Monday, November 22, 2010

Kelly Belly Buttons- Day 20

Happy Monday! You won't find me saying that often but technically it's like a Wednesday since Wednesday is like Friday this week. Haha, did that make any sense? Who cares... the weekend is soon!

I'm losing enthusiasm a bit for my 30 day blog challenge, but then again I don't have any brilliant other writing ideas so I'll just go with it. But before I start, I just want to point the teachers among us to a few things you might find helpful. I FINALLY started (I have probably 100 so it may take awhile) loading all my reading games to my "teaching blog" (I use the term blog loosely since I basically never post on it, but who knows when I might actually post something useful right?). I use these games in my K-classroom in small groups and in my 1:1 tutoring with older kiddos. They are a fun way to practice reading the same words over and over again without the kids saying, "UGHHHHHHHHHH!" which is always key. I actually had a kid tell me he wouldn't mind if I came to tutor him at 7 am on a Saturday, so I must be doing something right.... okay fine so maybe he wanted a free pass out of hockey, but still.

Also I posted on my Gingerbread as a Theme on Suite 101, so check that out too. I swear I have some relatively interesting ideas, even I may be the most terrible teacher of "themes" in the world- I get bored faster than the kids. We are going to start learning about Volcanoes tomorrow because the kids are into them this year... I hope that since I visited a real volcano this summer I'll be a little more motivated to stick with it for more than a second... here's hoping...


Even if I lose motivation, I don't think the kids will... a few of them said they were "thankful for volcanoes" today.

So, blog challenge, I need to tell you my nicknames. Does my mom calling me "Nervous Nellie" as a child count?

Other nicknames...

KelCandy- this nickname originated as "Candygirl"- I guess because I liked candy, and then KelCandy became my AOL screename- at which point people just started referring to me as "KelCandy"

Kelly Belly Buttons (later shortened to "Buttons")- this nickname started because of my "button" nose. As my darling, sweet siblings used to say my "flat nose." I kinda hated my nose until my friends in middle school (mainly Tiff) decided to love my nose and call me "Buttons." Somewhere along the line, I also convinced myself that I had my grandfather Pops' nose...

I can't seem to find a picture where his nose looks exactly like mine but there is one in my dad's office that convinced me.

Big Button Nose meet Little Button Nose...


Kelson- Tiff calls me this and I have no idea where/when it started, other than the fact that Tiffypop and I clearly can not use normal names for each other.

Keldog- Another middle school nickname given by my friend Lisa, for no particular reason :)

Red Sox Girl- The name given to me in Australia because of my habit of getting up at 6 am to watch the games.

Hoodpass- My friend Katie's husband (mentioned yesterday as being a Rascal Flatts look alike) uses the term "hood pass" to basically mean people he thinks are tough. He once told me he would never give me the hood pass because the town I come from is kind of known as being the opposite of the "hood." But somewhere along the line, I think Adam decided to like me enough to give me a "hood pass" even if I continue to live a life of luxury... haha, well compared to the hood anyways.

Trips (Insert Old Last Name)- Eric and other friends call me this because of my obsessive love of trip planning! This is my most used current nickname.

That's about all... besides "Kel" of course :)

What is one nickname you have or have had in the past?


  1. those were so fun! love the no-explanation-available ones with friends. sometimes i wonder what the heck was going through my head back in middle/high school haha.

  2. Love this post! too fun. One of my nicknames was Dixie... two girl friends and I were inseperable during college and the guys started calling us Dixies... as in the Dixie Chicks. It stuck pretty good.

    I have had others, like Casper.. because I am so white.. and Lobster, because I have had a problem with sunburns in the past. :)

  3. My college friends all call me "Ambie" and one of my friends got in the habit of calling me "amb". That's about it for nicknames for this girl!

  4. i wish i had a nickname growing up. it was usually just "k". boo. or just my last name from sports peeps

  5. I've never really had a nickname. And my mom named us so nicknames couldn't be derived from our first names. Oh well...

  6. I always hated it when people would call me Annie, because my name was spelled A-n-n-e. That is until my friends in high school decided that I was Ann-e. The term of endearment continued in college, where my friend Brooke called me "Annie Hamburger", but that's a story for another time.

  7. My parents used to call me "Fritz" when I was growing up. No idea where that originated, though. A lot of my friends call me "Lees". And then there are a lot of ridiculous derivatives of my ridiculous last name, too. Oh, and my college friends call me Sleaza... not because I am sleezy but because they think it is funny because I am so not sleezy (thank God!). It caught on so now one of my friend's moms will sometimes call me Sleaza!

  8. I love hearing about people's childhood nicknames! My dad always called me "Smem" when he was teasing me :) My Nan always called me "Emmy" which I HATED but I let her because I love her to bits. And in my early twenties most people called me "Em-J" but I figured it made me sound a bit "hood" so I've canned that lol!

  9. Awww what fun nicknames!!!

    My brother could never pronounce my name as a kid and always called me Eenie. I love that one.

  10. I have so many nicknames- my dad has called me Bird since I was little because I was such a picky eater and my friends nicknamed me Jillyfly in 8th grade because I loved butterflies so much.

    I love the photos of you as a little girl!

  11. I love the nicknames! So cute! The people who know me are obviously so unoriginal...

    My dad called me Kiddy 1 because I was the oldest kid. Friends call me "Ames" and "Amos". There's not a lot you can do with such a short name.

    And my guy friends, specifically, call me Miss Bax. I like to think it's because they think I'm a lady. But I'm pretty sure it's because that was my name when they'd let me play Halo with them. :p

  12. I've got a whole boat load of them! Maddie, Mad, Madger, MBD (short for Maddie Bear Dog... long story), Badger, Rake, Mad Dog...