Monday, November 9, 2009

All For Peppermint Ice Cream

It's Monday again...which means it is only 6 days until Tiff's Wedding...ah! Don't worry, the emotional "my 7th grade best friend is getting married thing" has not hit yet...yet. Until then, I will leave you with one fun fact about me and Tiff- we once had an 8 hour phone conversation. No breaks. Probably no silences even, knowing us.

In food related news, last night Eric was finally home so I decided to cook spaghetti squash for the first time (okay, that's a lie I tried to cook it once over a year ago unsuccessfully but I decided to try again). I didn't wait until Eric was home because he wanted to eat it but rather because I needed him to do one important job for me:

Cut the squash! There is no way I would've gotten through that thing on my own! After Eric's successful cutting job, I just threw it in the oven on 350 for 40 minutes and it was perfect. No idea how I messed it up the first time. I mixed it with some tomato sauce and grilled chicken and the result was an absolutely delicious mess...

Just in case anyone was wondering what I was going to do when the pumpkin/squash obsession wore off (which it hasn't in case you were curious), I have discovered what my Christmas time obsession will be...

PEPPERMINT. It's probably not as healthy as pumpkin, but it is good for digestion and let's be honest I need a lot of help in the digestion process. I try to have a cup of peppermint tea after dinner...

In other, exercise-related, news...every Monday night I go to Spinning class with two of my amazing friends from work. Well one of them has sick children and the other just ran a marathon last week (terrible excuses, I know... just kidding) so I am left to go by myself. For years I have been a completely independent gym rat but for some reason the recent enjoyment of exercise buddies has made me so much less likely to go alone. So I decided to make a list:

Why I Should Go to Spinning Tonight
1. I didn't have a faculty meeting today so I actually had time to eat a snack, blog and then go to the gym as opposed to my usual speed changing, jump back in the car routine.
2. I also do not have tutoring tomorrow because we are having a kindergarten ice cream party. This is reason two reasons, 1 that I don't have to plan for tutoring and 2 that I am going to be eating an extra amount of ice cream haha...
2. I had a relaxing weekend and next week I am much more likely to be exhausted and not want to go after Tiff's wedding.
3. With parent/teacher conferences over I am actually in a good place as far as work is concerned.
4. If I stay here I will have to finish my engagement party thank you notes including my grandmothers which I did a long time ago but then accidentally sent to myself instead of her...I kid you not.

Why I Should NOT Go to Spinning Tonight
1. No friends to complain to during isolations!
2. New bikes make it really hard to pretend that you are on a 10 when really you are on a 4.
3. My throat is hurting probably because my poor body is trying to fight all of my kindergartners sickness at school and Eric's sickness at home- no break for this body.

Clearly that leaves 1 more in the "Why I SHOULD" category so I think I am out of excuses. Plus I have this waiting for me when I get home...


  1. That's a toughy! The deciding factor for me is that you said your starting to feel sick and you really don't want to over do and then wind up out of comission for a long time. Seeing that spaghetti squash dinner just inspired me. I am definitely getting one tomorrow and making that meal! Can't wait :)

  2. Mmmm peppermint! Now I want some! FI totally doesn't not like peppermint anything, which is such great news because if I buy some, he won't eat it. :-)

  3. hmm.. i have a similar list forming in my head but instead its, "should i go to hockey tonight"
    something about monday, I'm SO tired!!
    ps. go eric!

  4. Holy smokes - an 8 hour phone convo? That is impressive!

    Yum, ice cream. Mmm. I have been on a mint choc chip kick for like 6 months.

    I always am mentally coming up w/ lists of reasons not to exercise. And then I think about how I will regret not going, but won't ever regret going, and that usually gets me there...

  5. That peppermint ice cream is my favorite!! And their egg nog ice cream, too.

  6. I haven't been able to find that candy cane tea and want to soooo bad! I have picked up some peppermint tea, but a part of me thinks that it's just not the same!

  7. I LOVE peppermint! It has some good health benefits too :) Stomach upset, take some peppermint!

    You should cook your squash first, then cut it. It makes it much easier! Of course, Eric helps too :)

    Hope the spinning was fun. Because, you went..right?! Of course you did.

  8. I love peppermint too, BUT I don't know if I like it with coffee/hot chooalate... I haven't tried yet so I'll have to :)

    I do think I'm liking ginger(bread) :) Yum!

  9. I actually spit a little bit of water out when I read the "it's harder to pretend that you're on a 10 when you're really on a 4" line. I've definitely been there!

  10. Grr, the internet just ate my comment.

    Anyways, an eight hour phone convo is very impressive! I think the longest one I've ever had is 5 or 6 hours. Haha

    Yay for going to spinning!

  11. ahh i hope you went to spin!!! LOVE ITTTT so much, and just got certified to teach, I hope you had fun!
    also a lover of all things peppermint, esp this time of year...peppermint tea is so refreshing and deliciou! glad you enjoyed it...That squash is the harderst thing to cut through, i feel for eric! Gina said to bake it first..I will have to try that!

  12. I made spaghetti squash too last night. Sooo good! I'm not a fan of peppermint, but I do take peppermint capsules to help with the continued IBS battle!

  13. Ha, I love that picture! I just cooked my first squash over the weekend and learned a helpful tip of baking it before cutting, but I guess having a little help makes it actually possible to cut it first :)

  14. Would you believe I never had Peppermint ice-cream?! Have I been living under a rock? lol BTW, I know what you mean about a good friend gettting married. A really special moment you'll both share. :)

  15. Having friends to go with makes it SO much easier, doesn't it? Hope you had a GREAT spin and enjoyed your peppermint ice cream after.

  16. If Eric isn't home next time you want to make Spaghetti squash, you can microwave it for a few minutes to soften it - makes it a lot easier to split in half!

  17. lol loved this post!!! So many more reasons why you should go, especially for the ice cream!!! ;) So how was spin? I always find that even though I may not feel like going to the gym, I always feel so much better afterwards. I have yet to make spaghetti squash, but I need to get some.
    Oh my goodness, peppermint is my favorite for the holidays next to pumpkin. I like it really minty and I really enjoy a cup o' mint tea after dinner to help with digestion.
    I've been foam rolling, but it really hurts! Is it supposed to hurt pretty bad but kind of good?

  18. You should totally go to Spin class because then you will be able to brag about the awesome workout you got on the blog tomorrow! Just go! : )

  19. spaghetti squash is no joke! i fought with it the other day - thought my knife was going to get stuck! haha.

    i've recently ogtten into mint tea with a tiny squirt of honey...mmmm!