Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dream House- Day 16

Hi kids. I skipped yesterday's post cuz I wasn't really in the mood- and although I enjoyed reading the Bible for my Catholicism class in college, I don't really have a favorite passage, so I'm going to skip right to the "dream house."

When I was little my dream house included... slides from one floor to the other, secret passageways, and an indoor pool. It was definitely cooler back then.

Now, my practical adult self knows that indoor pools require money and maintenance, secret passageways are using found in old houses (more money and maintenance) and well, does anyone really have a slide in their house?

It's a good thing my expectations are lowered a bit because I believe I do live in my current dream house. It's big enough for me and Eric to have plenty of space, but small enough that it's not overwhelming to keep clean. It's too new to have secret passageways, but we don't have to deal with getting a new roof yet, so I'll take the lack of secret passageways :)



The painting on the left was made by my multi-talented sister Caroline.


I do like the location and neighborhood we live in. But since we are discussing "dream" house, I'll say I wouldn't mind plopping my house down in a slightly different spot. My neighborhood is kind of a "short cut" for a high traffic area nearby. I've feared for my life more than once pulling out of my driveway. So, in my "dream" life, I'd move my house to a neighborhood nearby that Eric and I always run through. It's very quiet and very flat, though I'm sure we would've had an accidental swimming pool in my basement when everyone flooded last year since it's right at the bottom of my giant hill. Perfect way to get that indoor swimming pool!

What was your dream house when you were younger? What is it now?


  1. i want secret passages too! and i want big bay windows. and a balcony. i've never really thought too much about my dream house. i think i'd be happy living in a box if i was in a place that made me happy...

  2. A house isnt a home without secret passageways. I found out the house my mom lived in had a secret room and I was so jealous.

  3. My dream house when I was younger as my grandparents... I actually asked them if I could have it after they died *hangs head in shame*

    Now, I would like something with an open floor plan. I want a nice, roomy kitchen w/ lots of counter space & possibly an island. I want a bathroom that has a jacuzzi tub. I want a front porch and a deck in the back.

  4. Oooh I like Lisa's dream house - I definitely want a front porch and deck in the back in a cozy little quiet neighbourhood :)

    I used to want a HUGE house, but now that I'm all grown-up I realize that just means more work to clean ;)

  5. I'm not exactly sure what my dream house looks like but it would be in a quiet neighborhood. And I'm with Lisa on the kitchen island and jacuzzi tub. Yes, yes, yes!

    OK and I have to know where you got your dresser. I'm on the lookout for one and yours looks perfect for what I need!

  6. My dream house changes periodically from a beautiful multi-story city brownstone to a wine country farmhouse with lots of land for my 3 imaginary dogs. Can't I just have both? ;)

  7. wow I think this is the cleanest I've seen your house since you moved in! Joke : )

    I want a house so bad! I can't wait to decorate. I want a porch, front or back I don't care. And I want the house to be yellow