Monday, November 2, 2009

Bike Into 2010 Challenge!

Happy Monday everyone! Did anyone else love the extra light this morning? I have been arriving at work in the dark lately and it’s the worst. I know I will be complaining tonight when it’s dark early but until then...

I had some responses from you guys that you were interested in joining me in my Bike 200 miles by 2010 goal. Basically it is the same as Bobbi and Caitlin's Pile on the Miles Challenge, except this one is for biking! I am shamlessly stealing the idea from them, but I'm hoping they won't mind since I love them both :) Joy offered to make us a spreadsheet so that everyone can document their progress. Everyone gets their own tab so you can list when you biked, how many miles and any notes you want to make (I am just marking if I biked outside or at spin class basically).

What To Do:

1. Choose Your Own Goal: Make it realistic but challenging for yourself. Right now I go to spinning class once a week. I designed my goal so that I will have to go more than once some weeks, but not all. That way my goal is challenging but realistic at the same time. If you are training for a running race, you may only bike once a week so think about what you can realistically do and let me know in a comment on this post. If you live in a country that uses the metric system, feel free to tell me in kilometers. It’s you that will be tracking it so I don’t mind.

2. Divide your goal into November and December (you’ll see why later). My goal is 200 by 2010, so I am doing 100 in November, 100 in December. You may want to divide it differently depending on your schedule.

3. Finally, send an e-mail to Joy- to ask her to make you part of the spreadsheet so you can record your miles (or kilometers).

The Best News?

I will be giving away prizes! If you are on track to meet your goal by Dec. 1st, you will be entered to win some Trader Joe’s goodies. If you meet your goal by Jan 1st you will be entered to win DIFFERENT Trader Joe’s goodies. I cannot promise exactly what these goodies will be but how can you really go wrong with Trader Joes?

So, who is in? Leave a comment letting me know, and telling me your monthly goals. Don’t forget to e-mail Joy to get added to the spreadsheet!


  1. Driving to work in the LIGHT was really nice this morning (and it was easier to get out of bed), but I know it will suck getting home in the dark. Ahhh, winter...

  2. I'm in! I have been using the exercise bike a lot since it doubles as time to do my homework, so I might up my goal to 500 kilometers, 250 for each month. I am also starting another fitness challenge which I will probably post about tomorrow.

    This could be dangerous for you Kelly bc you have NO idea how motivated I am to get me some Trader Joe's goodness! We have nothing like that here! If I win, I will kick in on the international shipping!


  3. I am interested, but I may not sign up. Instead I will just make my own goal and make myself accountable. We'll see what happens! I love this idea though, and I hope you get some good responses :)

  4. I am in! I know I can do 100 each month! 200 miles by 2010! WAHOO!

  5. Great challenge. This one is not for me, but it is a great idea. :-)

  6. I'm gearing up for a big bike ride in about 20 days, so I probably won't join just because I'm going to be doing about 90 miles in one day... Yay bikes!

  7. Wow, sounds like a great challenge! Impressive!

  8. Hey Kelly thanks for checking up on me:) My sister is finally doing better it would seem but it's definitely been a roller coaster week. One minute she was started to do better then the next not at all so I've been quite on edge! Plus I've been getting over a cold, hence the lack of blogging :) I'll have a post up soon ;) Good luck with the biking challenge!

  9. That sounds like such an awesome challenge!! I do a spin class, but they don't have the computers that tell me how far I've gone. Good luck!

  10. i'm in! well, as soon as i get a bike ;p i think i'll aim for 175 in December and 25 in November. random, i know. now i'm super motivated to get all the stuff i need! suggestions??

  11. oh man, trader joe's!!! looooove that place.

    i cannot participate though, as i have nowhere to bike indoors/outdoors. :(

    well, i mean i can't bike outdoors because i go to work while it's dark and get home when it's dark and that's just not safe. and then i don't have a gym b/c, oh yeah, i'm stuck in kentucky.