Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sarah's Bachlorette!

Good morning sunshines :) I've been living in a crazy work and wedding-related world since I last wrote. Work = total insanity this time of year, but I have been really trying to enjoy every second with the kids because I love my class this year and I really don't want to send them up to first grade, even though they are all totally ready. Also, even after re-downloading Ecto it still deletes my posts whenever it feels like it, which definitely does not motivate me to blog. I am saving now though so it's not as tragic when I lose things.

I'm not sure if I mentioned but next week Eric and I have a weekend of weddings, Friday night = rehearsal dinner for his friend Andy. Saturday night = Andy's wedding and Sunday day = my friend Sarah's wedding. Whew! I have already been plotting what shoes I am going to wear so I can still stand up for Sarah's wedding. We had two weddings in one weekend almost two years ago now and my biggest problem was that I wore the same shoes both nights and my feet were like no way!!! Anyway, last night Eric had Andy's Bachelor Party and I had Sarah's Bachelorette. Perfect, huh?

Sarah and I met freshman year of high school when we had classes together and played on the same soccer team. It's pretty much impossible for me to think about high school without thinking of Sarah and although Sarah could NEVER be considered a bad influence on anyone, she was definitely my partner in crime...most, if not all, of the ridiculous things I did in high school, she was there. When Sarah's sister told us to bring "joke" gifts for Sarah, I had to seriously narrow down all the options out there. I settled on...

DSC03899.JPGGreen m &'s amazing how few are in one of those big bags haha.

DSC03900.JPGAnd some nips...I felt pretty sketchy buying nips but I am not sure that either Sarah or I ever really wants to enjoy our old favorite drinks again haha.

I also bought her some honeymoon wear, but I don't think we all need to see that, huh? I swear I kept it classy.

Sarah's bachelorette was planned by her sister and her other bridesmaids and we started at....PAPA GINOS. Apparently Sarah had a birthday party there and preschool and really enjoyed making her own pizza. I don't think they do bachelorette's often (they should though!) so they definitely though it was her birthday, but at least she got a Papa Gino's HAT...


It was cool that Sarah got to make her own pizza (which I ate without the cheese and it was quite good haha, but the best part was DEFINITELY the...

DSC03909.JPGApparently, Hoodsies are a Boston thing, but basically they are these cute little cups with half vanilla and half chocolate ice cream. A great reminder of childhood and yummy as well :)

After Papa Ginos, we headed back to Sarah's apartment to give her some fun, mostly inappropriate, gifts and play my all time favorite game "Never Have I Ever" haha. Then it was time to head into Boston...

DSC03920.JPGWe went to Kings, which is basically a bar/bowling alley/ place to play pool. I've actually really wanted to go there for awhile but it was a different scene then I was expecting...

DSC03925.JPGYes, that is a random old man singing karaoke to "Let's Get It On." This was probably the most random karaoke performance, but it wasn't far away from the many other individual performances. I don't think I've seen anyone do karaoke by themselves before this. I personally see karaoke as something funny you do with your friends, not something you seriously do by yourself...but APPARENTLY I am in the minority at this place. Oh well, celebrations happened anyway!



Even with celebrations, I was pretty sober for karaoke but I have this thing about bachelorette parties where I'll basically do whatever the bride wants (within reason, I've never had a request I couldn't grant haha) so I found myself here...


Oh well, I'm sure we were better than the "individual performances" we saw earlier.

After taking the last T out of Boston (which I felt like was a lot later than I ever thought it was in college, we always took cabs home), picking up Eric on my way home and getting into bed it was 3:20am, a time I have not seen since... probably someone else's bachelorette party. I actually sleep until 8:45 this morning and I was SHOCKED when I saw the clock. Usually it doesn't matter what time I go to bed I'm still up by 7, but I guess even my body has it's limits. Now I just have to gear up for another weekend of late nights in only 5 days. Early to bed for me tonight :)

How was everyone's weekend?

Hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week!

PS. One of Sarah's friends last night was talking about some guy she was dating and about how he had a blog and she was like "yeah, I know, he has a blog obviously a red flag" haha...obviously the world has NOT caught up with the fact that all the cool kids blog!


  1. DEff switch to flip-flops if need be! Man with a blog??!!?! SO COOOL!

  2. Hoodsies are just a Boston thing? I didn't know that!

    Looks like a fun night :-)

  3. haha, she said that?! Well, I mean, I guess most guys don't have blogs, it's usually girls. But I would LOVE it if Nick had one!!

    Sounds like you are all wedding-ed out. Too bad you CAN'T be! You guys are just getting it all over at once it sounds like. And I agree, karaoke isn't something to do alone or every weekend...unless you live in Asia....bachelorette parties are perfect for that! That's what we did in Philly for my last Bachelorette party. So fun!

  4. What a fun party! 3:20 is super late, I can't remember the last time I was out that late - probably a bachelorette party a few years ago!

  5. I totally have done karaoke alone! There might have been several drinks involved with that though.

    It's always so awkward when people dont know you have a blog and then say something about bloggers.

  6. Oh I have seen some serious solo performances at karaoke. Some fabulous and some. . . not so much! My friends and I karaoke in P Town every summer, and I can't wait!

  7. Sounds like SUCH a fun evening! I just can't believe you woke up at 8:45 after being out until 3:20! I wish I had your body's natural alarm clock, hehe.

  8. Looks like a blast. Kings is always a good time! Props for making the last T home. i was carousing the streets with my friend until 3:00. YIKES.

  9. Ha! blogging = red flag! Well, I probably wouldn't be very open about having a blog when i first start dating a guy, but eventually I would tell him since it's a big part of who I am...

    You were a trooper staying up that late. Sounds like a fun night, though! :)

  10. That's a lot of wedding festivities! It must be getting you more and more excited fro your own :) It's coming up quick!

  11. My weekend was excellent! I have some shiny new bling and a good post-marathon hobble to show for it. :)

    Looks like you had FUN! And holy wedding weekend ahead!!

  12. so fun!! ahh papa ginos! i used to go there on tuesdays for free pizza night for kids! :) ahh those were th good days! i LOVE hoodsies! :)

    kings is always a good time!

  13. i love hoodsies!!!!
    ohhh Kings, gotta love that place! im dying to go to the new one in Dedham! : )
    that sounds like a FUN bachelorette party- something i would love! lol