Saturday, November 7, 2009

Links and Yoga

It's Saturday which means maybe you have some extra time on your hands (or perhaps you are no where near the computer because you work on one all week?) I have some links for you to check out...

First of all, I did my first ever guest post on Meghan's blog and it's about my trip to New Zealand. You should definitely check it out and please leave some comments :) Part 2 of my post will be up tomorrow. My hope is that it convinces everyone to take some time off and take a long flight to a beautiful country (and while you are there stop in Australia, my real favorite place). I don't write a lot about my travels on this blog, but I love to travel and see new things. I asked you guys where you wanted to hear about and New Zealand won so...go check it out!

Link #2 and #3- I went a little crazy earlier today writing articles, if you are a teacher of kids in the primary grades check out math journals and if you love pumpkin as much as I do, check out healthy pumpkin ideas.

Also, you might be wondering: How is the Yoga Challenge going? Last Sunday (November 1st) I pledged to take 10 minutes every day and do yoga. Here are some observations I have had since I began:
  • I have no problem with fitting in yoga on exercise rest days, but sometimes when I give an hour to spinning, it really annoys me to have to give more time to yoga.
  • Doing yoga 10 minutes per day has forced me to come up with my own yoga routines and just do what feels right at the time. I like this style of yoga for a change of pace and even when I am using dvds now I find myself adapting to the poses that I enjoy the most.
  • I love pigeon pose. I have to do pigeon at least once per day. Looking at photos online I think I may be doing it wrong, but everyone at my studio leans forward and puts their head on the ground while they do it, no one online seems to do that. Oh well.
  • I have discovered which I love. 20 minute yoga videos for free! You do have to know yoga a little bit to do these videos since they are simply audio. I like this because I am getting sick of trying to look at my computer screen in the middle of a pose, but obviously it's not for total beginners. There was something in the video I did today (Power Vinyasa Flow #1) that I had no idea what it was. I think it was called standing splits...or something splits, but frankly I doubt I can do anything with splits in the name so I just did some extra sun salutations while they went through that part.
  • I totally did not do 10 minutes yesterday. I did 20 today to make up for it. I decided to change my sidebar to say "6 days this month" instead of the days in a row. I don't want to give up just because I missed one single day. I still did yoga 6 out of the last 7 days, that's pretty good.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I love your math journal piece. It is so important for kids to developing math skills that involve reasoning, explaining and understanding math in context rather than just memorizing facts and information!


  2. I LOVE yoga downloads!!

    I only did yoga four times this past week. Sigh. I couldn't agree more after I've already ran or done a weight class or spinning I just don't FEEL like devoting another 10-20 minutes to yoga. I need to get over that because it is SO good for me. I did do 10 minutes on Monday, 20 minutes on Tuesday, 50 minutes on Thursday and I'm doing a 40-minute class tomorrow, too. So that's better than normal for me!

  3. have you ever considered doing yoga before your spinning class? just do you don't have to dread it! This is one of my favorite AM yoga classes that I love doing right when I get up. It wakes up my limbs and feels amaaaaazing!

    it's only 10 minutes and will energize you for that spinning class :)

  4. Yoga and I have an on off relationship. I actually went to a hot yoga class today which I enjoyed but will only go to the cheap classes I think. I know the benefits but...I just wanna run or spin right now...

  5. Thanks SO much for the yoga website! I just discovered pilates ab, on demand, and I LOVE it! I want to learn yoga, so this is the perfect opportunity.

    Thanks :)

  6. Love the pumpkin ideas! Pumpkin potatoes sound so good. Have a great night!

  7. I love the pictures on your guest post - looks like a great trip!

  8. Well done on your guest post - I loved the pictures.

    Keep up the good work with the yoga, you will notice great results. I really should do more yoga, it is great for runners to help strengthen the core.

    Have a good day!