Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friends: They Know You and Love You Anyway- Day 9

Happy Veterans Day! I feel very thankful for the sacrifices of all of our veterans to protect us :)

I also feel very thankful to have a day off that not everyone has. I made literally 6 phone calls this morning to make doctors appointments, change my name on car insurance, get our heat meter replaced etc. It must be weird to have a job where you can actually make phone calls on a daily basis and don't have a serious list going of people you need to call haha.

Day 9 of the Blog Challenge is about *Friends*

I've always been one of those people who feels that it is not so important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.

Turns out though, real friends don't disappear too often... so then you end up with real high school friends, real college friends, real work friends... and well, you have a lot of 30th birthday parties to attend, oh no sorry- that's just Eric :) And believe it or not, Eric is a mainly high school friends kind of guy- can't imagine if he had gone away to college too! It would be like the movie 27 dresses, except instead of wedding hopping we'd be 30th birthday hopping hehe.

Anyway, back to my friends. I truly have the best friends. I know everyone says that, but I really do. It's probably because I am extremely picky about friends. I want only really great, fun, quality people- if I get the slightest hint of someone using me or just a generally not great person, I just hit the road. However, I also very rarely lose friends (I have, but not often) because I tend to pick really loyal people and be loyal myself :) Sometimes I get a little cocky about my friend-picking abilities, but I swear my friends really are THAT great.

Ever notice when this blog challenge says, "a picture..." of something, I interpret that as several more than 1? Sorry :)

5 high school friends, 5 college friends, 1 work friend, 1 sister and 2 cousins (Court had not arrived yet when this picture was taken):


DSC01876.JPG More high school friends (some repeats of past picture obviously)...

Rehearsal and Welcome-183.JPG College friends with the guys included...

kelly_eric  0933.jpg I know people have differing opinions on whether girls and guys can actually be friends, but I will say those 5 guys pictured above were the only reason I survived living with many girls all through college. Two of those guys actually went to my high school as well- and Dan (furthest left, front row) and I went to school together from Kindergarten until Senior year of college. Cool, huh?

Terrible picture of work friends... but only picture I have of the kindergarten team...DSC04442.JPG I guess I shouldn't be giving Eric crap for having too many friends, huh? I'm always amused when people say they are looking to make new friends- I'm like, really? I'm looking to lose some :) I'm kidding... but I really don't need more. I think if I relocated I would though- about 90% of those friends are live less than an hour away.

Which friends do you see the most? high school? college? sometime after college?


  1. I certainly think today should be a holiday... and not ONLY for selfish reasons. :)

    Yay Friends!

    I'll be there for you....

  2. The most friends I see are my co-worker friends. Most of my high school, college, and grad school friends live elsewhere. Great post!

  3. Since I live so far away from my hometown I don't see my high school girlfriends too much which sucks. I have about 3-4 high school girlfriends that I'm still pretty close with, 4-5 college girlfriends and no work girlfriends (yet!) all the people I work with are way older than me!!

  4. I was really involved in sports in high school, so most of my close friends from high school (and growing up really), are actually "fencing friends." I am definitely the closest to my college friends, which is one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be back on the East Coast!

  5. I really do not have any friends from high school sincce it was such an awful experience! Trust me on that...

    So my friends are all friends from college. or friends i met at work. Or friends I met in Grad School. But mostly, they are friends I met in college. I don't see all of them as often as I would like since our lives become increasingly busy... but when we do get together, it is SO much fun!

    Love the comment about your life being like 27 Dresses, except going to 30th bday parties. Hilarious. :)

  6. I, like my sister Lisa, do not keep in touch with high school friends. High school was not a pleasant experience -- small towns suck?!

    You are very blessed to had such an awesome group of friends! And you are totally right - true friends are the ones that stick around, and it doens't take ong for that to "come out"