Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Fun & Some Questions For You

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Boston, and from reading blogs and twitter, maybe a beautiful day in many other places as well! Yay for us.

Eric and I went to his work to see his middle school kid's play. It was amusing. They were cute, but it was funny to see the know what I mean? It's been a long time since I've seen a play really of any kind, but it's been since I was in middle school that I saw a middle school play. My family was more of a sports family to be honest, but I did dip into the theater world in the 5th grade play. I had a lead role. My skills in singing (and probably acting) went downhill after that, but I was on the "Stage Crew" in the middle school play. Good times. I'm pretty sure I was unsure where I fit in the whole sport/theater/musical instrument hobbies so I tried out everything! What was your "thing" in middle school?

Last night was a ton of fun. Eric and I went out to dinner with Timna and Tiff (my friends since high school and middle school) and their husbands. Still not quite comfortable with the word "husbands." I hadn't seen Timna's new apartment yet in Porter Square so we met up there and then walked over to a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 'n Rice.

The restaurant was pretty small, but we got a really awesome table near the entrance. It was right near the winter and you actually had to go up a few stairs before getting to any other tables. I love that.

We realized pretty quickly upon arrival that it was BYOB. The boys left for a few minutes to take care of that situation.

I'm actually not sure I've been to a BYOB place, or at least taken advantage of it. It's kind of fun and a great way to save money!

I ordered Pad Thai and look how pretty it was:

I had read some reviews on yelp that portion sizes were too small, and all I can say is... seriously?

I took a picture of Tiff's meal too because she ordered tofu and mango fried rice. I am obsessed with mango, and I love tofu and rice so I had to try some.

Talk about a colorful meal! It was yummy too.
We had a great time catching up on the gossip of our high school (it gets better every year I tell you) and our own lives in general. The restaurant was pretty busy, but they didn't even try to rush us out which I was sort of impressed by. I mean to the point where they didn't even bring us our bill until we were sort of like, okay seriously you can bring it now. Haha.

After we all said goodbye I convinced Eric to support my illegal parking job while we ran into Berry Line for some frozen yogurt. I love my frozen yogurt to taste like ice cream but I was curious & scared to try the tart vanilla that tastes like yogurt. Don't get me wrong, I love yogurt but do I love it when I am wanting ice cream? I wasn't sure. I tried the original vanilla with Butterfinger on top. I figured my favorite topping would make even the worst tasting frozen yogurt good.

My final thoughts? Tart frozen yogurt is interesting. I definitely like the taste. I even think it may have grew on me throughout the experience of eating it. Did I like it as much as the "ice cream" tasting frozen yogurt? No. If I was at a place with both, I'd go with the vanilla flavor. But, it wasn't terrible either and I'd get it if there were not other choices (which is the case at a lot of the Boston places). Despite my theory about the Butterfinger, I actually think the tart frozen yogurt would probably go better with the fruit toppings. Eric and I were thinking about strawberries with a few chocolate chips haha. Next time, right?

Now I am up bright and early and I have a busy day ahead. I'm going to start the day off with a kickboxing class at my real gym (though not the location I usually go to... I am really getting around when it comes to gyms these days). I haven't been to a kickboxing class in years, maybe since high school, but I used to love it so here's to hoping my knee loves it too!

I have a few Sunday questions for everyone...

1. I finally bought chia seeds and want to add them to my oatmeal. When do I do it? Before cooking? After cooking? help!

2. I am hoping to get back into morning work outs this week so I can have a little more time at night for relaxation. If I do this I'll have to eat breakfast at work and kind of quickly. Any suggestions for a portable and quick breakfast? Unfortunately my stomach does not like any kind of bars (cliff bars, luna bars etc) which would be the most obvious choice!

3. If you didn't answer my question yesterday about your opinion on weekend work outs, answer today :) Do you like to get your work outs done during the week and take the weekend off to relax? Or do you like having the extra time on weekends to get in a better work out? Obviously I am a weekend worker out-er to the fullest. But I was surprised to see a lot of you guys like to take rest days on the weekend. I definitely see your point too :)

I'll probably be back tonight for a recap of my day ahead and some plans for the week! Have a great Sunday!


