Saturday, November 13, 2010

Restaurant Review: Masa & Day 11

Whew sometimes I feel like my life is just one big internet outage after another...

I'm back in the game though, so time for a quick post.

Restaurant Review: Masa

The other night Eric and I tried a restaurant called Masa. As soon as we walked in I thought I would like it. It was pretty empty inside so I was able to take some pictures...


I'm not a huge fan of restaurants being set up like this, where you can be practically eating with the people next to you. However, I know it makes a lot more sense for the restaurant so obviously we have to put up with it :) Luckily, I took this photo from our nice roomy booth.

Our waitress brought us some bread, 2 pieces of white and 2 pieces of cornbread. I've been on a major cornbread kick lately, and this did not disappoint.


I ordered "pan seared day boat cod with sweet potato crust,"


with a side of yukon gold potatoes and mushrooms...


My picture of Eric's food is even darker than mine, but he ordered the New York Strip with ridiculously large onion rings...


Even with that dark photo you can see the onion rings!

Anyway, mine was delicious and Eric liked his too- although he said he'd rather go to the nearby Capital Grille (thank you Susanne for giving us a gift card there for our wedding- you have created a monster). I will say though, this place cost us about $100 for our meals and 1 drink each (Eric also got soup). At that price, we almost might as well be at Capital Grille, but anyways.

It's definitely a nice place, but I don't think we'll be going often since I'm a bit cheap about my food and Eric's would rather save up for Capital, as I mentioned. I'd definitely recommend this place for a special occasion, the food was delish.

Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 on the Blogging Challenge is Favorite TV Shows. Though I was never a TV person as a kid (and I'd still give up TV over the internet now haha), I have quite a collection of TV shows that I attempt to keep up with these days, some more successfully than others :) Also you should know I NEVER just watch TV. I watch TV on the treadmill, elliptical, while reading blogs/blogging, knitting, doing work for school etc. I swear I can pay attention to more than 1 ting at a time.

Right now I'm watching...

Desperate Housewives

Dexter (with Eric)

House (with Eric)

Little People Big World (with Eric)


I also watch Chronicle, which is a local show that has local interest stories, and tells you really awesome things to do in the New England area.

Lately I've been watching How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory as well. I also love reruns of Friends (aka my favorite show of all time) and Without a Trace. I also have a secret love for Oprah and Ellen, but I never really get to see either of them often.

What are your favorite TV shows?


  1. oooh we had brunch there once and it was really good! :)

  2. I agree, not a fan of sitting to closely with other people dining. Food looks great though!

  3. ncis and the office. although my 2 favs ended last year: lost and 24.

    i rarely watch tv now (hello no cable!) but when i'm at my mom's house the tv is constantly on. usually l&o reruns hahah

  4. Friends is definitely the best show ever! But I have to say, Modern Family has me rethinking that. Laugh out loud funny!

  5. Ok, my list of shows is SO MUCH LONGER. haha. But I record everything so I just watch what I can when I can and that way I am not tied to the tv at any time (since I am practically never home!).

    Your dinner looks really good! I can't wait to be in the same city as John again so we can go out to fun restaurants!

  6. The food looks so good. The yukon potatoes are shining!! I am cheap when it comes to food too. Just last night I was eating sushi at a restaurant and thinking to myself..."this is only a tiny bit better than the $5 sushi I buy at Market District, and a lot more expensive..hmmm".

    Your list of favorite TVs shows is a complete contract to mine and Nick's! We watch a lot of cooking reality shows, and Fringe, Amazing Race, and Big Brother. My all time favorite show is SEINFELD! I love Ellen too.

  7. Can I get a hell yes for Friends? You can NEVER see too many episodes of that show!!

    I watch Grey's and Big Bang Theory with Eric and then I watch Brothers & Sisters and Gossip Girl on my own every week. I recently started watching Mad Men on netflix and just started the second season!

    I used to obsessively watch Desperate Housewives but I just wasn't feeling it so after 2 episodes this season I stopped. Maybe I need to catch up??

  8. Your dinner looks great - I probably would have ordered the same thing!

    I love Desperate Housewives but I think we are a week behind. I also watch the biggest loser, grey's anatomy and private practice.

  9. I'm fairly certain I could hula hoop with one of Eric's onion rings!

  10. We have a restaurant called Masa so at first i was like - wait a minute, is that a chain? But it's totally not... Our is an upscale Mexican restaurant. :)

    Ok, now for your question. My fave tv shows are Parenthood, Brothers & Sisters, How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, and Project Runway. Kind of alot now that I type them out!!

  11. amen to Friends. I'm so obsessed with Big Bang Theory, too!!

    and i love Masa! Well, I've only been for brunch to the one in the south end, but they do a great southwestern eggs benny! those onion rings are massive!!

  12. Masa is dark but i love it. their tuna is amazing and i love the habanero watermelon margarita!
    i love glee, himym, gossip girl castle and big bang theory