Monday, November 29, 2010

Pizza and Vacations- Day 23

I love the way kindergartners minds work. For example, today...

me: So, is your dad at work before he comes to pick you up?

child: no... he goes to work during the day and then he comes to pick me up

my thoughts: so... apparently we need to work on the meaning of the word before?

(5 seconds later)

me: So, dad works at the pizza shop, does mom work too?

child: no, she doesn't know how to cook pizza

my thoughts: so... apparently there are no other jobs in the world other than cooking pizza :)

Speaking of pizza... I was inspired to try a breakfast pizza tonight for dinner (yes, I did hear the word "breakfast" I just chose to ignore it) by Jenny.



Got a little distracted by the Christmas tree in that picture (more about the Christmas tree tomorrow!)...


In case you are wondering what goodies I've put on that delicious pizza... pumpkin puree, sliced apple (put in the oven with just those two ingredients). Then after the oven I added, peanut butter, jelly, chia seeds and some cinnamon/sugar. Next time I'd go lighter on the pumpkin and heavier on the peanut butter (I forgot to leave any space for peanut butter so I kinda added it to the crust lol). Either way, it was delicious. I will definitely be making this again. I wonder how well it would reheat...

Today in the blog challenge I need to tell you about my favorite vacation. Clearly I suck at narrowing down favorite vacation spots and cities BUT, I can tell you my favorite vacation...

Eric and Kelly, July 2006, Europe Trip!!!! (Greece, Italy, Spain, France, England, Scotland and Ireland). Pretty sure I will never be able to top that trip. But we can try :)

Today, please tell me what you would add to your breakfast pizza :) I need ideas for my next one!


  1. amazing christmas tree! love it. and i love the simplicity of a kindergartner's mind hahah

    as for breakfast pizza...hmmm....i'd say pb and banana. with honey. yummmmmmmmmm

    p.s. every time i open your blog that silly kenny chesney song gets stuck in my head :P

  2. Kids say the most amazing things sometimes - I wish things were that simple.

    I would say PB, banana, apple drizzled with honey (or if you get a little crazy, chocolate sauce)

  3. Oh man! That breakfast pizza looks AMAZING! I will have to try that soon. Preferably this week!

    Ya I don't think Eric and I will EVER top our Europe trip - but we definitely plan on trying!!! :)

  4. Yum. I was just saying how I need a new breakfast. Pizza for breakfast? Yes please.

  5. haha this was the conversation I had with my 3 year old cousin on Thanksgiving

    Em: (pointing to a picture of my sister when she was 4) Is that my sister Chloe?

    Me: no that is MY sister when she was your age

    Em: HOW OLD is she?

    Me: 22

    Em: wow she is going to die soon since you die when you are 25

    I guess Im past the expiration date! (I had to then explain that 25 isnt old at all)

  6. If PB was involved, I'd have to have banana on mine. :)

    My fave vacation was either my week in New Zealand or it was my week is Paris. Totally different vacations - one was totally outdoorsy/adventure stuff, the other was a big city/cultural one. Both were amazing. As are all vacations.

  7. I'm pretty sure peanut butter and coconut would be involved on my breakfast pizza...

  8. Wow, so many delicious toppings on one pizza. Looks like a fun (and easy!) dinner.

  9. Seriously?! I have never heard of such a pizza!! I love the idea, minus the apples :) Sadly I can't eat apples, I miss them though.
    My favorite breakfast pizza is the one with the sweet crust and whipped cream topping with lots of fruit. So...a fruit pizza!!

    BTW, those children's convos about were classic. I can only imagine how many of those you go through a day!

  10. I can't say I've ever had a breakfast pizza, but I love pizza and I love breakfast.. so why not? At first I had visions of bacon and eggs... that might be a little odd!

  11. Just found my way here from the HBBC list, and wanted to say hello! I love the title of your blog (I'm a Philadelphian married to a Red Sox fan - so intra-marriage, interstate rivalries abound).

    Can't add much to the breakfast pizza conversation, but the Europe trip sounds pretty fantastic. Brent and I have done two month-long European backpacking trips together (Italy for our honeymoon and Central Europe two summer ago), and I can't wait for the next one!

  12. I really like to talk with little kids just to see what they say. Too funny!