Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She's From Boston- Day 2

WAHOOOOOOO! That is the sound of me being SO excited that parent/teacher conferences are over! (for a few months anyway). I had 9 today so it was a long day but I am just happy that I can think about something else for awhile.

So let's think about my blog name :) It's not that awesome of a story really. I debated a lot about names. Finally, I decided on lyrics from Kenny Chesney's song, "She's From Boston."
You can see the lyrics here, but basically the song is about a girl who was from Boston, but moved to "the islands" (probably St. John since that's Kenny Chesney's favorite place). Basically she ditched the crazy competitive world of Boston, moved to the Carribean and now works at a jewelry store. Sweet.
Though I can't see myself moving life to the islands, I was known as the "Boston Girl" when I was in Australia. This was mainly because my sometimes borderline psycho Red Sox addiction. What can I say, the Sox were in the middle of ending a 86 year "curse" while I was there, so even 6 am did not seem too early to watch a game. Also did I mention I did not have my own TV so I had to go downstairs and watch the games in the common room at 6 am?
Okay, I may have also posted Go Red Sox signs all over the door of my dorm room.

Digital Camera Pics 789.jpg

Some of the signs may have migrated to the common room...
Digital Camera Pics 796.jpg
There may have been homemade shirts involved...

Digital Camera Pics 797.jpg

I may have also dressed as a "Reversed Curse" for Halloween...
Digital Camera Pics 813.jpg
Just when you think I couldn't have become more ridiculous...
Digital Camera Pics 746.jpg

Digital Camera Pics 748.jpg

Good times :)
So when it came time to pick a blog name, the line in the song, "She wears a Red Sox cap..." just seemed to make sense. A year in a half later I'm not sick of it (which is big for me) and it seems to apply regardless of what I decide to write about, so I think I made a good choice.
Have you ever moved away from home and been known as the (insert home city/town) girl/guy? If you have a blog, where did you get your name?


  1. Love love love that song!!! All through college I was the Newport Prep!

  2. haahha gooooooooo boston! i actually really don't like that song even though i HEART KC. i've never really moved faaaaaaaaaar away from home but there once was a boy who called me boston (he wasn't from the area). but that's it. maybe when i move away from new england i'll be known for where i'm from.

    as far as my blog name goes...i joined the runner world marathon dailies postings and one of the posters jokingly nicknamed me "marathon maid" and i extended that to "maiden" because i like the midevil sound to it hahah

  3. I love that you are o passionate about a sports team. For me it's the Buckeyes, and I woudl have easily named my blog something in regard to the buckeyes but I wanted to highlight the fact that I was an RD. I mean, that was for obvious reasons.

    I love the "reverse curse" costume. Clever! And, congrats on being done with the parent teach conferences. That's very nice, I'm sure!

  4. You really are a Sox fanatic! :) Awesome pictures.

    Mine started as Mission to a 1/2 Marathon ... then it progressed to Mission to a Marathon... and finally, Mission to a(nother) Marathon. Pretty straight-forward. ;)

  5. hahahaha too funny. I've always loved your blog name, don't change it! .. or I may have to steal it from you

    I'm thinking my "tagline" for my blog should be BA BA BAAAA
    thoughts? haha

  6. Your pictures are too funny! I think it's great that you are a die hard red sox fan, even though I'm a yankee girl myself. Well, my family is at least.

  7. Great post! I remember when I started my current blog, I was looking for something fresh and new, asside from my old blog - Running For Me. I was sick of that and wanted something different that reflected my new challenge and outlook on triathlons... Dare To Tri. It means more than just trying triathlons... it's kind of my motto on life... you should always be willing to dare to try something new!

  8. You are so dedicated to your Red Sox. :) I love how you got your entire place decorated with Red Sox signs in Australia! Haha!

  9. When I worked in Steamboat Springs, CO during a summer when I was in college, one of my bosses liked to call me North Dakota, or Dakota. Or Nodak. That's the only time i have been referenced by my home state, though!

    The meaning behind my blog name is sort of a play on the concept of 'spinning yarns', as in telling stories. I went w/ Knitting Yarns for teh blog title, but my url was Lisa's Yarns since Knitting yarns was taken... and then i realized how confusing that was, so I changed the blog title to Lisa's Yarns. Clear as mud, right? :)

    hooray for conferences being over!