Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Miss...- Day 19

Somehow Sunday of a 2 1/2 day week doesn't seem as bad as Sunday of a normal week. Yay :)

Last night Eric and I tried a restaurant called Imari in Winchester. Apparently it used to be called, "It Rains Fishes" which I think is a way more creative name myself but hey.

I order Fresh Summer Rolls...


Yea, see that massive amount of lettuce? I'll be honest I actually dislike lettuce. I used to pretend to like it because it's healthy, even if it does taste like thin cardboard... but now my stomach dislikes lettuce so I have a good excuse not to eat it. This is the beginning of what happened to my plate...


I'll take the Not Your Average Joe's spring rolls, thank you very much. They are similar but involve rice noodles instead of excessive lettuce.

I also ordered a lobster sushi...


It was good, much better than the summer rolls. Overall though, Eric and I have a lot of Japanese places in the area that we like more. Fun to try a new place though. It's kind of an addiction of mine actually.

Today has been a relaxing day. I walked three miles on the treadmill this morning, while watching Rascal Flatts on CMT and reading my current book- A Year of Fog (so good!). I think BFF Katie's husband might be moonlighting as Gary from Rascal Flatts...

DSC00388.JPG rascalflatts.jpg

Do you see it? Haha. Alright perhaps more like long lost brothers?

ANYWAY (dude what is UP with my randomness this weekend?),

Today I was supposed to tell you something I miss... which is along the same lines as "regret" but I won't refuse to do it. Even though I do miss these things, I don't want them back because I know I would have to give up all the greatness that is life now...

I miss...

-A time when I could easily read a book in a day, and the days with which to do this seemed endless...

-Making up dances and teaching them to Caroline


-Playing with dolls

-Trading erasers

-The excitement of Christmas as a kid

-Decorating lockers for birthdays

-Riding my bike/rollerblading everywhere

-Roller skating birthday parties at Wallex


-Spending hours/days on AOL instant messager

-Aimless driving

-Free blocks (in high school we had empty blocks and we were allowed to leave school- I had all sorts of fun traditions with friends~ bowling, Chinese food and too many more to name). I might miss free blocks the most.

-Nightly TV watching sessions with my roommates

-College winter breaks

-Pool parties

-Buying wedding magazines (but not planning it!)

-Planning our honeymoon

- I guess it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that I miss those that I've lost

That's all I can think of. Now I feel like I need a really positive post tomorrow to make up for this. But seriously, how can I bring free blocks back to my life? Do you think kindergarten is too young for the kids to have free blocks so their teacher can also... Don't answer that.  

What do you miss?

PS. Some things I don't miss: homework, not having a license, being a teenager (which of course would be a lot better if we had perspective on how life actually was haha), living with roommates in tiny rooms, driving to Eric's house in rush hour traffic (particularly on Friday afternoons), being a first year teacher, living in a tiny apartment, and planning a wedding :)


  1. I miss having a home cooked meal every night like I did when I was growing up. How in the eff did my mom pull that off? I'm single and I can't get my act together enough to cook for one...

    I miss living with all of my best friends in the sorority. I miss watching tv shows together and going to Target on Friday afternoons together.

  2. i totally see that resemblance! it's uncanny.

    i hate lettuce too. i think i'd have picked all of the lettuce out too. that's way too much lettuce! why'd they chance the name of that place?! it rains fishes is soooo cute!

    i don't think an "i miss" post is sad or depressing at all! it's reminiscing. a good thing.

    p.s. i still have sleepovers with my besties hahah!

  3. I think I miss the innocence of it all and thinking how awesome it must be to be an adult. ;) Now I know it's not all it's cracked up to be...although, sometimes it can be pretty darn awesome. :)

  4. I miss my family back home. I miss my second year of college when every night I had something fun going on and had a dozen friends to call at anytime to hang out with. I miss the summer of 2009 when it comes to running because I ran 5 times/week that summer, with a bunch of different running groups and had no injuries and just LOVED to run!

  5. the entire rascal flatts concert i just kept thinking how much they look alike!

    I'm not going to miss college and I really miss free blocks too..

  6. I can remember coming to school in middle school on my birthday and being terrified that my friends had forgotten to decorate my locker!! I think one year they did forget, and I was so disappointed.

    I also miss the excitement of Christmas. I still get really excited, but NOTHING like as a child! I try to live vicariously through Nick's nieces and my 14 year old brother :)

  7. Free blocks?! We weren't even allowed to step outside the doors of our school. That's pretty neat.