Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day!!!

Is it already Sunday night again? Boo! I hope all the mothers out there are having a nice and relaxing day and that your little devils kids are being very nice to you today. We are officially celebrating with my mom next Sunday when my brother and sister are home from school.

In kindergarten, I have my kids write poems for their mom's for Mother's Day. I teach them to write cinquain poems because they are the only kind of poem that both I, as well as the children, can handle (no thats a lie, kids can write any kind of poem but I cannot haha). For mother's day poems they work like this: The first line says what you call your mom (most kids put mom, but I have lots of kids who speak a different language at home, so whatever they call their mom goes there- I've actually had kids write their entire poem in a different language which is pretty cool!), the second has two describing words, the third has three "ing" words that your mom likes to do, the fourth line has a four word sentence and the fifth line has what you call your mom again. My example cinquain about my mom is...


Kind, Helpful

Exercising, Cooking, Shopping

I Love My Mom!


I make the kids draw a picture above their poem but since I'm the boss I am going to cheat a bit and skip the drawing. I think this poem already proves I'm on a six year old level with my poetry writing skills, we don't need additional proof in my drawings...

July 09.JPG

The kids come up with some funny ones for the "ing" line. Every year I get a lot of "sleeping" which I always find amusing, I don't recall my own mom ever sleeping when we were children!

I was all about the cinquains today because I also wrote one for one of my former students- the girl who's brother passed away last week. She took my poetry class last year and liked writing cinquains so I figured she'd like one about her- plus my card making skills also are around an 8 year old so I had to spice it up with a bit of 6 year old poetry. Haha.

DSC03883.JPGThere is something so relaxing about spreading scrapbooking supplies out across the living room floor and then getting into the mind of a 7 year old to make a card they would like. Seriously. Try it.

Plus if I'm being honest, doing stuff for other people makes me feel better. Yesterday I spent the day organizing wedding stuff and at the end of the day I was like, what did I even DO today? Hopefully tonight I will feel a bit more accomplished?

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Friday. Who am I lately? This weekend did involve some delicious food starting with Mexican food at Border Cafe. Chicken fajitas...

DSC03876.JPGBasically our table was FILLED with food...

DSC03877.JPGStill not done...

DSC03878.JPGI liked the atmosphere of Border Cafe a lot- we got to eat outside on a beautiful patio and the waitress was nice. However, the chicken fajitas were just okay. Something was extremely spicy, not sure what because I mix all my stuff together and I don't like how you had to pay extra for guacamole. I know it was only like a dollar, but since I only use a tiny bit of guac, it seemed like a waste to ask for it specifically. In the interest of not wasting food I should tell people at the restaurants that I don't eat cheese or sour cream and then just get my guac haha.

After dinner was even better, we visited one of my all time favorite ice cream places Bedford Farms...

DSC03880.JPGDon't mind my appearance, I told you last week was a long week!

Anyway, this place brings back memories because I used to go here and to Kimballs (just a little ways down the street) all the time in high school. On Friday I got a kiddie size purple cow frozen yogurt. That's black raspberry with regular and white chocolate chips. Yum. Look how big a kiddie size is!

DSC03881.JPGIt ended up being perfect though, because I got to enjoy it for two nights :) Kinda wish I got a small so I'd have more for tonight.

Anyway, other than that my weekend was pretty uneventful which is good because I was ready for some sleep and relaxation. I still have a bit more work to do tonight and then it will be time for another week, but it's got to be better than last week so I'm looking on the bright side.

What was the highlight of your weekend? What are the "ing" words that describe what your mom likes to do?


  1. I love those poems! My mom is giving, knitting and cooking!
    I love Border Cafe, but you always smell after you leave! I can't wait to move back to Boston so I can go to Border and the other restaurants I love! Can you tell I'm excited?

  2. Such sweet poems!! I remember doing that in elementary school :)

    We are going to live about a mile from Bedford Farms :) You'll have to stop by and visit when you go to get ice cream there! Do they have soft serve? That's my favorite kind...

  3. Such a cute photo of you & your mom! And how stylish was she? Tapered, zip keg jeans AND hightop Reeboks - that was so IN then!!! Live the poem you wrote for Ella. What a thoughtful idea!

  4. do you ever keep driving and go to Kimballs? that's my favorite but Bedford Farms will do when we are in a time pinch!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful picture of you and your mother!!!!!

  6. So I was just going to say I loved your sweatshirt and you looked really good in that picture in front of Bedford Farms and then I saw your comment below... haha

    That's so nice of you to make something for Ella! I feel so awful for her and her family : (

    I love that picture of you and mom : ) Hey so next year how about we have a new mom to celebrate? Yeah? yeah? I'll babysit.

  7. So fun with the poems!!

    And ohmigosh, good eats this weekend. Drooling over that fro-yo!

  8. What a cute photo! And a great spread of food--we had an early dinner-slash-tea time but I'm getting hungry again. ;)

  9. I love Kimball's. So good! We make it a point to trek down at least once a year. It's probably a good thing we don't live any closer. :-)

  10. oh that's adorable! I am totally with you and can get wrapped up in a blissful hour of picking out stickers for a card :) I think you should take me to one of these fro yo places with you sometime...I'm always drooling at your pics! )

  11. I love those poems. I'd appreciate that from my kids, and they are teens now!

  12. Highlight of my weekend was definitely waking up to a hug from my 3 y/o niece this morning!
    My mom and I like cooking, reading, walking, and spending time.

  13. I think you were just spoiled by good Arizona Mexican food! Love the picture of you and your mom!

  14. Those poems are cool! And that card you made is so sweet. I bet it meant so much to that little girl.

    The highlight of my weekend was celebrating my cousin's med school graduation & then meeting my friends for cocktails afterwards.

    -ing words for my mom: cleaning, praying, cooking

    Have a great week!

  15. You have a beloved mom and a happy family. All photos are very nice

  16. Aww, I bet your kids came up with some great poems! My brother, age 13, wrote my mom a poem/card and it was something along the lines of "mom, I know why mom's like vases so much" (and he drew a picture of a bouquet of flowers in a vase, then you open the card and..) "they want to have a shape like this!" (he drew a picture of a women with an hour glass shape, like a vase!!!). Despite how I explained it, it was VERY cute!

  17. border cafe?!?!?! YUMMM i havent been there in so long!!!!! looks SO good!!!

  18. Border Cafe looks so good! I need to go there as I am always hearing great things. Highlight of my weekend was definitley dinner at my favorite sushi place. and a beach walk with my mom.

  19. Awwww SO FUN! I totally remember making mothers day stuff in school!!!