Monday, May 3, 2010

Carry On

Hola friends. Thank you all for your kind thoughts about my little kiddo. School today had it's sad moments, but fortunately my current class was way too concerned about the "water crisis" happening in and around Boston right now and the novelty of having their own water bottles to drink from all day to care about much else. They were refreshingly distracting. That is high on my list of things I love about kindergarten kids. It was also comforting in some ways to be at work where others were sad and understood if I was.

Plus my kids are just amusing. Today they were drilling me on exactly "WHO is this guy you are marrying again?" They insisted that I cannot marry Eric until they meet him, which is probably not going to happen since we have the exact same days of work. They crack me up.

So, are you wondering if I have actually been doing my yoga challenge? Yes I have. I just got home from yoga in fact :) My class tonight was perfect because there were a lot of beginners (at least I think, they don't ask us until we are all lying in child's pose and we can't see who is new- tricky!) and we took lots of breaks. I'm not a beginner, but I need the breaks right now. My arms are definitely a bit confused about what I am up to. Little do they know what is coming next- 28 more yoga classes haha.

Current yoga pose loves:


Pigeon...except at my studio we lean forward on the ground more, I think ours is called "half pigeon. Either way I love it, it feels so good and it tends to mean we are past the hard part of the practice and on to the relaxing part :)

Savasana...haha I know, what can I say? I'm doing yoga every day, I like my breaks!


Current yoga pose dislike:


Fish. I just don't get this pose, or I can't do it. It hurts my back, so I've stopped doing it entirely. And since then my teachers keep having us do it. I swear I very rarely was even asked to do fish before I decided I hate it. Isn't that always have it goes?

Current goal:


I thought this was called crow, but yoga journal is telling me it's crane. Either way, I wanna be able to do it. And I totally can't, but unlike some of the other hard poses, I also feel like this is attainable for me. Maybe?

Are there any yoga poses you'd love to be able to do?

Any yoga poses you really dislike?

Any other random thoughts on nothing to do with yoga?

The true test of my ability to manage this challenge will come tomorrow morning. I'm going to class with my favorite teacher but she is HARD. There will be no relaxation unless I create it for myself. Did I mention my arms hurt and class is at 6 am? Oh man. What was I thinking?

PS. Yes, this did post as an empty post first. Luckily I did not have to rewrite because I am getting smart and saving my posts to word documents. Does ANYONE know why Ecto hates me?


  1. I would love to be able to do crow someday! I think with crane both legs are on one side/arm, but I could be wrong. I love the half pigeon! I'm glad your day was okay and that your kiddies distracted you. Enjoy class tomorrow morning!

  2. I had missed your last post and I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your former student! I'm glad that today was a little better. Kids are so darn resilient, aren't they? Pigeon is the best! It always stretches out exactly what hurts me!

  3. I love pigeon too! I also like some of the warrior poses. Boy, I really miss yoga...

  4. Oh your kids sound adorable!!!

  5. There are alot of yoga poses I would like to do. one that comes to mind is when you sit with your feet in front of you & then place you hands on either side, palms down, and lift your body off the ground. When our yoga instructor had us do this, I wanted to laugh and say, "seriously?"

    Then i looked around and realized quite a few peole could do it.

    I am such a wimp.

    Good job on doing 3 days in a row!!

  6. half pigeon is my absolute favorite yoga pose! i actually do that when i run or go on the elliptical, because it's the best stretch i've ever tried for the old illiotibial band or however you spell it. otherwise my knees get tight on the outside.

  7. I do love the pigeon pose. It opens your hips (especially after sitting at a desk all day). AHH!! Hurts so good!

    Of course the Savasana at the end. Sometimes when I took yoga in the morning, I couldn't wait for the meditation at the end so that I could sleep again!

  8. That fish pose looks so funny (and really uncomfortable). I can see why you are not a fan. Good job so far on your yoga challenge. I wish I was someone who had better luck with yoga. It seems like such a good activity for mind and body!

    Also, you had asked about that book I was reading...I think the one on helping kids control impulses right? It was pretty good, but didn't teach me anything really mind blowing. I should post about it though, thanks for the reminder!

    <3 KT

  9. OMG I hate fish! It's definitely because I don't know how to do it because one time I got it RIGHT and it felt GREAT and I don't know what I did but it's no longer hahah. I think the key is getting your arms in the right place, which I fail to do. Keep trying it though because I swear it feels good when you get it right

  10. leave it to kids. turning such an event into something fun. they sound adorable.