Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tiff's Wedding Recap

After I left you last I was headed out into the monsoon for the day of getting ready before the wedding. Normally I never wear my hair up, but I was afraid nothing good would come from a half up do in the pouring rain, so I went with a full updo. I actually liked the way it came out...

The getting ready process went very smoothly and we had more than enough time to relax, take a few pictures and get to the church.

Wondering how my ceremony jobs went? First of all, I was supposed to wait for the priest to nod and that meant it was my turn to walk down the aisle. I swear the priest nodded WAY before I was supposed to go (my dad says he saw the nod too so I was not imagining things). I decided not to go at the first nod because I didn't think the music had really changed yet and it just did not seem like it was time. After a really long minute or so (where I thought oh jeez am I supposed to be going?) about five times, I finally saw the TRUE nod and it was time to walk down the aisle. I felt a hundred times better doing it time #2 so, I don't know what my problem was at Katie's wedding haha. My second job was to hold the gospel while the priest read it. I have to admit I passed my flowers to Lisa twice when I thought I was going to have to hold it and then finally it was time to actually hold it. So basically I rocked my jobs, people should hire me for this stuff, haha.

The ceremony was very interesting. There were some things I really liked about it. For example, you know how usually in a ceremony, everyone walks up and then stands on either side of the bride and groom (or sits in the front row). Typically, there is some sort of hierarchy- first maid of honor/best man, and then it sorta feels like each person goes down in importance from there? Clearly no one up there is not important because they are in the wedding, but there is some sort of hierarchy? In the Greek/Albanian church they don't do this. Everyone stands in sort of a semi circle, so no one is actually farthest away from the bride or the groom. And, everyone has different jobs they have to do, so many different people participate in the ceremony besides just the maid of honor and best man (although they do have a lot more jobs, as they should). I really liked this, because like I said before clearly everyone in a wedding party is very important to the couple so why rank your friends?

I think overall the ceremony went really well and Eric even managed to get a photo of their first kiss! (and that's me in the background holding my flowers too high, as always)
They also got a picture of me coming out with my two groomsmen. Tiff had 5 bridesmaids and Ronnie had 9 groomsmen so there were a few more guys.
While Tiff did the receiving line, I got a picture of me and Eric...
On the way back to the hotel the whole bridal party (and parents) took a trolley to the hotel. The trolley had karaoke which was pretty fun. When we got back to the hotel, we headed to our own special room to take pictures. They had drinks and appetizers for us and we sat down and chilled out 'til we had to pose.
After the pictures, we still had time to attend the entire cocktail hour because there was a gap between the ceremony and reception. I'm sure it was not as fun for those not in the wedding party to wait, but I enjoyed attending the cocktail hour. During the reception, we sat at a table with my parents, and Lisa's entire family. I have known all of them since I was very little (I started taking dance lessons with Lisa when I was 3, then pretty much lived at her house during middle/high school) so it was fun to hang out.
Dinner and cake were delicious. I had halibut for dinner and it was probably my personal favorite meal I've had at a wedding. I have a lot of difficulty eating at weddings, so it was really nice to be able to eat an entire meal at a wedding.

I only had a bike of cake but it was delicious.

Overall, the wedding went really well. The whole time I was just so happy that Tiff was marrying Ronnie. Unless you have known Tiff as long as I have, you may not appreciate this as much but Tiff has had some interesting boyfriends (no offense Tiff haha). As an example, she dated this guy in high school who had been the trouble maker of my elementary school. He wasn't even in my grade but he was just the guy you knew was bad news. He really had not gotten any better in high school, and after he and Tiff broke up, his new girlfriend was pregnant in like a month. The bad thing is...the next two guys after that make elementary school trouble maker turned baby daddy look amazing. Tiff's mom said that when Ronnie asked Tiff's parents if he could marry her, her mom was like "Ronnie, you should've seen some of the characters that have come through our door..." haha. But, as always, Tiff knew something we didn't. She wouldn't spend the rest of her life with any of those "characters."

I already liked Ronnie based on what I know about him now...he makes Tiff happy, he's nice to her friends and he is fun to hang out with. However, I also think you can tell a lot about a person based on their friends. Ronnie has chosen for himself a lot (9 groomsmen other friends) of really good friends. They clearly love Ronnie, they clearly love Tiff and they are even nice enough guys that they made an effort to get to know Tiff's friends this weekend. There were times when they clearly could've just hung out together that they sat with Tiff's friends instead. Here is a pic of a bunch of them dancing around Tiff and Ronnie :)
Well, that's all I have to say for now about the wedding. Everything was perfect. I hope Tiff and Ronnie had as much fun as everyone else did :)


  1. I never ranked my girls in order of importance. I just had them stand by height! I hate how some people think that the closer you are standing to the bride the more important you are. So, I just told the pastor's wife (basically my ceremony planner) the girls will be standing by height. The only change I made to this was obvi my Matron of Honour and then my husband's sister stood next to her.

  2. My dad is from Serbia so I grew up going to Catholic and Greek Orthodox services - I never appreciated it when I was young because both services can get pretty long and boring to a 5 year old, but now I love that I'm so familiar with both traditions!

  3. Your hair looks great, and that red dress is fabulous on you!!
    I like the idea of having halibut at a wedding. It's not too fishy, and it's really tasty. That cake looks amazing. I would have stolen yours after you only took one bite :)

  4. Such a sweet story! Great dress and it looks like you had fun!

  5. LOVE your hair...really pretty. Good call on wearing it all up.

    SO nice that you got to enjoy the cocktail hour. I didn't do a good job with planning the timing of my own wedding so we had this great room for the bridal party with special snacks and such and barely got to enjoy it because we were rushing to get pics done. Would definitely change that if I could do it again!


  6. I love her dress and your bridesmaid dress! Another blog I read has been posting wedding related stuff every now and then and it makes me nostalgic for my own!

  7. Her dress is gorgeous! I love your hair and the dress you wore!

    Glad everything went so well!

    I looove weddings!

  8. look at you miss lady in red -- hot mama!

    great recap =) sounds like the perfect day!

  9. You look great! Haha I get soooooo stressed out walking down the aisle or doing any bridesmaid jobs. I think I am usually more nervous than the bride!

  10. You look gorgeous! Love the updo and love the red dress!

  11. The pic of you and Eric is so cute! You both look very sharp :) Looks like it was a fun and well done wedding despite the rain. Halibut sounds good, that's something you hear a lot of at weddings, usually just boring chicken or steak!

  12. Your hair looks awesome! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Dinner looked amazing!!

  13. It looks like the wedding was perfect. I love the bridesmaid dresses!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm sorry we both have to suffer through tummy issues.

  14. Looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to your friends!

    Red is your color!

  15. you and your hair looked beautiful! I'm glad your friend had such a wonderful day!

  16. What a great day! You looked gorgeous. Congrats to Tiff & Ronnie!

  17. Congrats to your friend :) Your hair looked GORGEOUS btw!!! I love it :D

  18. Echoing what everyone else has said: Gorgeous! You looked beautiful and your up-do looked SO pretty!

    Glad you had fun!

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