Sunday, November 28, 2010

Procrastination is Life- Day 22

Sunday night. Boo. How is the long weekend over already? Can we go back to Wednesday night?

I think I mentioned before that I'm starting my first grad class since I finished my master's a year and a half ago this Wednesday. I know that people leave school for 20 years and go back, but for me this is still the longest I've gone without school and truthfully I've enjoyed it a LOT. So needless to say, I'm nervous for Wednesday. Because I'm nervous I've totally procrastinated doing my two chapter reading assignment we are supposed to do before class. What did I do instead?

Well Eric and I took a day trip up to Provincetown (the tip of Cape Cod) because we really wanted to see the Plymouth monument all lit up with Christmas lights.


On the way up we stopped at Truro Winery for a little wine tasting and then we walked around P-town for awhile before it got dark. We visited a craft fair inside the beautiful town hall...


We also saw lots of other fun Christmas decorations. Check out the awesome lobster traps all decorated...



Also, for those of you not from around here- you may not know that Ptown is kind of known for being... liberal? Is that the politically correct way to say it? Basically lots and lots of gay people live there and it's not uncommon to see something like this...


And many other interesting things, but it's rude to take pictures of people wearing crazy outfits, right? I love P-town.

Right before dinner we did get to see the monument all lit up...



For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant in the area, Victors . You can see pictures of the delicious food there from my October visit.

Saturday's procrastination included BJs and the beach...


Speaking of BJs, can anyone else not be trusted there? Eric and I got the 60 day free membership and spent half our life savings there last weekend. Then my mom made the unfortunate mistake of asking us to stock up the Cape house... let's just say she won't be running out of paper towels any time soon. Seriously though, I'm not sure that place is really a money saver at all...

The beach was beautiful and free though...



A little cold...


The day was finished with Inaho, aka the best Japanese food ever. If I could figure out how to make this eggplant with miso soy yaki sauce, I might eat it every day forever...


with some shrimp shumai...


Procrastination is greatness.

I also managed to watch Eat, Pray, Love while Eric was asleep (and I didn't really like it, am I alone? I was kind of bored...) and organize a fun project for my kindergarten kiddos. I even made a dent in my good intentions by planning for my gingerbread house decorating get together and starting a family stories blog.

Obviously, I should procrastinate EVERY weekend. (If you are wondering, I managed to get through about 10 of the 60 pages I was supposed to read... I have until Wednesday though).

The other thing I've been procrastinating on is my 30 day blog challenge. I'm supposed to tell you my favorite city and I just.... can't! I've narrowed it down to:

1. Boston

2. Sydney

3. Rome

4. London

5. Chicago

6. Barcelona

7. Venice

I'm not kidding, that is narrowed down. I have problems.

What is your favorite city AND what's your favorite way to procrastinate?



  1. Hmmm, some of my favorite cities are Paris, Sydney, Prauge, London, and New York!

    I can't believe it's SUnday night either... and this was a 5 day weekend for me! I could use another 5 days...

  2. my favorite way to procrastinate is read. normally i procrastinate by doing other chores and such. which really isn't procrastinating because i'm being productive, right?! ;)

    my fav city is....versailles? i kind of want to say boston but i feel like i can't because i'm semi-local. i KNOW that providence isn't hahah

    and holllllllllllllller to p-town. how far away from it are you? i feel like it's such a trek for only a day trip!

  3. I completely understand not being able to narrow down to one favourite city. Maybe if it was 'favourite city in each country you've been to', I might be able to do it.

    As for procrastination, I don't really have a favourite way but I have a lot of sci-fi series on DVD (because I'm a dork) and I like to have the tv on in the background when I clean the house but I no longer have cable. I often stop mid-cleaning to watch three or four episodes... my dishes still need to be done from Friday but BSG is just *so* good!

    I also really like your 'family stories' blog idea. I may have to steal that idea from you. I have my grandpa's old photo albums (no one else wanted them, what is wrong with my family?) so scanning a few of the photos in with stories to go with them would probably be a hoot for my cousins.

  4. Is BJs anything like Costco? If so then no, no you do not save money there. You're all like "OMIGOD WHAT A GREAT DEAL" and then buy 100 rolls of paper towel for 40 dollars and THEN realize nobody really needs 100 rolls of paper towel. Or a giant jar of saurerkraut.

    It's a true story. We have a HUGE jar of saurerkraut sitting in our fridge that is like, 2 years old, because it was a "good deal".

    Oh, and some of my favourite cities are: Venice, Vernazza (Cinque Terre), Paris, Athens, Vancouver, Seattle and Calgary! :)

  5. Love the BJ's comment, that's why I gave up on our membership, way to much! Some of our favorite cities are Denver, Paris and Brussels. Crazy cold places deserve love too!

  6. I love BJs - a little too much as well. There is one not too far from my apartment. Thankfully we don't have the space for the 8 million papertowels you can buy.

    I love Savannah, Portland (Maine) and Galway. Good luck with your class!

  7. Looks like such a cute little town to visit. Sounds like you had an awesome long weekend!!