Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Without TV and Internet?

Happy Friday!

The story of my little student who promised to freeze my age so he can marry me in twenty years gets even cuter...

On Thursday I sent my class this year home with little "invites" to my wedding ceremony, in case any of them are at the Cape this summer. I didn't tell the kids what it was because I didn't want them to pressure their parents, but I guess this particular kid kept dropping the envelope on the way to the bus so my aide told him it was about my wedding and he needed to make sure his mom got it.

So he got home and his mom was like, "what is this?" and he says, "an invitation to Ms. ____ and my wedding!" hahahaha, this kid cracks me up.

The story might have been better if I was not Ms. ____ but most of you know my last name anyway so just insert in the space :) I don't know what kind of crazies are reading this blog you know?

Anyway, this my weekend of 2 weddings and I was supposed to be at a rehearsal dinner tonight. However, we had a quick change of plans when Eric woke up this morning to our cable, internet and phones down and a cable spread across our driveway. Somebody had to stay home to let the Verizon people in so since Eric is in the wedding and had to be at the rehearsal, that person was me. Even though I felt terrible for not going, it was pretty relaxing being at home with no TV and internet, even though I didn't know what to do with myself at first. I also quickly realized I didn't really have any food because I wasn't planning to be home for many meals this weekend, so Upper Crust pizza it is!


That's a small (do I dare ask what a large looks like?) pizza with mushrooms, grilled chicken and garlic. I normally can't eat pizza at restaurants because I can't do cheese but Upper Crust doesn't bat an eyelash when you say you want a "red" pizza. Love it.

Also, once I was allowed to leave the house (the TV and internet is fixed now, in case that wasn't obvious!)- I got some frozen yogurt. The girl who made it for me happened to be one of my brother's ex-girlfriends, but did I pay any attention? of course not. I think I have the WORST memory for faces of anyone ever, not exaggerating. As she's handing me the ice cream she's like, "you are Jake's sister, right?" and my brain was like "searching...searching...who would be asking you this?" (Jake is 7 years younger than me, so I don't asked if I'm his sister all that often). Fortunately I did manage to figure it out, hopefully quickly enough to not look like any more of an idiot than I already did. I would like to defend myself by saying Jake has had a lot of girlfriends...which is true, he once dated two girls at once in like sixth grade, Caroline had to tell him that probably wasn't the best idea. But, that isn't even a really good argument since I've only actually met a few of them and this particular one I met several times...oops! Is anyone else terrible at remembering faces? I have a great memory for "stuff" about people, but not what they look like!

I also tried on two possible dresses for the wedding tomorrow (I am wearing my engagement party dress to the wedding on Sunday).

Dress #1- Purple, Strapless



Dress #2



You may recognize Dress #2 cuz it's actually Caroline's and she wore it to my engagement party. For some reason I think it may have looked better on her... haha

So, which one do you like better?
I'll be back bright and early Sunday morning with a recap of wedding #1! What is everyone else up to this weekend?!


  1. haha I see you made it to 344?
    Too funny about Jake and his multiple girl friends- I totally forgot about that.

  2. Both of the dresses are gorgeous but I like the purple because it's so unique.

  3. I LOVE the purple. You look great in both, but the purple just looks stunning and as Erin said, unique.
    I am going to the Coastal Wine Trail kickoff this weekend. And hopefully catching up on the sleep I didn't get this week!

  4. I like both dresses, but I think I prefer #1.
    And personally, I'm better with faces than names. So half the time I recognize people, I can't remember where I know them from.

  5. Oh, I love, love, love #1!!! You are just gorgeous, girl!

    I'm ridiculously good with names, faces, and dates. I know 90% of the birthdates of the birthdates of all the kids in my center. ;)

  6. Mmm, that pizza looks DELISH!

    I vote for dress #1. Love it!

  7. I really like both dresses, but I think that the first dress really compliments your skin color. I hope you enjoy the weddings. I am sure that they will be alot of fun!! :)

  8. I like the strapless dress! That one has my vote :0)

  9. I love that first dress too! Ha, glad you had a good night in!

  10. Tough call on the dress. I like them both. But I think I lean towards the first one.

    I love that student of yours! He is a riot!

  11. Such a great story!! I bet so many of your little students are so in love with you. You're so friendly and beautiful and fun!!

    Love dress number one. You look HOT! And, it's just a gorgeous dress, I want it.

  12. What a cute story! I love little kids. :) I would go with the purple one since it is yours and looks great on you! It's very flattering!

  13. people ask me all the time if i am my brother's sister and it irritates me because we don't share like any of the same friends.. and then they talk on and on.. and i'm LIKE WE ARENOT FRIENDS.. GO AWAY.. but thatismy antisocialness ..
    me and my sticky keyboard like the first dress

  14. Haha, that story about your student is cute.

    I like the purple dress best.

  15. I can't decide if I should be offended or not that no one chose my dress haha : )

  16. That is too cute about your students! It is obvious you are an awesome teacher with how much your students adore you!! :)

    I think we have an "Upper Crust" pizza here in Tucson. Is that a chain? The one here looks kind of scary - it a dampy part of town - and is beyond a hole in the wall. I wonder if they are the same company? That pizza looked delicious! And even better with no cheese (I also can't do cheese)

    I think my favorite dress is the purple one. But it's tough, you look great in both of them!! :)

  17. Okay I know I am too late but that purple strapless dress is AWESOME!

  18. I love the purple dress! That pizza looks sooooo yummy!

  19. everyone is saying #1! I swear I was thinking #2 before i read any comments. wear #2! haha wear whatcha want. funny story about your younger bro.

  20. I like #1 too, but I would just add that if #2 was shorter it would be cuter on you I think.
    Now you made me want Upper Crust pizza.

  21. I guess I'm too late to vote. =) Looking forward to seeing which dress you wore.