Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Weekend Part 1

Good morning! I got a whopping 4 and a half hours of sleep and I'm ready to RALLY for Wedding #2! Or at least I'm pretending I'm ready?

Wedding #1 began yesterday at 3 in the afternoon at a church in Eric's hometown. My picture of Eric walking down the aisle came out seriously blurry, so just make a mental picture in your head. I did get some good shots of the bride walking down with her Dad...DSC03989.JPG

And I did manage to get him leaving the church...


I'm glad my photographer is a beautiful woman so if she gets in everyone's pictures like this one did, she'll only make them better haha.

So anyway, after the ceremony we took a LOT of pictures. And by we, I mean, the bride and groom and bridal party. I talked to the wives of the other groomsmen, one was from Nebraska and one was from basically everywhere but currently lives in South Carolina. They were nice and kept me entertained which was good because we had to have taken pictures for over 2 hours. I also managed to receive a job from the church wedding coordinator person...hold a bunch of bows... haha


Pretty random...and I look pretty random in that picture...who is that? lol


Watching people take pictures rocks. At least I didn't have to be in them :)


When we got to the reception, we were ushered into a special room for bridal party and hung out there for awhile until they kicked everyone out who wasn't bridal party for the introductions. At that point I went upstairs with the other girls and almost sat down at the wrong wedding, oops. It was then that I learned I was at Table #1. So, you know the absolutely random table at every wedding? (well I assume at most weddings anyway...I've only been at it once before), that was TOTALLY Table #1. It was made up of 2 of the grooms brother's friends, 2 of the brides friends from Canada (where she's from), 2 husbands of bridesmaids, one of the bride's friends from around here, a wife of a groomsmen and me. I'm pretty sure no one knew more than 1 other person at the table. However, table #1 clearly rocked...


We declared this kid "Joey" because he looks like Joey from NSync. He took that better than I would've expected. Anyway, my table was a lot better than I would've expected- I think even Eric was a little jealous, and that was good because you take the corner I was in and look to the direct OPPOSITE end of the room and there was Eric haha.

I know you guys will be interested, so here is my dinner...


Yes, I did get made fun of by my new friends for taking a picture of my meal haha, all for you guys. It was chicken stuffed with stuffing, and a side of mashed potato, cranberry sauce and veggies. I have to admit it was pretty good but I didn't eat a ton of it because I'm pretty sure that is butter I can't eat spread across the top. I survived though, I find by the time I actually get eat at a wedding I'm barely even hungry anymore.

There was also the typical speeches, dancing and all that fun stuff. I got a picture of me + Eric...


And I got one of Eric and his best bud. Is it weird that Eric's friends always feel the need to stand on something tall to take pictures with him? haha


And, in typical Kelly and Eric fashion, the night ended with the pitcher of water (this time stolen instead of bought haha)




So now, it's the next morning and I am about 5 minutes away from showering, getting ready and doing it all again for one of my absolute best high school friends. I'll be back with a recap either tonight or tomorrow...for your sakes I hope it's tonight because I can't promise what kind of state I'll be in after this weekend and then working tomorrow. Oh boy!


  1. Oh my - 2 weddings in one weekend!

    Crazy! Looks like a good time - I've sat at the "table 1" before - it is an odd experience.

    Enjoy wedding #2!

  2. Aw Eric looks dashing! I'm so excited for your wedding! (ps. I think that was the first time I've ever said dashing in a sentence)
    Anyways, I looove your dress and am so happy you found that sweater because it worked perfectly : )
    Good luck with wedding #2!!

  3. Looks like a fun first weekend! Hope you aren't too worn out for the next one! :)

  4. so you went with the purple. It looks great!! 2 weddings in one weekend is NUTS!

  5. I LOVE LOVE weddings not sure the next one I will go to...looking at these pictures is fun.

  6. Sounds like a nice wedding! Good choice on the dress. ;)

  7. Ooooh I guess me and you were in the same position this weekend! I was totally observing (and taking a few of my own) wedding photos this weekend too! Fun fun!

    Also, LOVE that dress. And that photographer is CRAZY lookin' Hahaha!

  8. Looks like a fun wedding! I love the water pitcher pictures. You should have your photographer get a pic of you guys drinking out of them at your wedding (if your photographer is still there). Or get some other person to get a pic of that at the end of the night! Although at your wedding you are providing water bottles so maybe you won't have to steal a pitcher? But you probably still should. :)

    I love your dress!!

  9. He DID look like Joey from NSync!! That's great!

    Love the water pitchers. You are too funny.

    Glad you had a great time. And LOVE the dress!!!

  10. love the wedding recap!! it looks like so much fun!!

  11. So many weddings! Total insanity. Your dress is beautiful and I'm happy you went with my choice. :)

    Take a nap, maybe? Hehe.