Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inextrovert or Exintrovert?

Apparently I neglected to make goals for April. This is good because about midway through the month I realized I had no idea what my goals were for April and that I should probably look them up. It's now May 1st and this is the first time I have actually remember to do that, and I can't find them. So maybe I never made them. Obviously I need a new strategy.

That's why my goals for May are...

1. Go to yoga class 31 times.

The end. I figure that's enough of a challenge for me for one month. I'd love to read more as well, but since I just started American Wife on Thursday night and I'm already 123 pages in, I think I'll probably do that anyways.

Last night Eric and I went to our current favorite Italian restaurant, Il Casale. Apparently we are becoming known there because they gave us free champagne from their 1 year anniversary which was actually a few days earlier. Sweet.


I'm not a big champagne girl, but I had a few sips and Eric helped me with the rest. The food was amazing as always, and can I just say my meal alone is only $8? Granted, it's a half portion, but it's probably the only portion of Italian food at a restaurant I ever finish.

After we had to go to TCBY. Since I'm still in "Operation Fit into Wedding Dress" (and going strong I might add) I got a kiddie size. Eric laughed at how tiny it was, but I thought it was cute...


It ended up being the perfect size and I swear that dress is going to fit like a glove haha.

So here is my random thought for the day, are you an introvert or an extrovert? I love being around people and I think I'm pretty good at making friends in new situations. My job is 100 percent extrovert- you can't get away from people no matter where you hide and I like that actually. However, after a tough day or week I'm really not the Friday afternoon happy hour type. I'd rather go to an exercise class or curl up with a really good book. There are some people I know that no matter whether their day was fantastic or terrible, they always want to be around people. That's definitely not always me. So perhaps I am an inextrovert? or an Exintrovert? Do you think you can be both?

On the agenda for today is Day 1 of 31 days of yoga...yikes and buying my wedding band, double yikes. What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. I think that's a great May goal and time-consuming enough so you won't need another one. ;) I'm heading out to look at an apartment and check out some of the free festivals downtown.

    Have fun buying the wedding band. Wow!

  2. great question! I think I tend to be more of a "middle-vert", if there were such a thing. I'm definitely outgoing and love being around people in certain situations, but at other points I'm super reserved and just crave "me-time". Perhaps that's what living in an apartment with 7 other girls will do to ya, right?

    Have a great day, Kelly!

  3. Well, I'm def. an extrovert. But I too like a little alone time once and awhile.
    I'm starting to get nervous about fitting into my dress. Yikes!
    Hence why my plan today is to run 4 miles. Have fun picking out your wedding band. That was one of my favorites. :-)

  4. Sounds like a great place for dinner! And CUTE fro-yo from TCBY.

    I an be anextrovert in some situations, but in general, I tend to be more introverted. I'm a homebody and would generally prefer to be at home (with hubs!) than out and about.

  5. I think whether you are introvert or extrovert you always need time away from people sometimes. So therefore, you could very well be extrovert.
    I'm introvert. 100% haha


  6. Mmm, TCBY. Yum. I think the kiddie size is perfect - you get something to satisfy your sweet tooth, but keep the calories in check!

    I think I have both extrovert & introvert tendencies, but I think I am more of an introvert. I read somewhere that can determine whether you are an I or E based on what energizes you/re-charges your battery. I def need down time to re-charge my battery. I really enjoy happy hours and getting together w/ friends but i kind of need one night of the weekend to just be by myself and not have to talk, etc!

    I am confident your wedding dress will fit great! You are so in shape & have such a wonderful figure. And I bet this yoga challenge will help, too!

  7. I'm most definitely an introvert, by far. I like being with myself way more than being with people, although I do like to be social. Good luck with your yoga challenge!

  8. I'm kind of an outgoing introvert if that makes any sense. I definitely do not like being the center of attention at all, but at the same time, I do like to surround myself with people and don't really like being alone.

  9. Your wedding dress is definitely going to fit! Trust me. :) You're very healthy and motivated and I don't have a doubt in my mind!

    I am little of both. I used to be more extroverted - but since I've moved to Tucson to a part of the country where I know barely anyone - boy, can I ever be introverted! I am right with you on just wanting to have a good work out, and have a quiet night in after a stressful week!

    I totally admire you for you job! It has to be emotionally exhausting!

  10. Oh I think I might have to try that restaurant - I love Italian food, especially when it's under $10!

  11. Similar to you, my job requires me to be an extrovert. However, I am the biggest introvert! Weekends are my time to recharge and relax - and be very low key. I think that's one of the reasons I love to run outside so much - it's just me!

    Matt and I had fun getting our wedding bands - good luck in the search!

  12. I have to say - I love champagne... I think it's a drink that should be drunk more often ;)

  13. ah you're so cute! Sounds like a great place and I love mini servings of anything :) I think I'm a bit of both, mostly intro though. Sometimes I like to go out, meet new people, but other times I just want to be with me, myself and I . . .and maybe Chris :)

  14. good question! i think i'm pretty introverted. no, i know i am. especially around new people. haha. i prefer being around extroverts because they tend to make me feel more comfortable and i guess they bring the secret extrovert out of me??

    i hear you on the not always wanting to be out and social...everyone needs downtime, especially after a rough week!

  15. Isn't it great how the smaller portions end up being PLENTY about 90% of the time?? They always look small, but after eating the food I always feel satisfied. And, they only look small because we are used to HUGE portions. 30 years ago that yogurt and your Italian food would look normal.

    I think it's possible to be both. I am definitely more extroverted, but there are plenty of times when my introverted side comes out.

  16. I also have both introvert and extroverted tendencies. I can be really quiet and shy around new people but once you get to know me I am not quiet. At all! Ha!

  17. I'm a lot like you. I think because I have such an extroverted job, when the day is done all I want to do is collapse!

  18. Good luck with the 31 days of yoga! It is an awesome and ambitious goal and I can't wait to hear that you did it! :)

  19. I love TCBY - any shape or size! When I got the wedding band I freaked out a little bit (in a good way). It won't be long!