Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Into The Outback- Day 8

Good thing for the blog challenge or there would definitely be no post tonight. I just got home at 8 and then fought with my internet for about an hour after that. At least once a week it needs to be "reset" (which is annoying in itself since the router is in the garage). But then it gets really slow and I have to go on and change the "channel" which would be fine except the internet is in slow motion. I wouldn't care if this was once in a blue moon, but it's probably once a week. C'mon Verizon, you charge me enough, you should really not suck.

Anyway, today's post is about a place I've traveled. Since traveling is probably my #1 thing to do (next to total relaxation at the Cape of course), I have been semi-debating which place to show. Finally, sorta picked a place at random...

The Outback, Australia

Digital Camera Pics 933.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 954.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 942.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 962.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 969.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 980.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 955.jpg

I may have been a better photographer in 2004 than I am now. Though I clearly was a different person because I was in the Outback- Alice Springs/Uluru and then driving up to Darwin for about 6 days and I took maybe a total of 10 pictures. Now I'd have 10 taken in the first 10 minutes. Oops.

Tell me a place you have traveled :)


  1. Wow, that is so incredibly gorgeous. It looks so natural and untouched!!

    Great photos! You are very lucky to be so well-traveled!!!

  2. i've been to france and i want to live at the castle of versaille! sooooooooooo grand and amazing.

    but sadly i have to choose that by default as i've been nowhere else really...unless my trips to philly and tx count. but they weren't vacay-eee

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I never made it to the middle of Oz, just stuck to the coast.

    People always ask my favorite place and I have to say it's a toss-up between London (would love to live there again) and Thailand (best food, best beaches).

    Then again... haha!

  4. I would love to see the Australian Outback! Awesome.

  5. Wow, amazing photos! I did not make it to the outback when I was in Australia... kind of regret that!

    I loved the time that I spent in New Zealand. Unfortunately that was before the dawn of digital cameras, so all my pictures are in a shoe box... So posting them is a pain as my scanner is so slow!!

  6. phenominal. maybe you foucused on quality instead of quanity? I'd love to travel there!

  7. Great photos! I really want to go to Australia and New Zealand. One day!

    The main "traveling" I've done is our trip to Europe, which I loved every second of. I have been thinking of it more and more lately and can't wait to go on another big trip. Probably not in 2011 but in 2012 for sure!

  8. haha maybe you took more time with each photo and that's why they are better and now you just sorta take a million without really thinking about it.. kind of like my problem in Photography right now : )

  9. Unfortunately, I haven't left the US, except for a booze trip to Cananda when I was 18. I have done quite a bit of trips here and there across the US - so my favorite trip has to be my trip to San Diego, CA!