Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Regrets- Day 18

Good morning! I love Saturdays, and I especially love Saturdays when I have nothing to do and I know it's a short week coming up.

Last night Eric and I went to Il Casale, our mutual favorite Italian place. I don't know if it was because we told them we were headed to the BC hockey game last night but we were in and out of there in like 35 minutes, that has to be some kind of record.

The hockey game was great- BC vs. Maine, BC won 4-0. There is something about hockey I just love watching it. I'd say it's because I used to play, but frankly I have no desire to catch a soccer game, so I have no idea what it is. I wish I could transfer my love for watching hockey to football sometimes.

Watching BC hockey reminds me of going to the games with my roommates and then having fun get-togethers in our rooms after the games...

parties in 90.jpg

We look about 10 years old. And, where are the rest of my roommates? lol. For some reason I have this weird gap in my photos during my sophomore year of college. I downloaded my roommate's pictures from our Aruba trip and somehow all my pictures after that (until Australia) became "Ash's Pic's From Aruba" and all my pictures before that ended up in the oblivion of my old computer. Or maybe I just never took pictures.

Perhaps I just can't imagine how few pictures I really took because suddenly Rod Dee Thai Food and random roommate hangs outs are appearing...

Digital Camera Pics 012.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 004.jpg



You have to love the endless supply of bright yellow shirts. Hmm.

Woo, got a little distracted there. Back to the hockey game last night...


Me + Star Spangled Banner singer had the same scarf...


Also, can someone explain why some people can bust out a near perfect version of a tough song with no music and I can't even pull off Mr. Turkey? You should've heard my attempt on Friday in class. I feel bad for everyone who did.

Okay, I've avoided it long enough. Today for the blog challenge I am supposed to talk about my regrets. Unfortunately, I have this problem where I get physically uncomfortable when people talk about regrets. Seriously. I just find the whole thing SO uncomfortable... there is literally NOTHING you can do about regrets and I'm an action person, so it bothers me a lot that if you have a regret you can't really do anything about it (other than not do the same thing again, obviously haha). Due to my overall hatred for regrets, I don't really have any big ones. Sure I have little ones here and there, but I choose not to think about them unless they will change my future actions because otherwise they are pointless. The other thing I find uncomfortable about regrets is the fact that our choices in our lives are so interconnected... so if you regret one thing, you most likely take away something great that happened to you.

So we get my take on regrets now? Great. Instead of regrets, let's talk about decisions I made that I COULD have regretted, but instead they were fabulous decisions...

1. Putting School in Perspective

Don't get me wrong, I was always a hard worker. I did my homework, I studied for (most) tests, I worked hard on (most) papers. But throughout it all, I also learned that school is a game. I learned I did not have to read every single page assigned word for word. I learned that it was not necessary to store geometry proofs or chemistry equations in my long term memory. Even thought I did my work, I still made time to be with my friends a lot, talk online/on the phone a lot, and play sports/do other activities. I'm happy that I didn't spend a lot of time stressing about school, because in the end- I would probably be the same place I am today. Also, when I was applying to jobs and asked if they wanted my transcript, they said (and I quote), "I'm sure you did well." haha okay then. I only wish I could be so low-stress about my job, but something about actual kids lives makes it so much more stressful, boo.

2. Studying Abroad in Australia

Okay, I admit- there were a few moments getting on a 6 + 15 hour plane ride by myself that I thought, "what the hell are you THINKING Kelly?" However, I'm really glad I studied abroad in Australia and went 100% by myself. I had a great time, saw really cool things, and proved to myself that I can do things by myself- so now I don't have to :)

3. Passing Up the 5th Year Program at BC

In my junior year at BC, they encouraged most people to apply for the 5th year program, where you can get your Masters in 5 years. I got mono and couldn't take the GREs in time to apply, but I also really didn't want to. I was ready to be done with school and actually try teaching before I invested more time and money learning about it. It ended up being a great decision for several reasons. #1- I got a good job which I may not have got a year later since the economy was only getting worse. #2- I still got my masters, but I did it while teaching. You'd think this would be enough to make me regret not doing the 5th year program but no. My masters was MUCH more relevant after actually being a teacher in the classroom, there is just only so much you can talk and read about.

Let's stay positive, what are some things you DON'T regret?


  1. I can't believe Maine lost last night! Ugh! (for the record, I'm finishing school at the University of Maine and so I am a black bear fan). I have to get to a hockey game this year! I haven't gone since my freshman year and hockey is one of the few sports I enjoy.

  2. i couldn't take more school either. besides, class of '06 = the best right? (i feel like you are the same age as me anyway). i had to laugh at this slightly random post. hockey, side track into old photos.... i would love to be real life friends with you.

  3. i like your take on the "regrets" post. and i like the hockey portion. i regret not going to a school that had football and/or hockey (we had neither) oh well :)

  4. I love your post - I also will never regret spending time working/teaching/traveling abroad- what a wonderful experience that I wish I could do all over again! :)

  5. Oooh fun, I like how you flipped this challenge!

    I DON'T regret Eric moving back to FSJ last year - it only made our relationship stronger.

    I DON'T regret getting my journalism degree. Even though I am doing a completely different profession and could probably have a more relevant degree I enjoyed my four years of University and I have a feeling my degree is going to come in handy. One day ;)

    I DON'T regret spending every last cent we had and then some in Europe. It was the trip of a lifetime!

  6. I moved to Atlanta eight years ago without a job and only knowing two people. I could have regretted that, but I don't.

    Also, my time studying abroad was by far my best semester in college.

  7. I also do not regret studying abroad. That does mean that I gave up the option of having an internship since it cut into that last summer before my senior year, but it all worked out!

    I don't like to think or talk about regrets either... You can't do anything about it so you just might as well accept it and move forward!

  8. I hope I do not regret being a biochem major :)

  9. BC was the greatest!

    I love your take on regrets. I don't regret the 3years I had as a single lady before meeting my husband. I felt lonely at the time, but it was an important time for me in terms of learning about myself.