Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Dance, It'll Be Okay

Yesterday was another crazy day. I guess I'm not going to be on a regular posting schedule at least until the school year is over. Work has been insane this week because of end of the year testing and the fact that it went from normal to 95 degrees and my school does NOT have AC, so it's pretty disgusting. Yesterday I was genuinely concerned I was going to lose a child to heat stroke so I tracked down a hose and used my thumb to create a sprinkler. The kids got soaked and were dry again in 5 minutes. I love warm weather, but I'm happy to go back to normal-warm today. Also I have yet to start report cards, can someone kick my butt into gear?

Last night we had our second wedding dance lesson. I didn't mention dance lessons the first time because I was in no mood for them last week. I was about 5 seconds away from punching my overly happy instructor in the face. But this week I decided to go in with a new attitude. Sure, dancing is not my thing- in fact its probably the opposite of my thing, but I know I will not enjoy 200 people watching me dance with Eric, so I might as well enjoy the practice when no one is watching. Besides, there is just something very humorous about the instructor.


Can you pick out which one he is? Also I find the more fun you pretend having, the less ridiculous false praise he gives haha.


Good times.

Today I had to take a bit of a mental health day from work (which I basically never do) so that I could FINALLY get into Boston to do my first dress fitting, which was supposed to be at the beginning of May, oops. Life = crazy. The good news is, the dress fits, just have to maintain the healthy eating through the events of late May and June, hopefully that is do-able.

My other major accomplishments of today included having our AC fixed in our house (it just died last night and it was a stroke of luck that I was planning to be home today and didn't have to beg my mom for my one millionth favor). I also scheduled about 100 appointments for the week before the wedding. It's going to be a crazy few weeks, but I feel lucky that I'll have a light work schedule at the time, just tutoring instead of full time kiddos galore!

This is random but this post has been a bit random anyways SO...I have a food recommendation for you guys. On the way home from yoga the other day I stopped by Whole Foods and Eric wanted me to get him some chips. There are a LOT of random random chips there and it was nearly impossible for me to find him just the normal standard chips he was looking for. But then I came across these...


Hummus chips? SOLD. I love hummus, I love chips, and I can only eat baked chips so I figured these would be perfect. Then I tasted them and they were so flavorful I thought even Eric would like them and I was right. I got the sesame garlic flavor and they basically tasted like Chinese food in a chip. I don't really see any major connection between these and hummus taste wise but they are made using chickpeas which means they are good for you! I definitely recommend these.

I'm headed to the Cape tomorrow after work for some Memorial Day weekend fun, including watching my sister kill her first half marathon! What are your plans for the long weekend? (or the normal weekend cuz I'm thinking Canadians probably don't get two long weekends in a row, right?)


  1. You two are such a cute couple! I am a short girl and I love when a guy towers over makes me feel safe =)

    Congrats on the dress fitting being a success!

  2. Ooooh hummus chips - sound amazing!
    Life certainly sounds crazy for you right now but I am sure that everything will work out in its own way... just like the perfect fit dress :D

  3. hummus chips? wow that's great to know!

  4. Those chips look great! What a good idea. Mmm, chips! Bonus if they are healthy!

    Ugh, it must be awful in the school. In this heat I have been thinking back to my primary school days with no A/C and May/June were always awful. At least you're almost done!

  5. that's great that you guys are taking dance lessons. you must be getting SO excited!! :-)

  6. I love that you are taking dance lessons. When I went to dance this week I saw a couple dancing and I guessed that they were doing it for their wedding. I can't wait to see you two dance together (it would be even better if you had a hip hop routine, lol)

  7. I can not wait to see you in your dress. :)

    I hope dance lessons go well. I am sure it will help you feel a little bit more comfortable dancing in front of 200 people... Just remember, no one is that critical! They just want to see a happy couple enjoying each other - and I am that is what they'll get since you & Eric are a great match. :)

  8. Your description of your 1st day of dance lessons is SO SO SO similar to my 1st dance lesson with Ryan! We didn't actually do dance lessons for our wedding (did really have time, honestly with 2 school school schedules + 2 work schedules)...but we did do a "salsa dance" lesson together for a weekend "date" with 2 other couples ones.

    I almost left crying. It was so frustrating. I was terrrrrible. And it's weird, becuase I have 2 semesters worth of ballroom dancing experience!!! I wanted to punch the teacher in the face.

    Enjoy your fun weekend in Cape! You deserve it after your crazy "end of the year" madness! Ryan is out of town this weekend, so my weekend will be spent studying, relaxing, and getting some good work-outs in!

  9. I had those hummus chips once and also thought they tasted like Chinese food!

    Sometimes a mental health day is necessary especially when your wedding is so close. I took one on Tuesday. I got a massage.

  10. I LOVE that you're taking dance lessons. Can you PLEASE have someone video your first dance for us? Pretty please!

  11. Yay for dresses fitting. I had my second fitting yesterday and it fit perfectly (ok, I had to have the seams let out a bit at the first fitting, but whatever!). Have a great weekend at the Cape!

  12. lol, can you spot Eric?! That's hilarious. He's like a big cuddly bear! I'm wondering if Nick would take dance lessons with me....he wouldn't like it, but I'm sure he would do it.

    Nick also doesn't have AC in his work, and he works near ovens. He says his employees complain all day long. Yikes, I don't blame them! Good thinking with the hose sprinkler :)

    HAve a great weekend in Cape Cod!

  13. I love that you are taking dance lessons! We talked about doing that, but never did.

    Don't feel bad about the day off. You need it! And a dress fitting needs to be done. I had to take a day off for a dress fitting the year I got married. I was in New Hampshire, and getting married on the Cape, so I had to hightail it to the Cape for my fitting.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  14. Hummus chips! Yummy!

    Good luck with the dance lessons. Who know you had the ability to feel awkward at your own wedding? I feel ya on the dance not being your favorite thing...

  15. Hummus chips!! I must race to WF to get those. Good luck with the dancing!

  16. You guys are so cute! I always hate when people are overly happy when I'm cranky

  17. I tried to get Matt to take dancing lessons but he would not agree!

    Have fun on the Cape - it is such a beautiful weekend!

  18. haha I love the pictures from the dancing : ) Shamus rocks.

    I really hope I'm killing the half marathon and not the other way around.

  19. Eric is such a good sport! I don't know if I could pay Gingie to hit a dance class with me, even if it was for our wedding!

  20. oooh hummus chips! i recently discovered falafel chips and those are quite amazing. what CAN'T they put in chip form?

  21. Ooooh, I keep hearing good things about those hummus chips! I must find them!!

    I hate dancing, so I find I have to go into those things with a silly attitude. Otherwise I just feel horribly cranky and embarrassed!

  22. good luck on the dancing lessons!!!! are you taking lessons at a fred astaire or an arthur murray?? lol those instructors are full of overly excited funny teachers..
    congrats on the dress fitting going well- im sure when the big day comes you will look awesome!