Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Veggie Meals and Movies :) - Day 7

Hi friends. Today was definitely a day where the "fog" was basically blinding at work. Kids these days.

Before I get to my 30 days challenge, I want to have a quick chat about healthy eating. I'm not a vegetarian (like I need any more food restrictions!), but I do eat probably 80% of the time as a vegetarian just because I like meals of veggies and carbs and I find it easier to cook without grocery shopping all the time.

Sunday I had a delicious vegetarian meal, made half by Eric and half by me :)

Eric made the stuffed mushrooms... yum :) These include mushrooms, stuffing mix, dried cranberries, onions, celery. It's held together by white wine and chicken stock, which actually makes them NOT vegetarian, but obviously you could make these with vegetable stock. These are a favorite of things my mom makes so Eric had to recreate them. I don't think Eric was impressed with the process of actually stuffing the mushrooms but he likes them enough he MAY volunteer to do it again.

I made the mashed potatoes. I didn't think stuffing and mashed potatoes would be enough for a meal, so I took used the Oh She Glows idea of adding navy beans to my mashed potatoes for some protein. I added them before mashing so they became part of the potatoes and they were very tasty.



This meal filled me up well, but left me enough room for my night time snack of ice cream or popcorn- or both.

What's your favorite "vegetarian" meal? (give or take some chicken broth)

Now on to Day 7 of the blogging challenge :) Favorite Movies. Those who know me know that I'm not a big movie person. I have a very short attention span so I prefer TV shows, or reading/surfing the internet. When I do watch movies, I like comedies and girly movies. Here are my top 4 favorite movies of all time...

Now and Then

now and then.jpg

Yes, I really wanted a secret code with my friends where we could flash light each other when we wanted to chat in the middle of the night. But alas, none of my friends lived quite that close.

The Sandlot


Sandlot is kinda like the boy version of Now and Then + subtract a few years. I love me a good bonding moment.

Office Space


Who needs bonding when you can have job trashing?

"What is it you'd say, you do here?"

Love Actually


Interestingly, the first time I saw this movie I didn't really like it. Too many story lines I guess. Now I've seen it several times (and seeing a movie more than once is big for me) and I loved it more every time. The kid pictured above is by far the best character.

What's your favorite movie?


  1. wow now and then i LOVE. the wizard of oz was my childhood movie but i heart zoolander. like maybe more than i should.

    yummy stuffed mushrooms. i've never even thought to do that!

  2. I tend to eat a lot of veggie meals for simplicity too... I love making a good old veggie omelet with toast for dinner. Or lately I am eating a lot of roasted veggies with squash! Yummy.

  3. Oh I love Now and Then! You know other movie I have a bit of a soft spot for? Corrina Corrina. I dont know why, but I used to watch it all the time.

  4. I love Now and Then and my favorite line is when the girls are watching the boys swimming naked and Thora Birch's character says, "I saw the penis...and the balls" So funny!

  5. Hahahaha YOU are hilarious "give or take some chicken broth" LMAO!

    I will have to try those stuffed mushrooms though, they sound really really good!

  6. I felt the same way about Love Actually. Now it is one of my favorites. I loved Dirty Dancing growing up. More recently, I absolutely loved The Blind Side.

    The mushrooms look great...I wish I could get Dave to try his hand at cooking!

  7. I love the idea of adding beans to your mashed potatoes!

    My favorite movie is honestly Tommy Boy - I also love Mona Lisa Smiles...

  8. Sandlot, Bad News Bears man I loved those movies growing up! My brothers and I STILL call each other quoting Sandlot. Even the kids I nannied LOVED it when I brought it to them!

  9. Way to go Eric! Those stuffed mushrooms look/sound delicious. And simple, right?? I think stuffing veggies is one of the easiest and most tasty way to get a bunch of nutrition!

    Great list of favorites. I LOVE the Sandlot. My favorite two movies of all time, however, are Independence Day and Forest Gump. I have many others, but those two always come to mind first.


    ha, ummm my favorite funny movies are the hangover and wedding crashers

  11. Hmm... my favorite vegetarian dish... that's tough... maybe these veggie enchiladas that my SIL makes? They have zucchini and squash in them and are delish!

    My favorite movies are You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Meet the Parents, The Holiday, and Love Actually. :) I loved Love Actually so much, I saw it twice in the theater!

  12. "This meal filled me up well, but left me enough room for my night time snack of ice cream or popcorn- or both." <-- HAHA! This is so me, it's not even funny. ;)

    My favorite movies are Tommy Boy and Leap Year. :)

  13. Love Actually, actually didn't hold my attention span. people rave about it. maybe i do need to give it a second try?

    I love Now & Then. watched it like 8 trillion times one summer!