Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Old Friend, Another New Last Name...

Happy Monday kids. Good news! I haven't crashed yet. I went to work, tutoring and even went to yoga after- unlike last Monday when I debated so long I was too late to go and then flipped out about how I can't handle life without sleep. Apparently in fact I CAN handle life without sleep. The trick is to stay out late on Saturday night and then wake up and start drinking again on Sunday, Duh. Maybe I should take the cockyness down a notch so I don't end up DEAD tired tomorrow haha. I think really my body is just slowly realizing that May and June are insane months and there is nothing it can do about it!

Anyway, I know you are anxiously awaiting the recap of Sarah's Wedding yesterday and here it is...

Sarah's wedding was Eric and my second Jewish wedding and can I just take this moment to say I love Jewish weddings? My top 3 favorite parts of Jewish weddings include #1- The fact that the ceremony can be anywhere and the rabbi will come. Well, maybe not anywhere...but it doesn't have to be in the Synagogue. Cool. #2- The tradition of the groom walking down with both his parents and the bride walking down with both her parents. Feminist Kelly loves this. And since I'm an equally opportunity person, I also like that the guy gets to walk down, that's nice. #3- The bride and groom going up on the chairs...though it looks a bit scary. I've been up on a chair once but I was like 13 and weighed significantly less haha. So, now that we've established my overall love for Jewish weddings, let's continue...

I was going to have you watch Sarah walk down the aisle, but I can't figure out how to put a video into my blog now that I switched blogging software from Blogo to Echo. Any advice? Instead you can see her after she walked down the aisle...


During the ceremony the rabbi asked us not to take pictures...aka I hate him haha I kid. He was good, EXCEPT for that. I decided to respect that since I didn't know if it was Sarah and Brian's wishes. Well, by respect I mean refrain from taking 300 pictures during the ceremony but still take 2 illegal videos at the end. SORRY! I love the glass breaking thing! (#4 thing I love about Jewish weddings)

Have I ever told you guys about my love for cocktail hour? It's just so relaxing and fun and I love little appetizers and crackers. Plus, I feel like I have so much more energy before I go in an eat a massive meal. I hit food coma at both weddings I attended this week, and I don't even eat that much at weddings! But anyway, cocktail hour was fun- I learned my video camera can zoom (it's a flip video- if you don't have one, get one- they rock) and I chatted with 2 girls I went to high school with and their fiances- we are ALL getting married this summer haha.

For some reason my photos of their first dance REALLY leave something to be desired, but it was lovely. Their song is one of my favorites "True Companion" by Marc Cohn. If you don't know it, you should. But I did get dinner (and all I got today was a "really?!" from the girl next to me as I was taking the picture, haha, well deserved.


Dinner was steak and panko crusted chicken, with...wait for it...THE MOST AMAZING ROASTED RED PEPPER MASHED POTATOES. Let's just say I am going to recreate these, probably tomorrow. They are going to taste as good because I am sure they are loaded with butter that I can't eat. But still. Brilliant idea I tell you. Of course I didn't eat the steak but the chicken was yummy. I didn't have more than a bite of the cake but it was pretty....


Then came one of my favorite parts, the chair crazyness. Eric was recruited to hold Brian up, which it turned out was a good thing since we did want Brian to survive his wedding haha.


And then Sarah and I went from being crazy high school seniors...


(from left- Susanne, Sarah and me)



Getting married 7 weeks these boys...


Oh and yes, I did sit with Eric yesterday, NOT at the random table- everyone at my table I had met including 2 girls from my high school and their fiances and two of Sarah's friends from childhood sleep away camp that I met while I was in high school. Yay! I've been thinking about who the lucky ones to be at MY random table will be...haha stay tuned, only fun people are allowed there.

So, another old friend, another new last name. Please remind me to change that on my place cards at the wedding haha.

Time to go read some blogs and relax. Check back for the amazing success of my roasted red pepper mashed potatoes tomorrow. Way too much cockyness for one post, Kelly.


  1. At the wedding I was at on Saturday it was moved into the hall because it POURED rain so they couldn't have it outside and everyone crowded the aisle like paparazzi taking photos! It was TERRIBLE!!! I have been to weddings before where they ask for no photos during the ceremony (other than the official photographer of course) and I think it's a great idea!

    Jewish weddings sound fun. I've never been to one!

  2. That was a very full weekend! Congratulations to all the new couples. You'll be next!!

  3. All this talk about tales at wedding gets me thinking about my seating chart which is going to be the biggest pain ever (which is why I've already started). If my venue didn't require it because of meal choices, I don't think I'd have one.

  4. I knew you could revert back to college kelly if you tried hard enough! staying out late and waking up early to start drinking again? that's like... the only thing I've learned from BC thus far.

    I love all the things you mentioned about jewish weddings too!

  5. Oh I love that they both walk down with both their parents! I never knew that!

  6. I love the bride's dress! FABULOUS! My husband and I had a Jewish wedding and I loved how non-traditional and liberal we were able to make it! :) I am not a fan of old fashioned (obey and serve) type of vows!

  7. I have never been to a traditional Jewish wedding, but I do like the sound of those traditions. Glad you had fun and were still functioning yesterday!