Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

If yesterday felt like 4 days, and today felt like one day, that brings us to FRIDAY, right? No?

I went to yoga this morning (Day 4 of the 31 day challenge) and I have to admit it was terrible. Even the fact that it was my favorite teacher couldn't turn me around. I was tired, dripping sweat (which isn't anything new really) and just so mentally not into it. I contemplated switching 7 days a week to more like 5 all day, but then I got home and THIS arrived...


My brand new Augore yoga mat! Isn't it beautiful? Try not to be distracted Cash Cab on TV in the background and a bit of shopping bag mess :) Full review of this to come soon, once I try it out of course.

I suppose the delivery of a yoga mat is the sign, "don't quit!" At least for today. We will have to say if I make it to yoga tomorrow and Thursday, both days are going to be busy and rough in the mental department. I know yoga is supposed to relax you, but honestly I'm just not there yet. I'm most relaxed when I'm right here, sitting on the couch, blogging and watching TV. Yoga can calm me, but not when I do it every day because that is just make it hard work! I had to squat today at recess to take a picture with a kid and I was like OUCH!

Anyway, on another note, as I was driving to work today the morning show hosts on the radio were talking about the whole Obama cheating scandal that the National Enquirer published. I haven't read the story myself because I don't want to give hits to the website and I have no opinion on the story itself- who knows if it's true or not? But it got me to thinking...

Why in the WORLD would anyone WANT to be famous?

Seriously. If you can figure out why, please enlighten me because I think it would be miserable. Why would you want people to scrutinize your every move? I know that you may end up with a private jet and a nice mansion, but I like my house thank you very much. I just really would not want people talking about my private life on the radio, TV, magazines etc and analyzing every move I make. It hasn't turned out well for so many celebrities, especially children. Even the "tame" TLC shows have brought unhappiness to Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I have to say the mom and dad on Little People Big World are about 2 seconds away from divorce.

On a much smaller level, being a kindergarten teacher is sometimes like being a celebrity. I know that sounds ridiculous but trust me, it is. Most of the time it's fun to have kids running at you from all directions and listening to every word you say (usually whenever you don't want them to only). However, the other night I was at my cousin's confirmation in the town I teach in and it was about 350 degrees. We seriously wanted to leave early but all I could see behind me were people I knew from work, parents of kids I had, parents of kids who just know who I am and I recognize them, etc. I did end up leaving early but not before realizing I could seriously hear about this the next day. Chances are people wouldn't really say much to me, but you better believe if I was a real celebrity something that ridiculous could make front page news! Who knows!? Thanks, but no thanks.

Don't even get me started on the crazy things people do for fame! Oh boy...

Do you ever want to be famous? What would you want to be? What would you be willing to do for fame?

Speaking of my cousin's confirmation, here are some pics of our fun Sunday night celebration...


DSC03818.JPG Those are only a few of my many cousins :) Oh, and one of my favorite kinds of cake. It has delicious strawberries in the cake. However, with the stress of this week I couldn't risk it on my stomach so I promised myself TCBY on the way home instead.

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday. At least tomorrow is Hump Day, right?


  1. DON'T QUIT NOW!! JUST THINK ABOUT HOW AWESOME YOU'LL FEEL WHEN YOU DO IT! Plus June = best month ever = birthday = bachelorette = Caroline visits you every day because she is HOME and DONE with finals!

  2. first thing i noticed was cash cab...lol. thats my go-to show when pounding it out on the treadmill...

    i have no idea why anyone would want to be famous...money most likely...and i thought i was the only one thinking that about the roloffs on TLC...seriously its like watching a train wreck...its like Jon & Kate part 2, but this case there isnt a berating and mean woman in the picture

  3. Ooh, love all the strawberries on that cake!

  4. Yeap.. can't walk into the grocery store in town without HIIIIIIIII. I also feel like an actress sometimes while I'm performing to the 5 year olds in hopes that it will distract them into learning haha.

  5. WOW! That cake looks amazing!
    Way to stick with the yoga... the mat arrived just in time!

  6. I hope the new yoga mat keeps you motivated this week and beyond!

  7. Aw, don't quit! I know it's tough but you can do it! And just think of how awesome you'll feel at the end of May, knowing you stuck with it even on the hard days!

  8. I admire your dedication. I've tried to get into yoga. I should try again. It seems so worthwhile to develop a love for it.

    I wouldn't want to be a celebrity, but some of the perks seem like fun. When we were in Vegas, Dave's friend Louie (the comedian he was opening for) took us to lunch. It pays to have lunch with a big name! They brought us complimentary this and that, checked on us repeatedly, and doted over us the whole time. I could get used to that!

  9. I like how you took your yoga mat coming as a sign. so true. its saying "dont quit yet, try me out!" Love it.

  10. I would not want to be famous! The only glimpse of fame that I would take would be via an athlete. That might be worth it. But even still I don't feel like professional athletes have it as bad as singers or movie stars!

  11. Just wanted to drop in and say YES you can do the yoga challenge! Some days will be harder then others but push through and you'll be happy you did it in the end!! Remember that getting yourself to the class is often the hardest part! I hope it's going better for you now!

    Also how did you and Eric ever travel for FIVE weeks? It's been two and we are EXHAUSTED ;)