Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Untitled it Friday yet? Do I say that every week? If I was 5 years old I would say "this week stinks." I hate to be a big complainer, but my #1 complaining buddy is traveling around Scotland so you are stuck listening to me until she comes home :)

Right now I have 9 parent conferences down, 11 to go. They are all going really well, but my favorite quote from today was definitely the mom who said, "yeah I didn't really listen to a word you said at the November conference." Awesome. Well I'm glad you wasted my time then. And PS. are you listening now? cuz if not lets end this conference so I can go read blogs...oops I mean get ready for the day! Believe it or not, despite this comment, this conference actually went pretty well considering how it could have gone haha. Ah, have I convinced anyone to be a teacher yet?

ANYWAY...some great things happened today too...though I will say going to the gym was not one of them. Oops. Tomorrow?

Today we celebrated Eric's birthday at his parents house which meant a yummy dinner followed by cake and my favorite ice cream (Samoa- Girl Scout Cookie, yum). Check out the cake:

Awesome, huh? I can't speak to the taste because I am not a chocolate cake girl. I like Josh (one of Eric's brothers) birthday better because he always wants an ice cream cake haha. Luckily Eric did ask for my favorite kind of ice cream so I was not deprived...what a guy, right?

We also listened to the special "birthday song." I didn't want you guys to miss out on the fun so I found a quality video with the song on it. Just ignore the fact that it says "Heather" because obviously Eric's song says "Eric" not "Heather" but you guys can use your imagination. Eric's mom has managed to find this cd with all of our names on it, so don't you worry- when my birthday comes around you will hear, "Hey's your birthday!"...etc

In other exciting news, look what I got today...

Yipee! My Olympic mittens that I won from Marlene!

I can't wait to wear them tomorrow and show my Canadian pride :) We've established that I love to support colleges I don't go to, why not support countries I don't live in? hehe.

Seriously though, top on my list of things I love about blogging include all the Canadian friends I've made. Amber even did a whole post for me (and other unaware people like myself) on Canadian geography. I feel a little ashamed of how little I knew (and maybe still know) about a country that is closer to me than many parts of my own country. But I'm working on it! The other night during the US/Canada hockey game I told Eric I had to stay away from Twitter because all the people I follow are Canadian haha. So excited to sport my new mittens at recess tomorrow!

I enjoyed hearing about your favorite ice cream in the spirit of Eric's b-day celebration, what is your favorite kind of cake? or if you are not a big cake person, what do you have to celebrate your birthday?

In my family we all have our birthday celebration "cakes" that we love. My sister loves yellow cake, with no frosting (don't worry we all add frosting after she gets her piece). My dad likes lemon meringue pie on his birthday. We all agree that only my mom's lemon meringue pie is birthday worthy...or worthy of eating at all really. Now I wanna hear what you want on your birthday :)


  1. I love oreo cake- so delicious :) Eric's cake is adorable!

  2. I got those same mittens today from a giveaway that I won! :) Can't wait to wear them tomorrow!

    I can't believe that mom didn't listen to you during your last conference - and that she admitted it. I hope she listened this time around!

    Cake is pretty much off limits for me w/ the whole gluten free thing, so unless someone makes a gluten free cake, I would choose ice cream - probably something w/ peanut butter cups in it! Mmm!!

  3. Hahahaha you're so funny. LOVE the mittens ;) I actually follow very FEW Canadian bloggers and during the hockey game the other night my twitter feed was relatively quiet and I was all WTH IS EVERYONE DOING THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME IN THE WORLD. :-)

    Parent-teacher conferences sound terrible. I remember dealing with parents when I was a swim instructor. Hated it!!!

    That cake looks GOOD!

  4. OMG I love the cake!!!! So adorable!!!

    And so are the mittens! Now you're linked to all us canadians ;) And don't feel bad about the geography... I'm not that great at it either ;)

  5. I love the picture on the cake- too cute! My favorite cake is opera cake- chocolate almond, deliciousness with coffee flavor!

  6. Growing up my signature bday cake was strawberry cake with pink frosting (mom blended fresh strawberries in to make it turn pink) with strawberries on top. Loved it! Now I would have to say I love a good carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and I also love lots of chocolate, but the most important thing is that the cake is MOIST. I have gone to too many adorable little bakeries here and drooled over their cakes only to take a bite and find out that it's dry!

  7. Aw, those mittens are adorable!

    I always had two birthday cakes. As a kid, I wanted ice cream cake so we always had mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for my birthday party, and then my mom always make a cake for my family party.

    These days, I love Kahlua cake. <3 Big chocolate fan!

  8. Happy birthday to Eric!!! I love his cake, he's so cute :)
    My favorite kind of cake is wedding cake (ANY!) or carrot cake. IN reality, I love all cakes, I'm a "cake eater" haha

    I love your new mittens. I love mittens so much more than gloves, and those look especially warm.

    So I'm glad you are close to being one with parent teacher conferences. I'm sure that's a PAIN, especially when the parents have ADD!! lol.

    Have a great day Kelly! Only two more days!

  9. Happy birthday to Eric!

    My favorite cake is either carrot cake (without nuts!) and cream cheese frosting, or chocolate cake with chocolate or cream cheese frosting. Its all about the frosting!

    I hope the rest of the conferences go well. This is just a tough time of year all around. And 9 or so straight days of rain doesn't help!

  10. I like white cake with white buttercream frosting. So delicious! That's what we're having at the wedding...with peanut butter filling. Mmmm cake, now I can't wait to eat some!

  11. COOKIE CAKE! I am not a cake girl...never have been. But give me a cookie cake and I am happy birthday girl! :)

  12. That cake is awesome!! I hope E. had a great Birthday.

    Good luck with the remainder of your conferences.

    I would also like to know IS IT FRIDAY YET? Argh.

    So glad you got the mittens!! :)

  13. You know, I got irritated by my uncle who was a teacher while I was going to school for education. He would always say "are you sure you want to go into education"... and to me it was more than just a job at that time, it was a passion and still is. But, I am slowly finding more and more irritating things as I am finishing up my 5th year... And your story about the parent not paying attention during conferences and admitting it is not a surprise. There are things we as teachers deal with in regards to parents that I would have NEVER thought I would have to deal with, but do... grrr... and now I find myself saying to some of my younger cousins graduating from highschool or in college and considering the field of education "ARE YOU SURE?!?!"

    anyway...that cake looks amazing!

  14. I didn't used to be a big cake person (I'm making up for lost time now) so most birthdays my mom would make a pie. Needless to say, my friends were usually disappointed at my parties. One birthday she even made dressing (stuffing) for me because I like it so much. Ha!
    Love the mittens - they are sooo cute! I've been coveting a pair myself; you'll look adorable at recess!

  15. cute cake! and yes, there IS word verification on your site. you can alawys go into your settings and take it off :)

  16. while I love cupcakes, cake just doesn't do it for me. I'd rather have Cake Batter ice cream from Coldstone.