Monday, May 17, 2010


"Oh so THAT's why I don't stay up until 3 am every Saturday night"

This was my first thought when I woke up this morning. Yesterday, I had a relaxing nice day and was thinking, wow maybe I should go out more, I'm not even THAT tired today.

Wrong again Kelly. While you may in fact survive a Sunday, you will be a mess of life come Monday morning. That's what I was today. Sure, I managed to make it through the day only being slightly more annoyed with my kids than usual (one in particular, who later went home with a fever so I think she probably was being more annoying than usual haha), but when I got home I completely lost it.

I debated all day about whether or not I was going to go to yoga tonight after work. Just for the record, 31 in 31 died several days ago- I should've known better than to think I could literally do something every single day without fail. However, I still have been going fairly often and I didn't go yesterday so I thought I should go today. I don't know what it is about myself but some days I can either go to the gym with no complaints, or skip the gym with no guilt. Then other days, I literally debate back and forth and then end up feeling SO guilty if I don't go (although a lot of times endless debate ends in me going). What is my deal?

Seriously what is the POINT of feeling guilty about not exercising? I came home, flipped a coin, the coin said to go to yoga but I spent so much time whining about how I didn't want to go that by the time I got my act together I was going to be seriously late and I was hungry and tired and there is pretty much no worse combination for me. So I ate dinner and took a walk with Eric instead.

My solutions to gym guilt are...

#1- Do some kind of exercise at home. For tonight, my walk counts :)

#2- Do something productive instead. I finished the wording for my wedding programs and favor cards (we are donating to a charity) tonight, both of which I have been "working on" (aka staring at a computer screen) for at least a month now. Yay, done!

#3- Eat even healthier than usual to "make up for" not going to the gym. While it is not okay junk food just because you DID go to the gym, it is always okay to be healthier.

#4- Learn your lesson. Next time, work out in the morning (clearly this was NOT happening this morning) or just remember that you don't want to feel guilty and actually go. Easiest solution there is.

Do you feel guilty if you skip the gym? I never feel guilty on planned "rest" days and usually can make unexpected gym changes without a problem but occasionally after a few days of skipping I start to get the gym guilt. What are your solutions?


  1. I felt guity about bailing on my run this morning!

    I have a hard time breaking the "guilt" cycle - I skip a workout and then 2 and then I feel more guilty about not going. For some reason, that makes it harder for me to get back into the swing of things.

    I wish I had a solution for you - I struggle with the same thing!

  2. I do sometimes and the guilt creeps up every now and then. other times i do the same as you, eat health(ier) (skip out on dessert or something!) and get exercise in other ways like taking a walk or in tonight's case lugging clothes / boxes to and from my storage unit in the basement (switching out winter to summer clothes...) That counts right? my sweaters are heavy!!

  3. I always have major guilt if I don't workout (except while on vacation!). When I workout in the morning I usually feel great all day and wonder why I don't get up early to work out all the time, yet that never seems to really become a habit!

  4. Sometimes I feel guilty, but other times I know my body needs it so I just take the day off and get right back to it the next day.

  5. I never feel guilty since I try to make working out a lifestyle choice not just day to day!

  6. I feel guilty when I miss a workout, but you are so right. What is the point? Its supposed to be enjoyable, which means some days you need a break. I bet your next workout will be a really good one after taking some time off :)

    I always plan my workouts for the morning because I know the motivation will flag by afternoon.

  7. I don't feel guilty because usually when I don't go to the gym something drastic has happened haha jk but yeah what helps me is definitely being productive when I don't go to the gym. Like the time I got three loads of laundry done, studied for an exam and cleaned my entire room in the time I would have worked out. Good stuff.

  8. haha, that's funny about the girl you were annoyed with. I feel bad that she was sick, but it's almost like you KNEW she was've got a sixth sense!

    I don't feel guilty when I don't workout. I workout 5 times a week (or I split it up and workout half one day, and half another day, which equals 1) so I allow myself 2 days off each week. On weeks that I don't workout 5 times (rare) I then workout 6 times the next week, so I make up for it! I like your solutions for not feeling guilty. I do think sometimes on days I do not workout, I just don't feel as good, and then I feel like I SHOULD know? But not guilt.

  9. I have major guilt if I skip a workout. I like your ideas for dealing with this, especially incorporating some other form of activity instead.

  10. I feel guilty if I skip, only if I cannot truly justify it. If I am really too tired, or really too busy, I skip it. But if I plain just don't want to go, I find something else productive to do instead! No reason to go and be unhappy!

  11. My gym is at home so I see it!

  12. I definitely feel super guilty if I skip a workout. I didn't run in AZ and felt super guilty - even though I did a 6.5 mile hike... I usually think of the guilt I know i will feel when I am debating whether to skip a workout. And I usually write down how many miles I plan on running on my calendar before leavign work so then I feel like I have 'committed' to that workout... But yah, I totally make myself feel terrible if I skip!! Esp if I just go home & sit on the couch!

    I do give myself permission to take 1-2 days off from the gym, though!

  13. I enjoying exercise, so if I don't go to the gym I just try to find ways to be active that day instead. but if i'm really just tired and need a day off so be it.

    when it was just about losing weight I felt very very guilty, I'm working on that mindset though

  14. i often have workout-guilt... i used to be REAL bad about it in the afternoon if i skipped an AM run/workout. now i don't even attempt to run in the am so i don't feel guilty about that part ;) (schedule just doesn't allow for it unless i want to run at 4am and no thanks!) but yeah, today after work i was sooo not in the mood to go run. i texted friends (who usually talk me out of it / tell me it's ok to rest) and they were like GO! so... after moping and feeling a guilty for a little bit (and eating some chips/salsa) i went out for a run.

    usually the guilt is enough to make me at least go out for 10minutes of movement - and often i end up realizing it's not THAT bad and continue on. some days, that 10mins is more than enough though :)

    so yeah, don't feel alone (or hopefully too bad). just force yourself out for some sort of movement!

  15. I feel guilty when I skip a workout or do something stupid like eat crap.