Sunday, March 21, 2010

Then a Bird Moved In...

It's Sunday night, which is never cool but I feel 100 times better about my weekend than I did last week. I swear my mood is 85% weather related haha. I hear its going to rain tomorrow but I'm not going to think about that now because it has been absolutely beautiful all weekend.

After I left you guys yesterday I headed out for my first outside bike ride of the spring. As I mentioned I forgot pants, so I had to go to a local sporting goods store and buy something (or else bike in pj pants, which I did consider). I managed to find a pair of youth sweatpants for 10 dollars and they were way too short, which was perfect because they didn't get in the way of the chain. I love kids clothing haha.

My first experience with clipless pedals was a huge success! I never got stuck in them and only had a problem getting my foot in once...and it didn't really matter I just kept biking with the other foot and trying. No falls at all. Yipee. Don't worry I'm not getting over-confident though, I know it will be when I start to get comfortable and forget I am clipped in that I will wipe out completely.

Also I loved the clipless pedal feel. I thought it made a difference in spinning class, but it was even a bigger difference outside. I enjoyed every minute of my bike ride through Hyannisport and Osterville.

I think I went right near the Kennedy compound, but you can't see it from the road so I don't know for sure :) I got to break out the Garmin and was happy to see it still works after it's long winter hibernation.

Garmin question for you guys. How do I get my pace to show me miles per hour? I have no real idea how fast I am biking. I mean I know yesterday I was going slow trying to navigate the streets etc. But I'd like to see it in MPH. Is there a way to do that?

Last night Eric and I went out for Japanese food with Katie and Adam. Is it just me or is Japanese food just always pretty and colorful?

Of course some of that bright color comes from roe (fish eggs) which lets just say is not Katie's favorite part of the meal...haha

It was so relaxing and fun hanging out with Katie and Adam. However after they left, things got eventful...

It all started when Eric decided to go move my dad's car into the garage. All of a sudden I hear him say, "ahh! It's a bird!" I assume he means it's in the garage until he comes running into the house and I spy a new friend IN THE HOUSE...

While Eric chased the bird around the downstairs of the house, I launched into blogger mode and found my camera. Don't worry, I also went upstairs and shut our bedroom door so we wouldn't have to sleep with a bird no matter how bad things got.

Can you find the birdie?

After having no success with opening every window and door in the house, I decided to consult google. I mean seriously, what problem can not be solved using google? I found this article, which suggested that I should cover all but one window and turn off the lights. Since it was dark already, I just turned off the lights in the house, and the outside lights on. Finally, the bird flew into the laundry room and Eric quickly opened the window to let him out. Thanks google!

Have you ever had a bird in your house?

Today was spent driving home, running errands and getting organized for the week, nothing too eventful but still nice and relaxing. Well actually, there was one minor event. Edy's ice cream (aka my favorite) was on sale- buy one get TWO free. WHAT?! We all know the last thing I need is 3 gallons of ice cream, but can I really pass up FREE ice cream? I swear I am going to control myself with it. For example, right now I am eating yogurt for dessert. Go me.

Coming up tomorrow: a Giveaway!!!
Did everyone have a good weekend? Fit Bloggin Attendees, how was it? Did anyone do anything else fun this weekend?


  1. So glad you didn't have to bike in your jammies! We woke up one morning to a bird sitting IN the fireplace. Guess he fell all the way down!

  2. yay for an awesome run and beautiful food :) Sounds like a fabulous weekend for you, my love!

  3. I've never had a bird in my house, but a chipmunk ran into our cabin this summer! Luckily we were able to chase it out right away. not sure who was more afraid - us or the chipmunk!!

    I hear you on the weather really impacting your mood. I am the same way!!

  4. Where was the Edy's on sale?? It's my fav too :-)

  5. clipess pedals are really the way to go. you're much better connected to the bike that way. I'm sure you'll do fine from here on out as well!

  6. oh my gosh - I wouldn't know what to do with a bird - thanks for letting us know, just in case!...

  7. This is definitely not the same thing, but I had a roommate who's dog brought a dead bird into the house and dropped it on the couch as a present for us. A lot of screaming ensued and we got it out with a broom.

  8. Sounds like you had a nice bike ride! Sweet! Yuck for the bird in the house... yuck yuck yuck! :) Glad you got it out!

  9. Glad you had a good bike ride and made out okay with the new pedals!

    To show MPH:

    Main Menu > Settings > Biking > Speed Units (then select "speed")

  10. no birds inside, but a chipmunk.. luckily it pretty much ran straight from the garage to the sliding glass door.

  11. Oh I knew this was going to be a good post by the title. Totally wish I was there to see you guys take on this bird!! I'm still laughing from imagining Eric say, "AH! It's a bird!" haha. We'll have to recreate it over Easter, except mom might die.
    Ps. we are going for a long bike ride over Easter, I dont care if it's snowing. Because literally it's my only chance before the race hahah
    I really should just email you and save others the trouble of reading my ramblings.
    I'm SO excited for easter, did I mention that?

  12. Oh, wow, a bird?! That's insane. I'd probably be too freaked out to even THINK about taking pictures! But yay for Google. Google always comes through it seems!

  13. Yummy eats! At the hostel I'm staying at right now, the same bird keeps flying in and out of the kitchen. Kind of makes me wary to put food down on the counter when a bird keeps landing there...

  14. ack! for the bird in the house. good work getting it out fast! we have birds in our roof... they built a nest in the attic vent thing (it's an old house, i'm not really sure what the parts are) and every morning i hear them chirping away. this weekend i put out some bird seed to see what birds spring has brought back, so of course in the mix was the roof-birds. but i also saw a cardinal couple, and a bird i have never seen before, light grey breast, dark gray head and wings with light grey chevron stripes on its wings and stripes on its head. anyhoo, have a great week!

  15. OMG, I have a strange sense of fear of birds... I would have been freaking out! I love how you whipped out your camera for it though, such a good blogger! :)

    When I was maybe four or five I remember a bird somehow got into my house and flew into my sister's bedroom, and we trapped it in there hoping it would fly out the window. I don't remember how long we waited, but it was a while. Birds need to stay OUTSIDE!

  16. Hey there! Sounds like you had a great bike ride! I'm going to get a bike this spring, but it will be much more of a cruiser. :)

    I have had a bird in the house - the birds at my parents' house love to nest in the wreath on their front door and have flown into the house on occasion. Its always a harried/crazy experience! Usually we are able to coax it out back through the front door. Yikes! :)

  17. Omg that is TOO funny!!! I can't believe you had a bird in your house!! I'm glad you were able to get it out. Since I have Webster I don't think having a bird in my house would go over very good... might turn into a blood bath! Haha

  18. Oh wow...that would have totally freaked me out. But birds in general freak me out!!

  19. I think you have to press the arrow down? And then it will show you another "screen".

    I'd love to try clipless pedals, either for spinning or outside! How expensive are the shoes??

    We are going to have AWFUL weather for the next like... 3 weeks!!! It was so gorgeous and WARM but we're supposed to get snow/freezing rain :(