Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scary- Day 10

Me + Fridays = suck at posting :) So you get a quick before work post (that I wrote last night, hehe). I know I didn't give you a ton of time to actually read my Friends post, so feel free to visit that instead if you prefer friends over my random fears.

For Day 10, a not-so-brief list of things I'm scared of...

1. matches. i lit my one at age 19. i lit one more the next day. i never lit one again. i would if i had to.

2. giant trucks on the highway. especially being sandwiched between two of them.

3. eric's aggressive driving especially when in road-rage mode.

4. bugs near my bed. (anywhere else they are fine)

5. being observed by my principal, still- even though i have tenure.

6. fires. ever since my first grade teacher told me i could not bring Snuggles out of the house with me.

7. insomnia.

8. being stuck without food.

9. loud thunder.

10. people i love doing any of the following: smoking, not wearing their seat belt, riding motorcycles.

11. something bad happening to a child. especially on my watch.

12. for that matter, something bad happening to anyone i love.

I think that's about all.

Any fears you share with me?


  1. I agree!! Being sandwiched between two large trucks can be terrifying! Also, bugs near my bed, or even in my bedroom, freak me out. I have a fear they will crawl on me in the night time. Yuck. Another fear I have, constantly, is that Nick or I will lose my job. We've both lost jobs in the past and it was horrible.

    Have a grrrrreat weekend Kelly!

  2. I'm 24 years old and afraid of haunted houses and ghost movies. What a wimp. ;)

    I used to be terrified in the dark but did a couple of pitch-black caving adventures and, after initially freaking out, think I conquered it!

  3. Fish is my number one fear. Its weird, I know

  4. thunder is TOTALLY on my list. not the lightening but the thunder

  5. I have the same issue with matches! I can strike a match - but I am NEVER able to light a candle, b/c I start FREAKING out when it's burning down! I fear it's going to like...burn my hand off or something?!

    My husband's aggressive driving also freaks me out. I sometimes have to close my eyes!...(I still keep one eye open)

  6. 1. I'm w/ you & my sister - the Barrister's aggressive driving makes me a bit nervous, too. I just keep my mouth shut and trust that he knows what he is doing...

    2. bugs of any sort, in any place, at any time.

    3. Snakes. Extreme fear. If I see one, I will have night terrors. Even if it's a harmless snake. Ish. I am cringing right now.

    4. I freak out when traffic suddenly comes to a halt. I say, "Please see me breaking, please see me breaking". As if the cars behidn me can hear me. I know this is nutty. But I am so paranoid that I will get rear ended. :(

  7. Omg I DO NOT drive with Eric in the city. Nuh uh, no way. He takes corners to fast and guns it to fast at green lights.

    My mom claims she doesn't notice this, but I swear he does!

    So I am the city driver, but when we are on highways for long road trips I have no problem turning the wheel over to him :-)

    I am TERRIFIED of snakes. Hate, hate, hate them. UGH, even the thought of them right now is giving me the heebie jeebies!

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  9. I think aggressive driving is a male-dominate trait because I HATE driving with my brother due to his road rage! And the fact that he drives so fast!

    Oh, and I almost had a heart attack today when I noticed a child was missing from my classroom, only to find out another teacher took her for a walk. I was TERRIFIED for about 2 minutes!!

  10. ohh great list!!
    I am scared of vomit (anything about it, hearing it, seeing it, doing it)
    insomnia too!!
    I also hate scary movies!!!

  11. I am incredibly scared of snakes. I've actually thrown up just by looking at them before.