Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...- Day 24

Sometimes I can be as brilliant as a five year old...

me: I am SO sick of boys whose names start with E (thinking only about 2 students in my class who are consistently making me a crazy person and both of their names begin with an E)Eric: except for those named Eric...me: oops!

Speaking of Eric, we got our Christmas tree on Sunday, YEA! After weeks of Eric calling me Scrooge, I finally snapped into Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving and had a sudden panic that if we waited any longer to get our tree, we won't have it for long enough.

We headed over to a great place near our house with Eric's parents (speaking of Happy Birthday Cheryl!)...

Eric and I operate in a very easy way when making decisions. Eric held up two trees, I picked one and then done. Very stress-free and we got a great tree :)



We also neglected to measure the tree, but luckily it just fits in our living room with about 1 inch to spare!

This sign made me laugh...


We started the decorating process that night...


Look at my cute Snuggles ornament...


Practically as good as having the real Snuggles back.

Day 24 of the blog challenge is "lessons I've learned..."

Let's see...

#1- I think all important lessons in life have been addressed in a country song. Don't believe me? Google the lyrics to the following Garth Brook's songs, "The Dance," "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Unanswered Prayers."

#2- On that note, Keith Urban has some true to life lyrics as well, "We think about tomorrow then it slips away. Oh yes it does. We talk about forever but we've only got today..."

#3- Always be grateful. Always tell and show people you love them.

#4- Bread is good for you. So is exercise. Don't give up either.

#5- Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do. (working on getting the 5 year olds to understand this lesson).

That's my lessons for now. I may have more but it's bedtime and I have my first class after work tomorrow, booo hooo.

What's one life lesson you have learned?


  1. Love your Christmas tree!

    Life lesson: always eat street food. And pee when you get the chance.

  2. Your tree is making me jealous!!!

  3. heck yes to country songs! for any moment in my life i can find a country song to.

    and yay christmas tree hunting! i'm jealous that it was stress free. i remember the process being hell on earth when i was little

  4. Country songs are perfect for summing up life! Those 3 Garth Brooks songs make me cry every time I hear them.

  5. Life lessons: Always wear a helmet. And, dental floss makes for a fantastic substitute for a garmin.

    Great tree!

  6. Oh, I love your tree! We're going this weekend for ours and I CANNOT WAIT! :)

  7. Are those Vancouver Olympic mittens I spy? Way to represent Kelly.

    Also, I am laughing my ass off that Eric is wearing SHORTS and you have on a toque, scarf and mittens! HAHAHAHAHA

    My life lesson? If you want something, go get it! Don't just sit around saying (or complaining) about how you want it!

  8. Love the lesson on bread and exercise!!! I have a love hate relationship with both!

  9. The tree looks awesome! :) Glad it fit in your house!!

    Let's see... Life lessons...

    Everything in moderation!

  10. Country artists do know best.

    Love the tree! I want to visit! That snuggles ornament is great, where'd you get it!

  11. I just saw your blog on the HBBC sheet... and anyone who is a Sox fan is awesome in my book! ;)

    Biggest lesson I've learned: Most things really aren't that bad. And the things that are really bad, are survivable. (if that makes sense?...)

  12. As I've gotten older I've learned to just embrace the fact that I like country music. Everyone else can just deal with it.

  13. Love the tree! Picking out our tree was one of my favorite holiday traditions when I was growing up :)

    Great life lessons. Good luck teaching them to you students :)

  14. I love the TREE! Now you really need to see me so I can give you your tree skirt!

  15. Love the tree! Nick calls me Scrooge every year, but this year he hasn't said it once because I'm actually INTO the holidays. It's strange.
    We are getting our our tree this Sunday and I'm pretty excited. One lesson in life that I have learned is that I can't be a scrooge anymore :) Nick loves the holidays so I must love them too!! Who wants to live with a Scrooge?! I just cringe over Americans killing each other over cheap gifts at Walmart or Best Buy. It's pathetic and puts me in a bad mood.

  16. That we are always a work in progress.