  1. I always intend to get in really good workouts on the weekends since I have more time, but I am usually not really consistent about it. If my husband has something to do or we go together, it happens but often we just end up hanging out. I know that I am like that so I try to get in enough workouts during the week and if I don't, then I just make myself get in the rest over the weekend.

  2. i missed your question about weekend workouts, and i'm not entirely sure what the question was, but here is my attempt at an answer. It is difficult to get in my workouts during the week because of work, so I like to take advantage of weekends for workouts with less time pressure. So I do my long stuff on the weekend. Right now my main thing for the weekend is long run early saturday morning. then after that, i have the rest of the weekend to use as i please.

  3. Oh I've been wanting to try that restaurant - great to know!

  4. #2 is something I've been working on! I love large, warm breakfasts, so finding a satisfying breakfast I can eat at work has been challenging. So far I'm loving the cottage cheese creations with nut butter and fruit. I just have to mix it up the night before.

    As for #3, I like a bit of both. Lately I've been taking one full rest day on the weekend, so I get a full day of utter laziness in :) Plus, I'm more productive in terms of chores when I haven't already worked out that day.

  5. I've NEVER been to a BYOB restaurant. Craziness!!

    I ALWAYS eat at my desk at work because I workout in the mornings. Do you have access to a microwave? If so, I recommend oats. My go-to oats are 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk then a big scoop of PB and an apple. I make the oats before hand and then just heat them up with a little water at work and top them with the apple! Goes great with my morning coffee. Some mornings I have time to leisurely eat at my desk, others, well, work calls and I end up coming back to cold oats after getting work done! Haha

  6. sounds like a great night out with some good friends. In quebec there are a ton of BYOB restaurants! If you have a microwave I would definitely recommend oats but if not try cereal and yogurt with a bit of fruit.

  7. Your yogurt looks almost as good as mojos! I always add chia at the end. I tryto make sure that I add strength training on my days off!

  8. For portable breakfasts, I love overnight oats (I just make it as I regularly would and let it sit in the fridge overnight, and adding a banana makes it that much better!).

    Another thing that I like to make is a quick McMuffin. I crack an egg into a mug (which I've sprayed with non stick spray) and cook it for 60 seconds, then pop that onto an english muffin with a slice of cheese and some ham if you want. And there ya go! It's super tasty and keeps me full for quite a long time :)

  9. what a fun night! i love tart fro yo with berries, and choc chips would be good too :)

    haven't put chia seeds in oatmeal yet, but if you add them during cooking, they'll be thicker as they absorb liquid. If you add them right before eating my guess would that they'd just add a little crunch and nutrition, more chew different texture if you add it earlier?

    i like longer workouts on the weekend, simply b/c i have more time! i usually throw in my rest day when i don't have a ton of time due to work :) and when it's on monday? that's kinda fun!

  10. That food looks so good. I am a weekend worker outer - usually my long runs are sat. or sun.

  11. Sounds like a fun weekend! love catching up with old friends. BYOB rstaurant? Weird! Food looks great, though. :)

    I usually just have a banana before an AM workout, then my usual oatmeal/cereal/whatever (smaller portion) after.

  12. I don't even know what chia seeds are! So you better post on them after trying them! I am so out of the loop on things like that!

    i am so unathletic (aside from loving running), so in middle school, I was all about plays, band, and choir! I was a total dork. Err, i guess i still am! ;)

  13. I was more into clubs in middle and high school - I also played tennis for a few years. I did stage crew too!

    I like to bring a bowl of cereal for breakfast - pour it into a tupperwear container the night before, pour some milk into another one and bring a banana. Slice banana into cereal and a quick and easy breakfast!

    I also like to cook steel cut oats on the weekend and reheat them in the microwave...