurt meet up!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Yes! That's such a great trick for portion control, and I'm so glad it works for you! I try to eat my calorie dense things off of tiny plates and custard cups and it really does work at keeping consumption down. Of course, my husband eats off of these massive plates, so mine look even tinier in contrast :)

  15. I usually use a food scale for things like ice cream or cereal. And then I decide the food scale is lying and add more food. That might be my problem there.

  16. Those bowls are perfect and so cute.

    I definitely think anything is ok as long as you watch your portion sizes. A lot easier said than done though! :)

  17. Can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropologie?! Especially their houseware! Love it! The bowl is too cute!

  18. I am completely with you here!!! I don`t have adorable mini Anthropologie bowls unfortunately :P BUT instead I just use tiny mugs! You feel like you're getting a lot but really you're not :)

    Gorgeous ring btw ;)