Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mid Week Happiness and The Joys of Water

Grr Ecto I hate you.

Whew, thank goodness it is hump day. Just ask Caroline, I clearly have no idea what is going on today!

Thank you for all your wonderful book recommendations yesterday! I had actually read a lot of the books you recommended, which is good and I added the others to my "to read" section on Goodreads. I ended up going to a used bookstore today where I had a giftcard and I bought Man of my Dreams, by the same author as American Wife and Prep (which I read back in college) and South of Broad, which was recommended to me by my friend from work. I'm not sure which one I am going to read first but I'll let you know how they are :)

Besides new books (well, new to me), other things that are making me happy today are...

Candy Castle, this amazing candy store in Lexington Center...



Look, I totally didn't even need to hand sort the M&Ms for Sarah last weekend!


I don't even really buy candy there, I get their delicious frozen yogurt, but it's so fun to look at candy brings me back to the days I used to ride my bike to the candy store at the Cape. Good times.

Speaking of frozen yogurt, discovered another hidden gem for ice cream today in Waltham...Pizzi Farm! I got black raspberry chocolate chip, yum.


And finally, my water bottle labels arrived today from Custom Wrapz!


I have a bit of an obsession with water at weddings, I need it (after the drinks). So our water bottles will be put out at the end of the night when the bar closes and water is what everyone wants. Knowing my friends, they'd probably get it anyway...




And not just our friends, Eric was the one who paid the waitress to give us this pitcher haha...



At Timna's wedding, I got myself a glass of water from the bar at about 9pm, and then stored it under the table until the end of the wedding when I wanted it. And yes, several people did ask me where I got the water. No one thought I was that crazy since they were wishing they had some water too. Not that I'm not crazy...

Anyway, what's your favorite candy or what was your favorite as a kid?What do you always wish for at weddings?
I've got a crazy day tomorrow and Friday, but I'll try to post at some point. Have a good rest of the week everyone!


  1. Major love for Goodreads!

    I was always obsessed with anything mint-chocolate: peppermint patties, Junior Mints... yum!

  2. PEZ!!! It's my favorite candy now too. :-)

  3. LOL, I know how it feels to need to chug water like that

  4. I always liked fruity candies like Mike & Ikes and Jelly Bellies.

  5. Why are my comments not showing up?

  6. Ooooh that's SO cool that your water bottles will have custom labels!!

  7. love the water bottle idea! I am not a huge candy person but jujubes are a weakness.

  8. oooh all that candy looks so good!

  9. I love all those pictures of your guys drinking the water, that's classic! I can't believe they would take the water away. That does sound, counterintuitive, especially after a wedding! Weird.

    I want to go to that candy store RIGHT now. It looks like heaven!

  10. You're so right about water! What a great idea.


  11. My favorite candy as a child was candy cigarettes. I don't think they make them anymore since it probably makes smoking seem cool, but my sister & I both loved them growing up & neither of us are smokers, so I guess it had no impact on us!

    That's a great idea to have water for your guests at the wedding. I love the water picture photos. Too funny. As far as what I look forward to at a wedding, there isn't anything specific! Maybe a fun wedding dance?

  12. hahaha those pictures crack me up. SO true, water is a must. At the one (and only) wedding I went to I hid my water glass under the table so they wouldn't take it! hehe, but it still wasn't enough water!
    ps. I think that picture of you with the jug should be your facebook picture : )
    pps. I have no idea what day it is either so not knowing makes me more confused and less confused at the same time, if that makes any sense.

  13. I love that candy store in Lexington! And I live right near that ice cream place in Waltham (for a couple more months anyway).

    Love the bottle labels!

  14. Ecto??? Like Ecto cooler??

    My favorite candy as a kid was sour watermelon. Still is, actually :)

  15. haha your too funny! sooo in lexington center is that restaurant NOURISH taht I have been to many times that I have talked about on my blog! its so so so good! i havent ever been inside that candy store but pass it all the time! looks amazing!

    I loved all the crazy gummy things, good n plentys and chocolate covered ANYTHING!