Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 25 Year Old Troublemaker

Ah, Tuesday- it's much better than Monday right? That's all I can say!

I am ashamed to admit that I sort of got yelled at AGAIN for talking during spin class. Apparently I am exactly like my most irritating kindergarten students! Okay, but seriously. Earlier this year I got yelled at for talking during spin class and at the time I truly didn't even know you weren't supposed to talk. So, lesson learned. Since then, I have been going to spin with a different friend (and a different instructor) and we don't talk all that much! I mean, sure we may say something quick during warm up, or during recovery say a song was a really tough one, or something like that. But I certainly wouldn't say we hold full on conversations or anything.

Anyway, yesterday our instructor (not the one that yelled at me before), probably the most chill guy you'll ever meet, said he has to make an announcement before class starts. Basically he says that people have complained to him about talking during class, and he didn't really say anything but people have also complained to his boss so now he has to say something. Then he went on to say that he is not the spinning Nazi, and if we want to ask someone what resistance we are on or what not, we still can. I got the general vibe that he does not care at all if people talk but he'd like to keep his job. Though some other people talk on occasion it definitely seems like it was directed towards us, or at least us and some other people.

All I can say is I do NOT get it. It's BIKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not test taking, yoga, reading time...


I'm okay if you don't want to hear our whole life stories, but if we talk for a minute at the beginning of class and then 20 seconds here and there (with the music blasting might I add, how can they even hear us?), who seriously CARES?! You can still hear the instructor and the insanely loud music. I promise.

How is it acceptable for crazy Saturday morning spin guy to completely ignore the routine of the class, breath so loud he sounds like he might die at any moment and bike so insanely that he actually moves his stationary bike forward and to the side throughout class? But, quick chatter to your neighbor? Banned! Let's take out all the fun out of exercise.

Needless to say, I do want to be respectful of the instructor so I won't talk at all any more. Plus, obviously I am the minority and most people would prefer a quiet class. I probably won't even ask what the resistance is if I don't hear it. But I also may not go to spinning as often...

Vent over.

On to some lucky successes of the day...

I had very early morning parent conferences today so I had to make a quick breakfast. In spirit of my challenge to include veggies in my breakfast, I present to you, the YELLOW monster...

1/2 frozen banana
10 pieces frozen mango
1/2 cup cooked (cold) butternut squash
a few chia seeds sprinkled on top...

I was a little bit scared about the butternut squash, but it ended up being a delicious combination. This, plus an Arnold's Sandwich Thin with peanut butter, was a perfect breakfast.

I also had a dinner success: my first experience with tempeh! I bought the same tempeh that Gina had from Trader Joe's- Organic 3 Grain Tempeh. I didn't have the soy sauce that she used but I used some delicious honey teriyaki sauce and just simply cooked it in that for about 3 minutes on each side and then done :)

I ate it with some yummy mashed potatoes.

Don't worry, I ate about a cup of carrots too, but I may have munched on them while cooking so they didn't make the picture. Today I reached my 2 1/2 cups of veggies goal, yay!

Inspired by the great Ten on Tuesday posts, I want to know what are your favorite hobbies? I love blogging and reading the most probably- but I've gone through phases of card making and knitting as well. Also, I consider working out a hobby actually, is that weird? Well I do.


  1. You know my favorite hobbies! Running should have made the list but right now it's sort of 'out of sight, out of mind' since I am biking & doing other things. I have my first PT session on Thursday. Just got a reminder message from the PT office & it's a guy! Crossing my fingers that he's hot. Ok, it doesn't really matter, but a cute PT would be a bonus!

  2. Wow, you have some crazy people at your gym if they complain about talking during spin class. I've been to a few spin classes and I don't see any problem with talking every now and then. Complete conversations? Well, that's another story!

  3. Umm hobbies: blogging, running, cooking and reading I guess. I wish I had cool and fun hobbies, but I don't.

    That would REALLY piss me off about the gym, you're so right it's BIKING. Maybe YOU should go talk to the head boss guy and tell him you're PAYING to take this class and if you want to chat with your friend every once in awhile you can.

    Maybe you guys could also take spots kind of over to the side or towards the back of the class? Maybe that would "annoy" ppl less (though I don't understand HOW it could annoy anyone in the first place!!)

  4. oooh great successes and ideas with the meals! I love running, reading, blogging :), cooking and photo/card stuff :)

  5. I've never taken a spinning class, but I don't understand the issue with talking either. I suppose if you were chatting the whole time....but just saying a few words to your neighbor? I don't get it!

    As for hobbies? I need to find some new ones. Running is number one. I love to read and enjoy blogging. I would love to learn to play tennis. My husband has given me a few lessons.

  6. wow, that's a little crazy! hobbies? being active, outdoors, or in the kitchen :)

  7. Oh, Kel! Didn't you hear about the brawl that occurred in NYC in a spin class? A man knocked another man off his bike because he was so annoying in class.

    Needless to say, as an instructor, I agree with the "no talking" rule. Maybe it can fly in other parts of the world, but not in NYC. Class participants get very annoyed by people chatting in class. Plus, as an instructor its not fun to try and talk over chatting class goers.

  8. i think you just need to start biking outside on the bike path with me again : )

  9. I'm a talker so I would be ticked about the spinning class too. And it's even more aggrivating that the instructor doesn't seem to mind!

  10. I find it so funny that people would complain about talking during Spin.

    Our instructor keeps the music so loud that we couldn't possibly carry a conversation, but if people were talking it certainly wouldn't bother me. WEIRD.

    Hobbies... definitely blogging & running. Other than that, reading. Not much else. :p

  11. So annoying! They should hold special Silent Spins as well as classes for chatters. It helps me if people are working hard and saying things throughout the class. I normally go alone. But if I spin with a friend, I can't keep quiet.

  12. That's nuts and OCD to complain about a few sentences in a spin class. Lame-o!

    My hobbies are definitely physical- hiking, the gym, playing outside! I also love watching movies, reading, playing with my nephew and just vegging out!

  13. IMO, if you can talk then maybe you aren't working hard enough! That being said, I dont see anything wrong with a quick comment or two, like you said, about the resistance or how hard a hill is. I think there are better places to talk about your boss/relationships/etc.

    And I took at spin class at HW the other day and there were people screaming "be in the moment" and "right here, right now" and I thought that was really odd. Annoyingly odd, and the person surely thought they were inspiring.

    My hobbies are blogging, making jewelry, running and photography!

  14. Granted I;ve never been to a spinning class before, but umm if I can't talk to someone while working out at all then that is STUPID. STUPID STUPID STUPID. It is the gym. It is loud. GET OVER YOURSELF.

  15. That is way too ridiculous! I would have practically bitten my toungue off to keep from saying something!

  16. jeeze -- I guess that's the price you pay for being social! a yi yi.

  17. haha I cant believe they yelled at you!!!... i wouldn't do that if you took my class!

  18. Haha I looooooove gym venting! No one talks in my spin class, but I can't imagine it being a problem!
    Hobbies. . . reading blogs and recipes and menus, hiking, traveling, walking, cooking,and volunteering.

  19. lol, it's like being in school again! I got yelled at today by my art professor for talking during critiques!