Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Unplugged Life

Ever wondered what my life would be like without Eric, internet and TV? Yeah, neither did I, but I had the unfortunate circumstances of finding that out this week.

Eric was in DC from Tuesday-Friday with his 8th grade kiddos. Obviously I didn't mention it before because I didn't want any internet crazies to know I'd be without my 6 foot 4 bodyguard, but he's back at his post, so stay away!

Okay, that's fine, no big deal- I like myself. I even had a list of girly tv shows and movies I was going to put on. Until...I came home from work on Tuesday afternoon to NO INTERNET OR CABLE. Apparently, we blew a fuse where they are plugged in, but even after exercising all of my knowledge about fixing a blown fuse...I was still without any TV or internet. Now, don't get me wrong there are plenty of things I can do in my house without TV and internet: read books and magazines, clean, well...a few things I can do. But there is only so long I can do those things. And, so...I adopted the no Eric, no internet, no TV lifestyle. What did I do?

Tuesday night I attended a top secret, but fun blogger event. I can't really tell you much about it now (I promise I will), but I got to see Meghan, who I met last November and I got to meet Tina for the first time. Got home at 9 that night...excellent, not enough time to miss the TV and internet (still missed Eric a bit though!)

Wednesday I didn't have any plans and got home around 6. Read for an hour. Went to TJ Maxx and Whole Foods. Got back, read for another hour. Finished my book. Went to bed. Sounds like a party just reading about it, huh?

Thursday I visited my friend Katie at babysitting and got a taste of our future life as stay at home moms (haha kidding). Then, I went to my parents house where I used their internet to get some wedding stuff taken care of. THEN, I headed back to work for an ice cream social. I saw a bunch of fun kids and got completely turned off by ice cream. Something about staring at it for so long just made me not want ice cream...impressive. Maybe I should get a part time job at an ice cream shop? I even participated in clean up duty because let's face it- did I care to get home? Nope!

Friday I went to a friend's bridal shower. It's hard to believe that just over a year ago I had never been to a bridal shower I feel like an expert...then again, who isn't an expert?

1. watch someone open presents...


2. eat yummy desserts...


See? Expert.

On Friday night Eric got home and we discovered that the problem with the internet was not a blown fuse, but rather lightning had struck our internet and cable box. That meant we had to wait until today (yes, that is about 5 full days without internet or tv) to get cable and internet back.

Honestly? The whole no TV and internet thing was not as terrible as I would've thought it would be. I really wasn't truly annoyed by it until yesterday when I was stuck in bed with a sore throat and just wanted to watch some TV!!! When I was busy, I didn't really care that much. Though I will say that if I had gotten home early most nights last week and rested a bit, I probably wouldn't have caught the cold I have now...but hey. It was fun. It gave me a new appreciation for the people that always seem to fit in ALL the work related events, and be the last to leave. That was me for one week. Anyone else feel like work related events could easily take over your life? Especially in June. What is it with June?

Anyway, how was everyone's week? I'm going to catch up on blogs tonight, I promise! Time to go enjoy my last night of being 25. Kinda sad to part with 25, I'm a fan of that number :)


  1. 1) Happy Birthday (just a tad early!).
    2) Glad to hear that you survived without technology and your body guard.

  2. In reference to your comment on my post, we have to have a final appointment with the venue, an appt. with the photographer to go over the shot list, and one with the DJ to pick all our music. We haven't done any of the yet. Nuts, right?

  3. YOUR BACK! I missed you!

    "Okay, that's fine, no big deal- I like myself." Also - you make me laugh SO HARD. Bahahahaha.

    I'm glad you stayed busy despite the no internet but don't ever leave us again k? K!

    Also, Happy Early Birthday!!! XO

  4. Wow, that's a long time without cable or internet!! Glad you found things to do... and glad your bodyguard is back!

  5. Ahhh, I wish I had gotten to say hi at the "top secret event" on Tuesday. I was working and was going to participate, but called into a meeting at the last minute. :(

    Glad you survived without TV or internet. I would go crazy!

  6. Glad to see you are back! And Happy Birthday :0) And I just want to give myself credit for remembering it was your birthday before I read this post! My email this morning came first!

  7. I had that happen to me last year when my hubby was out of town - except I spilled water on the computer :)

  8. it's hard to turn 26! happy early birthday

  9. June is INSANE!!!!

    Happy early birthday, welcome to your "late" 20's :)

  10. LOL, you didn't have your bodyguard and you didn't want any internet-stalkers to get you! That's too funny, and very smart actually.

    I can't imagine going that long without the internet or TV. As sad as that is.....but in reality I don't watch a lot of tv until night time, and that's when I really WANT IT! Now I understand why you were commenting (or trying to) via your phone! That's what I would have to do too. Anyway, glad it's back! Darn that lightening.

  11. First off - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

    That is a long time to go without tv/internet. I could handle going w/o tv, but not having the internet would drive me bonkers!! Yikes.

    My month of June is filling up so fast. I am trying to limit myself to 1-2 evening commitments/week. That is working out so-so.

  12. As much as I don't want to admit it, I probably need an unplugged weekend! Glad you're body guard is back! =)

  13. Ooh...I could maybe go without one or the other but no Internet OR TV?! That would be hard! Kudos for you to surviving it. :)

    And happy birthday!