Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mom & Dad- Day 4

Oops- didn't blog yesterday :) However, I have a good excuse- work all day, followed by a quick shower and then we were off to another 30th birthday. Just in case you didn't think the 30th birthday thing was going too far... on the way to the party last night we got invited to another one last weekend! Thank goodness I am only 26 so we don't have my friends and Eric's friends all in one year. When they all turn 40 I'm going to throw a massive party for everyone and that is going to be it, remind me in 10 years. A few pictures...


Eric w. the birthday boy...I think they are sick of me taking pictures of them all the time :)


Eric and some of his other buds...



and me + Eric...


So back to the blog challenge...

It's time to talk about the parents. It's been done before on this blog so I'll try to think of new material :) kelly_eric  0227.jpg

My mom is basically just one of those people who was 100% born to be a mom. I never really remember a time my mom was not doing mom things- playing with us, cooking us dinner (all different dinners of course), driving us around, reading to us, dressing us in cute (matching) outfits, inviting our friends over, standing up for us, etc etc- I could go on forever. Although I constantly insist I am the "easy" child- I know there were moments (short ones of course) when that was not the case. Like when I piled so much crap under my bed, I was basically sleeping above a dust/junk pile. Or when I practically got suspended at the age of 10, oops. There was also my never ending use of phone lines... Somehow my mom managed to take most of these things in stride and still love me all the same. My mom, every single day, put our needs before her own. I know that's kind of like the definition of a mom, but trust me- I know a lot of them and most do not do it like my mom does. Aside from our occasional fights about my messiness and inability to get off the phone, I always remember thinking my mom was really cool. She was always very honest and open minded, never "out of touch" as many teenagers think their parents are. Now that I'm older my mom is more like my friend... well, my friend who buys me lots of presents and leaves butternut squash soup in my fridge when I'm at work :)

California 2 177.jpg

When I think of my dad, all sorts of things come to mind. I think about our awesome weekly trips to the Children's Museum when my sister was a baby. Or, when I got to go to "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I had been to my dad's office before but it was cooler to meet all the people he worked with, hang out in his office, and I even got to be on the radio that day :) Pretty sweet. I also remember when I did a 3 week program at University of Virginia and my dad flew down with me, then flew back three weeks later to pick me up. Eric and I have a little joke that whenever we say something the other doesn't want to hear, but put a positive spin on it- we call it "pulling a Jay." For example, the other day I told Eric I like his food so much that I wish he would put less salt on so I could taste the deliciousness more hehe. Like my mom, my dad is all about taking care of us, just in different ways. He helps us study, form a "plan", and just overall be productive people. During wedding planning, my mom and I would discuss and debate and eventually get things done- but in the time that we had done 1 thing, my dad would've done about 10. I also remember as a kid if I came home with a terrible test grade, my mom would be like "WHAT!? You were talking on the phone too much instead of studying! (true), and my dad would come home and be like, "okay Kelly, let's form a PLAN for how we can do better on future tests" (aka talk on the phone less, study more haha).


Even though all 3 of us are technically moved out of the house, my parents both still do a LOT for us. My mom is basically my personal shopper/ home decorater/ when I'm especially lucky, cook. My dad is my restaurant finder/ financial-life as a grown up advisor/ when I'm especially lucky, trip planner. Plus, I just genuinely enjoy hanging out with my parents now in a way that I didn't quite appreciate when I was 15. I feel lucky about that.

So Mom and Dad, thanks for being the best parents :) I love you! <3


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww. your parents sound wonderful :)

    and fun party!

  2. I was seriously tearing up reading some of this! It's so great that you had awesome parents you can rely on!

  3. Awesome - yay for Mom & Dad!

    LOL at all the 30th Bdays.

  4. wow, ALL of your font is bigger! That never happens to me, just random paragraphs. It's annoying...right?!
    I love the picture at your wedding with your mom. It's candid and fabulous. You both look beautiful.

  5. That is awesome! Your parents sound amazing. What a blessing to have such a close relationship with both your Mom & Dad! I know that is a blessing I count every day, too!!

    That is too funny about the excessive 30th bday parties! I guess you can just consider yourself blessed to have such a fabulous group of friends! :)

  6. Ah, what a sweet tribute to your parents! They sounds like awesome parents. :)

    And wow, you have alot of 30th bday parties to attend! Many of my friends are turning 30 this year, too, so I will also be attending quite a few (and I'll be having one, too!)