Monday, May 31, 2010

Sights of a Long Weekend

If every weekend was a long weekend, I'd be a lot happier. Anyone else with me? Even though this week is going to be crazy, it feels a lot more manageable when it's only 4 days long.

Last night before we left the Cape, we enjoyed some of the Cape seafood...


Arctic Char and...


Haddock with some stuffing on top. Speaking of stuffing, I am obsessed with my mom's stuffed mushrooms...


Once we were nice and full we headed home. It was nice to drive home on a Sunday night with no traffic, last time that will happen this summer haha.

Today I decided to enjoy a leisurely Monday morning with some oatmeal pancakes, made Jenna style...


Later, I ran some errands, can anyone else spend hours and half a paycheck at Target? I love that place. I found some cute bins for our wedding flip flops. I mentioned my love for water at weddings, but I have an even deeper love for flip flops at weddings. Love for dancing + hatred for heels = love for flip flops.



You know you weddings might be taking over your life when you find these flips flops on your kitchen floor, and random baking items for a bridal shower you are attending on your kitchen table. But it's all worth it WHEN...


My first wedding gift comes in the mail. Wahoo!!! I guess we are really getting married huh? YIKES...haha just kidding, pretty sure 3 people referred to Eric as my husband last week, and I pretended to be married to him at the dry cleaners. Guess it's time to take the plunge.

Has anyone seen the commercial (I think it's for a wedding planner) where the girl is supposed to be planning her wedding but is doing yoga outside next to a waterfall instead? Eric said that reminds him of me. I can choose to take that as, "Kelly you are so zen" or "Kelly you are so not doing anything you should be doing", I'll take the first thanks :) Kelly = Zen.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you have not visited my sister's blog to tell her how AMAZING she is for running a half marathon this weekend, what better time than now?


  1. Yay for long weekends every weekend! I FINALLY feel relaxed and now it's back to the daily annoyances!
    I love the flip flop idea. I also love bathroom baskets and water at weddings! And,I have only seen this in Ireland,but midnight buffets are great too! (but just because their weddings tend to go til 7 am!)

  2. Yum. Um, can I over to your mom's house for dinner? :) Looks delish!

    That wedding gift is massive!

    Your sister did such a great job on her half. I actually got the same time when I did my first half in 2006!

  3. Mmmm, that fish looks incredible! I also totally agree with you on the flip flops at weddings. It's a total must!!! :)

  4. All that seafood looks delicious! Yum! :D

  5. Haha, I got that same wedding card in the mail the other day. Cute idea for the flip flops.

  6. Bahahahahaha. Kelly = zen. Love it. Good one Eric, good one ;)

    I LOVE that you have flip flop bins for your wedding! That is epic!

  7. ahhh congratulations. It must be such an exciting time for you!! Oh those lucky girls who are getting those flipflops!!! Thankyou for sharing with us!!

    Oh god, your seafood looks amazing. I am obsessed with stuffed mushrooms too, but obviously i'm sure your momma's are best!

  8. YES I couldn't agree more with every weekend being a 3-dayer. That would be glorious. omg that fish I would eat it all! mmm
    That's kind of how we are haha It's been about 4 years now and it's like we are practically married, but . . . maybe we should just set a date? lol a couple of our friends that haven't been together as long are already getting married and I think Chris is getting impatient lol

  9. Yay for your sister! Okay, so Sedona. John and I are going this weekend and we really just need a great lunch and dinner spot. Any suggestions?

  10. Nothing better than seafood on the Cape!

    I love the flip flop idea! Your guest will be very grateful!

  11. I think I would be much more effective at work if every weekend was three days and the kids would probably be better too!!!

  12. We got our first wedding gifts this week too! Must be that time! Yikes!

  13. Yep, you're getting close!! Actually even I have called Nick my husband, and we aren't even engaged! We live together, in a house, so everyone assumes we are married and I'm sick of explaining why we aren't. Ugh. Soon though.

    I want some seafood from the Cape. I bet it's AMAZING. Yum.

  14. sounds like a nice wrap-up to an awesome weekend! i love me some target too, but yesterday it was lerner and old navy again, for me. should have gone to target; i had to walk far from parking at the shopping center and it was so hot, i was all sweaty and gross by the time i was done shopping.
    exciting stuff, your wedding coming up :)

  15. oooh how exciting to start getting gifts! You should share your mom's stuffed mushrooms recipe - I just tried making them last night and they were just "okay"

  16. Great idea with the flip flops... that will be so perfect!

  17. Those bins are very cute! Enjoy your first wedding gift!

  18. my boyfriends brothers wedding had bins of flip flops too! best Idea I have seen!!! they will LOVE them! :) I was in the cape mashpee! my parents have a house there, its my 2nd home love it!

  19. Awww we did flip flop baskets at our wedding too!! They were a hit!!

  20. Your first wedding presents are so exciting!

    That fish looks amazing - my mom stuffs her mushrooms with cream cheese and bacon - it is delicious!

    I gave all my bridesmaids flip flops - they loved them!