Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Housebound Day 4.

Before I begin, I would like to say "Happy 200th Post to Me!" I definitely thought this post would be a lot more eventful, but frankly- when you have been sitting around, checking your temperature, watching tv and reading books for 4 days straight there is really not much eventful to say. I thought being sick would motivate me to blog a lot, since, what else am I doing? But it turns out most of my blog inspiration occurs outside of my house...a place I have not seen in awhile. I promise to get back to relatively normal posts soon, but until then:

Notes from the Housebound Life

  1. I very rarely say that I feel “old”, as I know that 25 is actually quite young in the grand scheme of things. But when I saw Scott Wolf on TV today and he was 41, it freaked me out a bit. To me he will always be in his early twenties…and named Bailey Salinger. Okay, so I live in a bit of a fantasy world…
  1. If I was a stay at home mom, I would get nothing done until 12 each day- too many fantastic talk shows on in the morning. I am going to miss them when I am better.
  1. I’m getting a little sucked into the Twilight books. I really like New Moon better than Twilight so far. Typical Kelly to hate something and then like it. Not obsessed yet though…

4. As a teacher, I don't spend a lot of time in my life "alone." Sure...maybe 4 or 5 hours a day when Eric isn't home yet or something, but not stay...full days alone. I am not good at it. I have started talking about celebrities and book characters as though they are my friends.

5. I wish I could be more like Ellen DeGeneres. I love how she just dances by herself on TV. Being housebound makes me obsessed with celebrities.

That's all from this housebound girl. I'm hoping to be back at work tomorrow, so maybe that will make me a little more interesting?


  1. 1. Don't let New Moon fool you.
    2. Your random thoughts amuse me.
    3. HAPPY 200th POST!
    4. I am supposed to be coming over now. sad : (
    5. Jacob is awesome.

  2. Ha, I have a feeling I'd watch ellen a lot too if I was home :)

  3. Give the series a little more time for the obsession toc kick in. ;)

    I hear you on the morning TV. When I was home for 2 weeks earlier this year I got so hooked on those shows!

  4. Yeah, isn't it crazy how you beg for days off, but then when you get them sometimes you wish you were at work?? Of course, it's not the same when you are sick, at all.. I know what you mean about not being productive until 12pm. I work from home and it's difficult because I've got the Today show, The View, Dr. Oz, I want it all!!

  5. girl I plan my day around ellen.. she's the best!

    p.s. New Moon is great, but wait for Eclipse!

  6. I too wonder if I would be able to get anything productive done if I were a housewife/stay at home mom. I think ideally, I would love to work part-time, maybe 8-1 or something and then have the afternoon to get in a good workout and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon/evening with my family! :)

    Hope you feel better soon... I am going to New Moon tonight!

  7. New Moon = better than Twilight. Eclipse = better than New Moon. Breaking Dawn = better than Eciplse. That is how she sucks you in. :) And I hear you on the stay at home front. Um I became a little addicted this summer. :)

  8. Haha, I'm going to see New Moon tonight and then I might MAYBE start reading Eclipse. We'll see how it goes, haha.


    Hope you're feeling better SOON, love. I would go crazy being housebound for that long!

  9. Oo, I would be going stir crazy as well!

    My jaw dropped when you said Scott Wolf is 41. What!!!! I loved him on Party of 5!! I miss that show!!

  10. Sometimes being housebound isn't SO bad. I do love me some Today Show, even the weird last hour.

  11. Ugh feel better soon! I have no motivation whatsoever when I'm sick. I did like the Twilight books, except for the last one. I hated the last one. I don't get the obsession, but they were a fun guilty pleasure! :)

  12. i LOVE ellen, i laugh out loud when I watch her!

    I hope you are feeling better today girl!!


  13. I am a fan of the Twilight books, but I can understand why so many people have a hard time getting into them. Bella is REALLY annoying. And it seems to get worse as the series goes along...

    I love love love talk shows. I've recently even been watching The View online...weird?!

  14. I love your blog! I had the H1N1 two weeks ago and also put on Tamiflu but did not take time off. Too much going on at school :(

    I read Twilight in a 2 week time span. My husband did not even see me at night because I was busy with Edward.

    Baily is 41? I saw him on V and was like he has not aged a bit. He looks great!
    Adding you to my google reader.

  15. I hope you feel better soon! Can't believe you've written 200 posts... That's huge!! Next milestone, 300 ;)

  16. happy belated 200! hope you are feeling better and had a nice thanksgiving holiday. housebound is ok for like a day but then you gotta get out!