Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Worker Out-er?

Good morning! How is everyone's weekend going so far? Is it just me or do weekends seem to go faster every weekend?!

Yesterday was a pretty good Friday. Friday is normally my "day off" from the gym, but since I took an unplanned day off earlier in the week I decided to start the day with a quick 30 minute treadmill work out. I still can't do any running, so I did a nice power walking with incline workout.

30 Minute Power Walk

Time Speed Incline

0-5 3.8 mph 1.5
5-10 4.0 mph 2.5
10-12 4.0 mph 6.0
12-14 4.0 mph 4.0
14-16 4.0 mph 6.5
16-18 4.2 mph 4.0
18-20 4.0 mph 6.0
20-25 4.2 mph 4.0
25-28 4.2 mph 6.0
28-30 3.8 mph 3.5

This was an awesome and quick work out. It's nice to know I can get a good work out on my treadmill even if I can't run...since I do have it at my house and all :)

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon I was happy to have an hour or two to relax. I spent a little time organizing mail and recycling magazines, which made me want to catch up on reading some. I normally only let myself reading magazines when I am working out, but I have been taking so many work out classes lately that I've been getting behind.

I decided Friday afternoon was a good time for reading. When Eric got home we headed to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Il Casale. Yum. Basically, Il Casale is actually the old firehouse in Belmont, changed into a restaurant. Cool concept, huh? One time I actually sat directly next to what I can only assume was the old fire pole. Like most restaurants, there are good seats and not as great seats. Last night we got an awesome table for two with really comfy chairs and we were right up against a room divider so we didn't have people right near us. I hate to be anti-social, but I am not a fan of eating dinner on top of other people.

I know it's considered bad form to use a flash when taking pictures of food. But seriously, it's dark in restaurants and I bought camera pretty much because it's pink so it's not all that high tech. You can either have dark...or flash, you choose...




Either way, delicious as always.

I finished up with some delicious TCBY. We were going to try the self serve frozen yogurt place I've heard about in Brookline, but it says they only have tart vanilla and I like my frozen yogurt sweet so I think it's going to be TCBY for me until self serve frozen yogurt makes it's way to Boston. Anyway it is the country's BEST yogurt, so I mean really...can't beat that!

I woke up early this morning to go to spinning. I love working out on weekends. So nice to be able to work out in the morning and have endless (or relatively endless) time. Ever since we got new bikes at my gym I have been trying to figure out how my instructor puts the resistance up as high as he does AND still manages to get his rpms to the level he tells us to be at. It turns out the secret is spinning shoes. Now I can finally do what he tells us to and not feel like a slacker. Yay! After spin I did a quick strength training work out. I need to start planning my strength work outs again because I keep doing random stuff with no regard to what muscles I am working. Awesome Kelly.

Eric and I have a busy weekend ahead, mostly busy good though. But we all know how I live for relaxing weekends, right? I am going to take a walk over to Trader Joe's to try to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having and get my grocery shopping done for the week. This afternoon we are headed to see a middle school play (Eric's students) and then out to dinner with some friends.

Eric and I have opposite work out personalities when it comes to our thoughts on weekends. Like I said I love to work out on weekends because I have more time on my hands. Eric likes to work out during the week and relax on weekends. What is your take? Do you take weekends off or use the time to pump up your work outs?

PS. My sister comes home from Scotland tonight, whoa hoo!


  1. I work out Monday - Saturday and then have the laziest Sunday possible! haha!! :)

  2. I like working out on the weekend so I can have a busy weekday off and sleep in a little more!

  3. I bet you'll be excited to see your sister!!!

    To me, week-end workouts and week-day workouts are pretty much the same because I'm a student :P But I know what you mean - I definitely enjoy have the TIME to workout and not worry about other things and when you can even relax after instead of running around everywhere!

  4. Usually the only workouts I get on the weekend are randoml incorporated into our plans. I rarely workout on the weekend. However, summer softbal is on Sunday's so that counts haha.. I am pretty much a waste of space on the weekend.. We went out to breakfast and gave our house a good hour cleaning this morning.. now we are each on our own couches.. me on my lap top.. him watchign tv.. i may take a nap.

  5. I LOVE to work out on weekends. If I don't work out during the week I'm usually still busy all day running around so I don't feel gross but if I don't work out on the weekends and then laze around all day I feel gross.

    I've been having a really difficult time getting up early on the weekends lately, though. I'm trying to drag my butt out for a trail run now! Haha

  6. I like to work out one weekend day. I volunteer one of the mornings though, so sometimes I skip the weekend workout to just hang out at home. I find my favorite part of the weekend is not having to jump out of bed and rush out the door! Except when it is like today out, and in that case I just want to spend the wole day walking, running, and being outside!

  7. I used to always give myself the weekend off but I now try to get in at least one day of exercising! I have a lot more time and energy on a weekend so it is such a waste if I dont workout!

  8. I like to work out on the weekends. I can do it in the morning v. going at 6:30 or 7 at night. I don't really love working out at that time of night during the week! SO weekends are nice because I can get up, go to the gym, and not have to shower twice in one day!

    I am a bit nervous that you had the same knee diagnosis as I did... crossing my fingers that PT works for me...

  9. ah you are the opposite of me. I take the weekends to lay low and take a break from working out. To each her own :) have a fabulous day! hope you score some TJs goodiesss!! xoxo

  10. I generally workout on the weekends. I like the idea of not rushing through my workouts.

  11. I work out on the weekends but it is SO HARD for me to get out there and actually get in a good workout. I guess because my weekdays are so structured and busy that getting in a workout just fits right in. But I like to relax on the weekends and workouts don't fit right in. But I know I have to so I do them, and usually get in a better workout than on the weekdays.

  12. I like not rushing on weekends. We have slow mornings here and gradually make our way to the gym midmorning. We usually aren't done showering or ready to start the day until 11 or so. Just the way a weekend should be!

    That's great that you have a treadmill at home. Any recommendations? I am hoping we can buy one when we move.

  13. I would suggest Greek yogurt (single servings are 80 calories) with 1/2 cup blueberries. I buy frozen and let them thaw overnight. I also add 1/2 cereal like Kashi Heart to Heart. The total calories are 195 and the protein keeps me full!