Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer...

My blogging consistency really leaves something to be desired lately and I'd like to make promises that it will improve in the next few weeks but I can't do that because my schedule is absolutely insane. With the exception of a few lucky days here and there, I basically have something after work every single day until school is over. Even though some of the stuff is fun, I am not a fan of having that much stuff going on. I seem to remember this happening most Junes, and I think this is just the way it is going to be in my adult life. However, I'd like to request to move my beginning of June birthday to a less insane time of year because right now it just feels like another thing to deal with- especially this year when my birthday falls on a Monday filled with stuff I don't want to do. Perhaps I'll just cancel it entirely so I can feel like June 7th is just another annoying day, rather than a day that should be fun, but really is annoying. Ha ha.

Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy every single moment of this weekend before life gets any more out of control than it's been. I've been enjoying a bit of this...


and some of this...


and of course...


I love summer, even if it does make things crazy. Also, do not be fooled: I do not love pink mint chocolate chip ice cream because of color alone, it is also a delicious peppermint flavor that cannot be found elsewhere. Yum.

My amazing sister also ran a half marathon today! You should go visit her blog to congratulate her...


My dad told us to look enthusiastic haha.

I got lots of compliments on my sign for the other runners...


Though for me it's more like Keep Calm and do anything else but Run. Oh well.

Other than that, we busted out some wedding stuff, I read a lot of my book (South of Broad by Pat Conroy) and I attempted to write some report cards, which really was more like I starred at my computer and discussed my overall hatred for report cards. That's close to doing them right?

We are driving home tonight and have plans to be both productive and relaxed tomorrow (a few errands, some laundry, some yoga, some pool...). What is everyone else up to this long weekend?


  1. looks like a great weekend and delicious new ice cream flavor for me to try! :)

  2. Take some deep breaths and enjoy a relaxing weekend :)

  3. Beach? Ice cream? Yup, sounds like summer to me.

    What a cute little fan you are -- congrats to your sister!!!

  4. sounds like you got a little fun in this weekend, then? hang in there, the busy times suck but they can't last forever, they just SEEM like it ;) i'm not doing much this weekend, we had our big holiday stuff moved to last weekend by circumstance. but i did make homemade strawberry jam today for the first time ever!

  5. lol, me too, keep calm and DON'T RUN! I hate it, although I've been doing it a lot more lately now that I don't have a gym with an elliptical :(

    So June is busy for you? I wish I could say the same! Life is boring without a job. I am going through the opposite issue, too much time on my hands. You would think it would be a good thing, but I HATE being bored!

    Happy soon-to-be B-day ;)

  6. Soooooo jealous that you're on the beach. I miss the beach SOOOOO much. Being landlocked and in the Midwest SUCKS! ;) Enjoy it! :)

  7. Glad you got a semi-relaxing weekend in considering how crazy your life is going to be soon!

    YAY caroline! She rocks!

  8. So what a small world! I ran that half marathon! I should have been looking out for you! If you are down near Sandwich you should try a place called Sweet Caroline. We went there after the die for! Glad you enjoyed your is almost over!

  9. That beach (and ice cream) looks heavenly!!!!

    Awesome that you were out to cheer for your sister!

  10. We've been doing a lot of relaxing and a bit of wedding stuff too. Just trying to enjoy the calm before the storm! :-)