Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Intentions- Day 21

I would like to declare myself, the Queen of Good Intentions...


By this I mean, I mean I have SO so so so so many good intentions. Want to hear some of them? (gonna tell you anyways)

- I want to go to yoga twice a week, but in reality I only make it once a week at the absolute most. In the same note, I want to be a zen yoga person... and I am not. Just the simple fact that I refuse to go to classes over 1 hour and wish they could be 45 minutes long means I am a terrible zen person.

- I want to visit Shannon and her (barely even new anymore!) baby. I was planning to starting about a month ago and then the weeks keeping getting busier and busier.

-I want to organize a Gingerbread house decorating afternoon for some of my old students who need a little extra holiday cheer

- I want to create a family tree as far back as I can go, scan old family photos and type up stories so no one forgets them. Maybe I should start a family blog haha...

- I want to update my classroom website more often and actually post on my teaching blog.

- I would like to be a college TA at some point... not like full time just for one class to see what it's like. I think it would be cool to work with wanna be teachers. Does anyone know what a TA in education courses actually does? On the same note I'd also like to have a student teacher at some point- but I'm scared. I think I'd be a good cooperating teacher as long as the person was relatively good, but if I got someone terrible I'd probably just let them be terrible and never confront them about it.

- I want to send more positive e-mails to parents telling me good things that their kids do, instead of only reporting the negative things.

- I want to act on my plans for Christmas event gifts but so far they are just ideas.

I know a lot of following through with good intentions is just taking the first step: e-mailing a college professor I know to inquire about being a TA, talking to family members about typing up stories/lending me pictures etc. So what I really need to do is just DO.

On a positive note, I have followed through with a lot of my good intentions. I did send 1 good parent e-mail last week (haha, I know... one five second e-mail isn't really a celebratory event!). I did design and order 4 shutterfly photo albums of our wedding for our grandmothers (well Caroline designed one, so I designed 3). I did design and order Christmas cards from me and Eric. I did start talking about volcanoes with my class. I am starting my first graduate class since I got my masters a year and a half ago next week (and kind of dreading it but hey). Hopefully soon I will just be the Queen of Good.... no more intentions :)

What is one good intention you have right now?

PS. The blog challenge today is to show a picture of yourself, so, see above!


  1. you totally should have a student teacher! a couple of my friends have done that and they've loved it! it's such a good experience

    and i already have a crown...well it's more of a tiara hahah! and i posted a pic of myself (coincidentally) today too :)

  2. Hahaha I have good intentions of sending cards to friends and reading more books - it isn't happening, though!!

    I also have good intentions of spending LESS time on the computer. That also isn't happening.

  3. Great intentions Kelly :) I have a long list of good intentions too. In fact I was just talking to Nick last night about how I would love to give all the Market District employees who can't afford to go to the doctor, some money to go to the doctor. hehe, that will never happen, but I wish I could do that!

    I was a TA in school and it wasn't that great, in my opinion. Maybe it's better to be a TA for teachers? Or maybe it's better for a teacher to BE a TA! :) Who knows. I didn't have to take a course or anything, weird, right?!

  4. Great intentions! :) Right now my good intentions involve sending out Christmas cards to absolutely EVERYBODY, maybe leaving little "have a nice day" notes in all the mailboxes at work, and hitting the treadmill every other day...

  5. "I think I'd be a good cooperating teacher as long as the person was relatively good, but if I got someone terrible I'd probably just let them be terrible and never confront them about it." <-- As someone who was TERRIBLE and nobody EVER said anything to me, please, please, please don't sign up to be a cooperating teacher unless you can give constructive feedback! I had way too many CT who were terrible about confronting me when I really, really needed it! I think there's a nice way you could say it, but I do think you would be an awesome CT! :)

  6. i figure if I get through things one at a time that's good enough...then I'll just keep adding to my list :)

    i have good intentions to get more HBBC prizes, but I haven't

  7. I have the best of intentions when it comes to finally finishing my unpacking, but there are so many other things that keep popping up!

  8. We want to see you too :) But this is a crazy time of year. Don't worry about it. We're usually around in the afternoons so anytime you have some free time after school, just let me know. Even if we need to get through the holidays first :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. ahh the positive notes/emails. I sometimes would keep a notepad with me when I did centers and if someone did a fantastic job/I witnessed them being a great helper, I would jot the note down right then and stick it in their backpack. Or jot the not to remind myself to email the parent when I dealt with my emails later and for the reallly struggling ones, I made sure to call and leave messages on the answering machine because I know they loved to play it for their child to hear about how wonderful they were! ;) And I really need to take more graduate classes. And I really wish I lived closer because I feel as though I would love to come visit your classroom.

  10. I want to be the person who sends the 'just because' cards... but I just don't follow through on that unfortunately...